Seriously I need help.. I am so unsure of anything anymore (anxiety)

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Hello my name is Damien. I'm 25 years old from Australia (or the land down under) as most people would express it.

I'm going to start from the very beginning of what potentially re-triggered my anxiety. I wouldn't say I'm depressed either it's just more so I am depressed because of going through this again.

I had my teeth extracted in around september last year. I was probably in a similar state prior to having them removed and I felt really good after they were taken out (I was knocked out) I had a good 8 month stretch after that where I was motivated to succeed. I went to the gym, I was getting out & about more often, I was really moving in the right direction. 

Then as of around late may I would occasionally wake up gasping for air, feeling restless the next day and I assumed I might have sleep apnea. I actually had 2 episodes of hypnogogic hallucinations.

since then I've felt kinda off, faitgue, restless, extremely numb, and rapidly breathing day in day out.

My Body feels so weird.

I had an ECG done about 3 weeks ago and my doctor said I am breathing out to much carbon dioxide which can cause you to feel unstable.

However this has been persisting mostly the numbness every single minute of the day and I believe that is what's triggering my anxiety.

I'm honestly at my wits end and I'm so tempted to go the hospital but if they tell me it's anxiety considering I believe the numbness all over my body is triggering my anxiety not the other way around i'll probably just want to cry my life away.

I feel so incredibly ill it's insane. Does anyone recognize these symptoms and if yes know anything i can do  

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    Much of what you've described sounds like anxiety symptoms, but medical issues can cause anxiety and vise versa. Has the doctor mentioned what you could do to correct the output amount of carbon dioxide? Were you given a full physical? Also, is the numbness all over, just one location, or move to different locations? I've had numbness and tingling, but mine was definitely from anxiety. I just want to make sure you had everything physical ruled out.

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      Depends what you mean by physical?

      I've only gotten an ECG and blood pressure checked.

      I ran over my symptoms with my local doctor and psychologist/psychiatrist and they all point the finger towards anxiety.

      To me personally it feels like I can't feel my body at all even though I can still type or walk around and do thing.

      I always have this weird urge to touch my head like something is bugging me. 

      But the numbness is definitely all over.

      I have had the tingling quite a bit.

      I forgot to mention I rapidly get heart palpitations before sleep and I get rapid pulses in my foot and sometimes random pulses around my body.

      But yeah it's definitely weird this has been going on for over 3 weeks. I'm mentally and physically drained every day.

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      By physical, I mean that the doctor absolutely checks everything, and sends you to the lab for blood work, and urinalysis. Basically a full work up to rule things out.

      I really hate to burst your bubble, but this sounds so much like anxiety, and panic attacks. Even once you think it has left, it can creep right back in at any time. I've experienced the waking up in an almost panic attack state. It was a sudden wake, as if being startled, my heart was racing, and I was gasping for air. Pretty much like a fish out of water, I suppose. Have you had anything stressful going on? Not that anxiety needs any major stress to rear its ugly head, but stress can make the symptoms so much worse.

      How did you get rid of anxiety the last time? You do seem so drained, and my heart really goes out to you.

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    Do you eat well? Do you exercise? Do you drink lots of water? Basics to help you feel better. What does breathing out too much carbon dioxide mean? Anxiety disorders do come with many strange uncomfortable symptoms. We all know that. I would say a full physical with bloodwork and chem scan to rule out any defiencies would be helpful. Then work closely with your therapist to figure iut how to manage all this. But in all fairness a full exam first. I agree with psyched out. Can any meds you are on be causing or adding to all this! 
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      I do eat well, I was exercising but haven't recently due to this. I don't drink a lot of water. I drink to much soft drink that could be a problem. 

      I actually realistically have no idea what it means exactly by breathing out to much carbon dioxide but apparently doing so can cause you to feel funny apparently which could be the things I'm experiencing. 

      However my local doctor told me breathing into a paper bag can regulate the breathing situation. My only problem that I've been curious on since (which is what I will be going over with my GP on monday) is what exactly does it mean to breathe out to much carbon dioxide and what damage can it do to my own body.

      Oh I think i know what you mean by a full physical. Is that where you get your ears, throat, eyes and all of that stuff checked? if so I actually had one done not to long ago.

      I've had a blood test done about 2 months ago and everything came back fine (except) my vitamin D is quite low which I think could be at play here but once again I am unsure.

      No idea what a chem scan is though. 

      I've been on mirtzapine for around 2 years now and the psychiatrist recommended lexapro on top of the mirtzapine however my local GP doesn't recommend it because it can apparently cause serotonin syndrome and I took myself off of it after 2 days (which was 3 weeks ago)

      The side effects I got from taking the lexapro were extremely rapid breathing, diluted pupils, a bit shaky, and i couldn't sleep even taking the mirtzapine at the right time. 

      But I have been contemplating going to a hospital or something but honestly I hate doing so unless I feel it's a really really urgent thing but this does feel like that.

      The numbness to me honestly feels like I am dead but alive if that makes any sense.

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      Sodas horrible. Pour it in some metal and watch what it does to it. Also dehydrates the muscles. Haha i use to love it too i stopped drinking it about four years ago. Not worth it. Have you asked for a sleep apnea test? I dint even know if they do much with thise result other then give u a machine tomsleep with at night but you can ask if thats a cincern. Hospital isnt the correct place to get proper care here. They do trauma, stabilize and throw you out. They arent what they were decades ago. You rule out whatever you feel needs to be ruled out. A chem scan accessing the minerals and such in your body and levels. Also ask for a magnessium level blood test and a b12 level bloodtests. Easy eniught to do and correct if needed. Severe anxiety depletes the body of many minerals and vitamins. When you have completed all the exams accept the answers. They might find an ailment they might not. Heres a secret..panic disorders can exist on their own or coexist with an ailment either way its still the panic disorder so that will need to be addressed as is as well. That part sucks. Imwould a solutely want an explaination on the carbon dioxide thing im trying to think if hes telling you you hyperventilate..breathe to shallow and fast on the whole. But let us know. Biofeedback is great for that.
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    Lisa and Psyched out  are covering everything. I can only agree...

    I do want to say that sugar is no friend of yours if you aare dealing with anything, especially, anxiety. No more soda. Dehydration, lack of enough water can cause or make worse some of your symptoms.

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    hello my friend ive been through anxiety problems as well and i can assure you that time will heal you. please try to eat as healthy as you can, try to exercize daily and please try to stop tacking medications they cause many anxiety issues and other problems, you will feel like crap in the beginning if uve been on meds but time will heal you
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