Sertraline 1st dose

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Hi need advice

Finally started Sertraline 50mg today literally 10 mins after taking it have severe dry mouth and feel like a lump in throat is this the medication or my anxiety at taking the medicine ? I worry about new medication because I'm allergic to a few medications ie antibiotics

Would a reaction happen so soon ? Has anyone else had this

Thanks all

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    the side effects I got were dry mouth, fullness in throat, severe sweating, wired dreams, but everyone has different side effects, if your worried and can't get appointment at doctors, you can always phone the hospital they have a medication advisor or they do in Essex, failing that you can always ask the chemist.

    good luck try to stay calm, I was told it would get worse before it got better and it's true, I am not 100% yet about 70% but that's better than what I was, your doing ok, it's early days, but you have to preserve with them, I was given diazepam to get me over the initial stage, perhaps your GP could prescribe you some. 

    Keep posting its good on here.

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      Thank you for the reply I'm defiantly going to continue I want to feel better

      I've heard they have side effects so I'm preparing for them so far it's the dry mouth and about a hour after taking them severe drugged feeling and sleepy but seems to have lifted jus a little general tooth pain and slight headache so not to bad as of yet will keep posting as your right this site has been amazing

      Thanks again for replying x

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    I have just taken my first ever dose but iv been put straight on 100mg, I have the same thing I feel like iv got a pill or something stuck in my throat! I feel so rough sad just had the most traumatic trip to the tiolet eyes are twitching like im high and im grinding my teeth n cold sweating n twitching! So glad im home now I wouldnt be able to walk back from work! I can feel my stomach turning like im gona puke god I hope this passes! X
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      It was the same for me I was out then suddenly I just had to get home felt so drugged and sleepy but seems it is passing a little I might have been clenching cause my teeth are hurting at the min I've never had toothache before so I'm hoping this is a side effect that will pass

      Hope yours subsides soon keep me posted on how you are feeling x

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      Yeah its bloody awful isnt it! Its starting to die down but I cant seem to unclench my teeth at all! Still got the lump in my throat too and the high twitchy sicky feeling, dreading having to take it again tomorrow! x
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      I'm the same I know it's worth sticking with but omg I'm not loving it lol watery eye now and still feeling so drugged I've had to go lie in bed I'm that unsteady I don't like not feeling with it at all

      I just tried eating as well and that just made me feel nauseous and the sticky mucous worse 😔 it's gotta be worth it in the end tho x

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      Lol no this is not fun sad im in bed too, my daughters cuddling me better bless her. Watery eye oh no! How annoying! My eye's are darting all over the place, have u got this? Trying to watch top gear but I cant keep my eyes on the tv! Xx
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      I'm not watching anything but I am having trouble reading and understanding at min lol I really am not liking this feeling of being super drugged like a morphine trip this is why I don't take strong pain killers or anything rolleyes my sister takes 200mg of these and her only side effect was a day of hysterical laughing seems I'm getting her side effects as well lol I really want to sleep through this and wake up tomorrow all better wishful thinking huh ? Lol x
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      Im kinda used to feeling drugged up I was 400mg of tramadol a day not long ago, it wasn't unpleasant like this though, it was kinda nice feeling! Wow id rather be laughing than gagging atm lol, maybe going from 0 to 100mg wasnt the best idea sad have to keep re reading your comment lol I cant concentrate! Iv heard it can cause crazy dreams, tonights gona be interesting! Can I aak what time u took yours? Xx
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      Took mine at 3

      Wishing I hadn't now tho lol I've got racing heart and hot feeling in arms and body I think it's supposed to increase anxiety at 1st but I've never had racing heart before so I'm gonna say this isn't fun lol I'm hoping that I sleep it off and maybe call doc in morning c what they say rolleyes how you feeling ? X

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      Yeah had mine around the same time. It was wierd tho about half 5 it came on all of a sudden! bad tummy, then the shakes n everything else. Yeah i still have the racing heart and lumpy throat sicky feeling but the hot feeling has gone. Im wondering if I take tomorrows one before bed I might just sleep through all these side effects? My doctor didn't really explain anything to me and reading the leaflet in the box is just scaring me lol. Im glad we are having similar things im not panicking so much now!

      Is the hot feeling starting to pass yet?xx

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      I threw the leaflet away lol I hate them I always end up getting every side effect so I don't read them silly I know lol

      I can't believe how similar our symptoms are that's crazy wow I am glad I posted now tho smile yh the hot feeling is going slowly nausea and tummy still funny and racing heart calmed down a little but dreading standing up for the toilet it seems to set it off rolleyes I'm trying to drink lots of water I think I'm subconsciously trying to flush it lol oh dear I need these meds more then I realised lol x

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      Oh and yeah the same gonna try it at bed time tomorrow and my doctor was pretty useless at explaining anything just said take em and we will review in a few weeks lovely eh smile lol x
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      The doctor was exactly like yours, take these n il see u in a month! A little honest warning would have been nice tho, 'these WILL make u into a sweaty shivering mess today!"😂

      Glad your feeling a bit better, drinking lots is probably a good idea but same as u I can't handle standing yet, so im relying on the sympathy of my other half to nurse me lol. Hope u got someone keeping an eye on you xx

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