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Having some weird sensations on Sertraline 50 mg it feels like the adrenaline rush you get with panic attacks has anyone else experienced this? 

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    I've been on Sertraline for 26 days now, I started at 50mg the after 7 days 100mg. I experience side effects within hours of taking the medication. Some people ore more sensitive to taking Sertraline.

    It was an unpleasant 2 weeks, very nauseous, nervous energy, and some extreme goose bumps, headaches, tiredness (though it's recommended you take it in the morning as it can keep you up) and tremors. Some of those may be a sensation of an adrenaline rush, particularly the nervous energy and extreme goose bumps.

    I noticed my underlying symptoms where elevated also, depression and anxiety. After 9 days though the side effects tapered of to a manageable degree. Prior to that I'd also experienced a full blown panic attack, chest pains etc and some anxiety attacks that went on for up to 3 hours.

    21 days into adjusting to the medication, things have slightly improved but understand it can take up to 8 weeks to notice the therapeutic effects from the drug.

    My Dr has also prescribed me with Lorazepam, 2 x 0.5 mg daily to manage my anxiety whilst the Sertaline starts to take full effect. I'm being tapered off the Lorazepam at the moment, it's only a short term drug to manage my symptoms.

    I advise keeping a daily journal on how you're feeling, when you have panic attacks, note the time and what you were doing. Have patience they should subside, making sure you've eaten something prior to taking your Sertraline really helped reduce the side effects too.

    I hope you start feeling better soon =)

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      Thank you so much for replying and your support i have everything you have mentioned pretty unpleasant isnt it? The adrenaline rush type symptom is the worst cos i cant control it and the way you describe it as nervous energy is spot on through the night is worse and if i get up and walk around it calms down or like i need to run it off! I did have them sometimes before taking the Sertraline but its 100 times worse now day 11 today hoping for a better day one plus is my appetite seems to be back and my mood has lifted a bit so just trying to battle thru the side effects 😊

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      I'd experienced a noticeable improvement in my mood today and a much welcomed calmness of the mind, even though I've hardly slept the last couple of days. I do still have some physical effects such as nervous tension, but I'm managing this with meditation and controlling my breathing/body scans.

      This for me is encouraging understanding it can take up to 8 weeks to reach therapeutic effects for some people.

      I'm usually quite productive but the lack of energy prevents me from doing much at the moment, I think this may be frustrating me and keeping me up at night. I'm going to go for a LONG walk tomorrow regardless of how I feel.

      So just thought I'd let you know I'm starting to experience noticeable positive effects from the medication 28 days into starting the medication. The worst effects tapered off to a manageable level during the first two weeks.

      I've tried multiple SSRI's in the past, Sertraline is by far the most uncomfortable to adjust too for myself, there's plenty of positive and reassuring evidence though that Sertraline has worked wonders for a lot of people who initially went through the uncomfortable side effects of adjusting.

      Stick at it, I find it beneficial to reassure yourself this is only temporary, a chemical introduction/imbalance and stay positive.

      All the best smile

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      Enjoy the walk 😀 its cold and snowy here ???

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    I am 4 weeks into Sertraline 25mg the first week and then onto 50mg.

    It actually feels like alot more than 4 weeks!

    My anxiety is subsiding a fair bit but i still cannot go into a shop or go out anywhere. I have managed to drive to drop kids off and i have put petrol in the car and then waited till there is no queue and then ran in and paid cash. It seems crazy to me that i cant do any of these things that should be normal to do. I was having panic attacks in shops , big time, which is why im on sertraline. I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem as me. I am not depressed ..but feel like I'm on the verge of a panic attack often. (although it is subsiding a little)

    Any input would be greatly appreciated

    I think ive probably posted this in the wrong place and maybe it should have been a new thread but i cant face typing it out again ?

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      Hi Hoopz yep sounds all too familiar to me iv been to the shop twice in the last week first time i was ok second time there was a queue and i just left and cried all the way home! I too feel frustrated that i cant do things which are usually things we do automatically without giving it a second thought i dont have the patience for a lot of things right now and my head just flits from one thing to another conversations are hard work! Im only 11 days in and trying to be patient as iv been here before with the anxiety but iv got depression too this time which is double the hard work xx
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    Thanks for the input. I think alot of my anxiety stems from working nights for over 20 years with a family and now grandchildren. I have never really had any time to myself or slept or eaten properly. I didnt even know i had anxiety and thought initially it was a virus. I was having problems with going in shops for a while...always needing a trolly to push, and also picking my grandson up from school was a huge problem for me. I started parking as near as i could to the exit he comes out from and then leaving it till last minute to go and get him do i could grab him and rush back to the safety of my car. I ended up having panic attacks at home as well. I would be on the floor after taking a bath or a shower. I actually had a bath yesterday and sat on the edge of the bath to get dressed which is a step i the right direction. After beginning on sertraline my panic attacks were severe ..i tried deep breathing for 3 minutes which does work incredibly well but i was spending most of the day deep breathing! This has subsided now but my heart starts to race if i even think of going into a shop or getting my grandson from school. I wondered if anyone else has had these problems and will it get any better especially if the doctor puts my dose up ...i also cant go to the doctors..he comes to me or we speak on the phone ..
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      Hi i didnt know i had it either till i had my first panic attack 15 years ago thought i was dying of course i wasnt but we dont know that when its your first one! So my anxiety has been a big part of my life whilst bringing up my daughter on my own for 19 years and caring for my mum for 30 whilst working full time but not really noticing it as been busy busy my daughter left home in August last yr and my mum is in a home now and i was still working 5 jobs to make ends meet constantly on edge worrying about everything and nothing and in Oct i think my brain had had enough,i completely get what you mean about going out and rushing back one of my main triggers is going near or in somewhere iv had a panic attack so i dont i just avoid them when im really bad i still have real problems going to the village i lived in when i had my first one i know this isnt much help for you if you need to pick up your grandson but i just wanted you to know that you're not alone i feel exactly all you're going through xx

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    Thanks for your fast input and good luck with the Sertraline. This forum is so helpful ... makes me feel like there may be light at the end of the tunnel especially when i read stories where people have made good progress and recovery. Please keep posting 🦄🦄🦄

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      This forum has kept me going on without it id have probably given up the Sertraline by now and yes there is light at the end of the tunnel i haven't seen it yet this time but its early days on the meds and im dealing with the depression too but all those years back there was light and to prove it im here talking to you stay strong and fingers crossed for the Sertraline eh xx

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