Should I go back the doctors?

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So for the past couple of months I have had problems with my legs due to stress and anxiety. They are always so tense and nothing eases them, I wake up and can hardly walk until a couple of hours later when it eases off throughout the day with stretches and exercise. At night they throb continuously.

During a panic attack or stressful situation, the pain becomes 10 times worse so I am guessing it is anxiety related.

It's pain radiating from the balls of my feet, calf muscles and tendons behind by knee / thigh. They are basically all just to tense to the point that it hurts just standing still on the spot. It's got to be anxiety as no exercise I have done justifies this tension. I have just been getting on with it - my job is pretty physical and I am on my feet all day.

This morning though, I have a pretty nasty looking bruise behind my knee and a lot of pain around my tendon which looks pronounced and red. I think this tension might have damaged it finally, I can barely bend my leg now.

I am currently sat in work with knee supports on, dosed up on painkillers trying not to freak out as I am stuck in a constant panic state.

I have had no tests done to confirm if there is a different problem and avoided the doctors as I can guarantee I will just get told to try anti-depressants again.

Stupidly I have googled what it could be and whilst anxiety seems more fitting, I have taken propranolol for 3 months and never contributed the pain to a possible effect of it.

Can anyone suggest how to go forward or has experienced anything similar?

I really can’t have any more time off work (hence staying in) but it’s driving this anxiety and depression to no ends and starting to think I am better off walking away rolleyes

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    Dumb question but are you sure you didn't hit your knee or something to make it bruised?? I would go get it checked, if anything it'll at least give you reassurance. I have the pain behind my knees sometimes, especially after sleeping. I find that compression things that they use in the hospitals sometimes help me, they keep the blood flowing good.

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    Any chronic pain and discomfort triggers anxiety/depression. So keep that in mind. Thats why its important to get to the cause or the core. Maybe a spinal doctor? Maybe a chiro? You need a scan either way. You need to be aboe to rule outntrapped nerve or something awry before yiu can just dismiss it all. In terms of the bruise have you checked this out? Your anxiety isnt out of the blue you are in pain.
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      That's the problem, I am so aware and pretty sure I am probably making a mountain out of a mole hill.

      I haven't yet, can't do much till Monday really so taking it easy and trying to relax a bit other the weekend.

      Will speak to the GP and go from there I think just to be sure.

      The anxiety is driven by my job and the toxic environment. I am not sure how I can reduce it until I leave. Hopefully everything will start healing then once the driver is in the past!

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    First thing is how old are you? I have pain in my right foot because of the way I bend down, mine is

    I believe a little nerve damage and arthritis or just getting old (48). I also am on my feet all day concrete floors.I also have anxiety mine was caused from too much sugar. I know anxiety makes sounds and lights worse but if you have real physical pain and you are a blue collar worker like me it's some type of inflammation.Try 1 size bigger shoes and add 2 cushion insoles, did this it helps. I have also tried just rotating insoles out like once a week the 12$ kind, this also helps. Go see the doctor for your legs could be circulation problems will cause the throwing pain.Good luck

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      You know what, I wear these horrible steel toe cap boots and on concrete all day (warehouse work) and I can literally do miles when on the floor. I didn't even think of it as I have worn these boots for a good year now!

      I am only 26 which is why I am hoping it's more anxiety oppose to circulatory problems. Will get checked out on Monday just to be safe I suppose.

      Thank you!

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    Hi Thomas. Have you moved yet? If so, you can start to look for a new place of work...I think this is a must.

    Your leg ache is anxiety. The bruise behind your knee is just that: a bruise. I get huge bruises (or small) and I cannot remember how I get them sometimes. It is an odd phenomena we all suffer from.

    I am not a doctor and I do not know you, but I have read your posts for a few months now and so I can build up a picture of your anxiety cycle from this a little.

    I would hazard an uneducated guess that your issue is anxiety, but you deflect it onto other things, mainly health concerns. I think you are 80% aware of your issue with anxiety, but 20% doubtful... Which allows for the what ifs. I also wonder if work may be similar? This is only a guess as I say. Please do not be offended. I understand that work can cause terrible issues.

    Work could either be at the root of it, or another way you deflect your anxiety. It will be interesting for you to see how you react to a better work environment.

    Deflection is a form of denial... (Am I really this anxious? Surely this can't be me doing this to myself...) etc. It allows for the issue to continue because it isn't fully accepted and tackled. If you haven't started counselling yet then I would really, really recommend you do so. It can be life changing.

    You will learn and understand your anxiety, how it effects you as well as seeing what triggers your anxiety. This is eye opening...especially when you begin to see your own pattern. It is truly a light bulb moment.

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      Hello again Sillymop.

      We haven't moved yet. Hopefully next week. I have already started the job hunt and applied for one or two positions today alone smile

      Thinking anything to change!

      Work is most definitely the driver I feel and you have not offended me, you are actually spot on. The problem with my work at the moment that it is such a negative environment, no one speaks and the atmosphere can be cut with a knife. It's your typical office - depressing. The workload has substantially dropped due to recent changes and I am bored to my whit's end. I literally spent 10 hours yesterday sat in silence with nothing to do, when I asked for anything I got told improvise! It's great the odd hour, but try 4 days a week straight. No one is happy in that place.

      I can't cope sitting in silence with nothing to do, I have always been academic and just feel so massively underwhelmed, now that's were my mind focusses on problems such as I feel shaky or dizzy or my legs hurt etc etc .

      I have probably developed a form of health anxiety as it's literally the only thing to think about. I have taken fiddle toys in but we aren't allowed books, phones or internet access so literally starring at emails or the software the company uses!.

      I laugh, but it's genuinely causing depression hence moving on ASAP.

      Counselling is a definite I think, I have registered to get it started and I am starting Sertraline as well after agreeing with my partner some stability in mood and anxiety will probably be beneficial longer term.

      Thank you for the advice smile

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