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Serotonin Syndrome and now having horrible general anxiety. Need support and encouragment

Need some support and encouragement.  Had weird symptoms 6 months ago- eye twitching, muscle jerking, blood pressure shot up, couldn't sleep for three days straight, internal shaking of body, poor concentration, burning of my skin.  Finally got a diagnosis of serotonin syndrome after gong to ER several times and MD several times.  Taken off Prozac for 90 days and put on a very low dose of metoprolol (used for hypertension and sometimes anxiety.  Since then I have had horrible health anxiety and have never been this way before.  I literally thought I was going crazy.  I had a few more episodes of anxiety, twitching and burning skin but was really better after a couple of months.  Basically had almost zero symptoms for tow months.  Lost my job recently and have now had shaking, poor concentration, forgetful, dizziness, ear ringing, burning skin sensation, panic attacks, sharp pains in weird places all over my body at times, and some insomnia.  I have been put on Wellbutrin for my depression and still on the low dose of Metoprolol.  I know that some of the symptoms I am having can be from the meds.  Also know that losing my job has caused an increase in my stress and I feel like I am back on the fight or flight train again.  I have had blood tests, CT scans of head and neck, been to doctor way too many times (all negative) and doctor says anxiety.  Even as a nurse, I never knew that anxiety could cause so many physical issues and physical issues that change and come and go.  I am worried the wellbutrin is making me more anxious.  I have done some meditation, deep breathing, trying to throw myself into staying busy all the time with activities at church and some self help meetings.  Has anyone experienced this? Am I going crazy? Does this sound familiar to anyone? Do I have something else?  My family is just sick of hearing me and basically doesn't want to talk to me about it.  I feel like I have no one.  Please help. 

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  • aduffy777

    Hi aduffy777

    You definitely aren’t alone, there are thousands of people on these forums going through the same things, so please never feel alone. I too have horrific health anxiety ever since a heart attack scare (that turned out the be Panic) I get chest pain that I’m told is anxiety but I just can’t seem to accept that conclusion despite a chest X-ray; ecg and bloods all telling me it’s not my heart; give your meds time, when I was first put on citalopram I felt nauseous, hot and my anxiety increased for a couple of weeks before levelling off. If after a few weeks you still don’t feel right go back to your GP and let them know, they may want to try you on something else. But hang in there and don’t be afraid, we are all in this together :-) 

    • chrisplatt82

      Thank you. I have never had this experience before this year and I just want to feel “my normal” again. It’s affecting my work and I am trying to figure out how to control this without letting it rule me. 

    • chrisplatt82

      Ended up having to get off the Wellbutrin and coincidentally all my anxiety symptoms stopped except for a little eye twitching. Who knows if it was the Wellbutrin side effects or if it was anxiety and the Wellbutrin was making it worse. I am still afraid I have MS or something but gonna try some cognitive behavioral therapy and also get some more testing if my doctor allows. 

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