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hd depression for 15 years and dont seem to be getting on top of it - have tried several different avenues but none seem to work. Have taken prozac and duluxotine to name but a few and have had acupuncture, counselling and hypnosis but still down everyday. have also come off the tablets also and this made no difference - now back on prozac but not getting any lift from it, been on it 3 weeks now. does any one know if this is still too early to tell if they are going to work? through doing research i have found that seratonin doesnt seem to suit my body but this is all the doctor offers me,has anyone found this? and is there anytihng different i can try. getting nowhere with my doctor not understanding at all and keeps referring me to phychiatrist i dont get on with and there arent any support groups locally for me to join. has anyone tried anything which has worked for them because at the moment i cant get the lift i need to get me back on track - also seem to get every cold and germ going which makes my depression worse.

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    hiya foxyb :cheerup:

    it's far too early to tell if the fluoxetine (prozac) is starting to work foxyb :? it can take up to 6 weeks :shock:

    you say you think seratonin doesn't suit your body, how come ?? it's a neuro transmiter :huh: we all have it, the brain has to have it to function properly, that's one of the main causes of depression, we DON'T have enough of it, SSRi's stop the brain breaking down the seratonin and re-absorbing it, thereby increasing the ammount available to the brain :ok:

    there's a very active fluoxetine forum on this site, have a good read on there and post any questions you have there foxyb :mrgreen: :rainbow:

    see you there :wink:


    Ken~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :peace: :run: :whistle:

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    I've been really happy for the last few months, thought I was recovering from a breakdown that started in May 08. Was feeling so much like my old self; full of hope and energy that this blip was finally over and things were getting back to normal.

    In July 09 the DVLA revoked my driving licence for medical reasons due to excessive alcohol consmpsion!! This isn't actually true and now I am back where I started feeling like whats the point and really why battle against something which I think will be inevitable at some point. Why bother battling on against everything your body an brain is telling you is normal?? All I want to do is drink and pop those little blue pills to see what happens as I can't go on doing this up and down thing. Why bother. My work now knows they are already stigmatising me. I know that this is an illness but I can keep battling gainast it, colapse and fall into bed and lt nature take its course. Why bother at all? Why....................................................................................... I can't keep doing this life thing.

    |I don't want your sympathy I want a way out of this depressive state and :I can't keepiting to peole who know what I mean but can't get out of it themselves.......................

    My brain and fingures are now giving up.

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    i had a breakdown 5years ago it lasted for about 2years then last august the panack attacks started again now im back 2 square 1 again social phobia kicked in can only go out and socialise if i have a few drinks first cant even get myself 2 the docs ive stopped driving aswell i dont know wat its like 2 feel normal im goin back down that black hole again and i dont want to but ive got no control over it feel as if im a burden 2 my family i want my life back
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    I suffer from depression about every four or five years and it seems to come on for absolutley no reason at all.It always starts with physical syptoms such as stomach cramps,loss of appetite,pain,aching muscles and fatigue and the main symptom that I always present with is tiredness and exhaustion.

    I have tried just about every anti depressant going and the SSRI's didn't work for me,they just made me more sleepy or suicidal.Last time after being on Venlafaxine for 5 months, which was an abslute nightmare, I was given an older fashioned tryciclic antidepressant,Lofepramine, and got better after 5 weeks with help and support from the local crisis team.

    I am now suffering again and have been back on Lofepramine for two weeks.It's early days but I just cry all day long and don't sleep at night.I do very little around the house and feel trapped in my own head.I can't go out and have now been given Diazepam to alleviate the crying.

    My children are staying with relatives so how guilt'y do I feel that their summer holiday has been ruined.I couldn't even spend much time with my 6 year old on her birthday although the crisis team did help me to get her a present.

    I feel like my life has fallen apart and just want it,and most importantly,my children,back.I hate living like this .It is just merely existing and every day is a struggle.

    I sympathise with anyone going through this right now and always remember that you are not alone in feeling this way.It's not something that we can't control and we don't want to be ill - we just are!

    You just have to find the right solution for you and it's a process of trial and error.

    Good luck any way to anyone visiting this site and try to find something positive in your life to keep you going.

    With much

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    HI, I also had a breakdown in May 09, I lost my husband after a long battle with cancer, then I lost my driving licence for 2 yrs in Feb 10, & was distraught, as I rely on my car for absoloutly everything, The Depression Worsened & I was in a real bad way. I have always responded well to SSRI meds, so went back on them, sought counselling, had to literally \"Push Myself\" each day to even get out of bed sometimes, & had to really \"push myself\" to socialise, as fortunately I have a good job, & good friends, which does without a doubt help, as my family have no understanding whatsoever !!!, With me its been a time factor, I still have days were I literally wish I was dead, but these feelings pass quickly, & I just go in my bedroom shut the curtains for an hour or so, try to have a kip, as I often find its because Im tired, & I dont feel guilty doing this, SO everyone who I read about & identify with 100% enspires me, as I know Im not alone, Debbsie smile
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