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septated ovarian cyst

I have a septated ovarian cyst. 7.5cm with a 3cm solid area inside the cyst. When I went for the scan the nurse said she wasn't happy with what she saw and was fast tracking me. I asked if if it could be more serious and she said it could be. told me to get to docs in the afternoon and get a ca125 blood test. This was last Friday. The blood was actually sent off Monday afternoon and they weren't sure if it was too old for the test but went ahead. On the Tueday I saw the doctor. 30 minute appointment and imo was basically leading me down to the road to expect the worse. Saw on the computer screen what was sent to them from the scan and it said suspicion of cancer, needs CA125 blood test. Bood test results back and levels are 27.5 normal. this the way they deal with suspected ovarian cancer now? As I feel at no point of this path have they reassured me it could be nothing sinister.

I suppose as the bloods are normal now it's down to what is found in the solid part of the cyst....are the solid parts generally that big?

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  • cupcakes99

    Hi,i'm sorry to hear your having a rough time.At least your blood test was normal as was mine but if you are like me it doesn't make up for all the worry and stress.I sadly have not had a good experience with doc's or nurses and noone reasured me either.It's disappointing and frustrating i know,just try to look on the positive side that it was normal and focus on gettting the right treatment.Do they know what type of cyst it is?Mine was full of blood,hair and fragments of bone that the hormones the ovary had made.

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