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Today is a really BAD day, I have just had to cancel a holiday that I was

really looking forward to ,because of this damned disease A flare 

started on Tuesday, so I took Paracetamol ,by Thursday it was no worse, but

my holiday was getting closer, so I thought I would ask if Paracetamol would

""make it better" NO" was the answer ,by out of hours doctor ,who duly

faxed me a scrip to my local pharmacy Good, I thought ,be better by

Sunday, Wrong!!!! the side effects made me feel dreadful,Went through

the  111 road again on Thursday, my surgery's half day .Out of hours 

clinic thought they should "look" at me  time 4-30pm appt for 9-30 pm

duly seen to and found to be a little tender ,so,,tabs were changed

..had an awful feeling of wanting to heave all the time ,phoned again. another scrip faxed through to another pharmacy, mine was closed.

Saturday by now .

This morning feel awful again, so had to cancel my holiday, which will

no doubt cost me 

This disease has a lot to answer to,why is there so LITTLE help available ??? 



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    I was given a prescription for loperimide, which helped with the diarrhoea side of things, it helped with the pain too, I think it was because the bowel wasn't in spasm so much, but everyone is different.  Unfortunately this is not the only disease that there seems to be little help for, so you are not alone by any means.

    It's such a shame about your holiday, no wonder you are feeling peeved.

    Good luck with getting some relief.

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    Sorry to hear you missed a holiday. This a copy of what I posted to another sufferer

    "" changed gp's and was lucky enough to find one who not only understood DD but was symathetic. Previous gp was useless and said sounds like kidneys and would not book me a Mri scan.Soon as new gp heard symtons .straight away arranged scan and hence correct treatment followed. I have codrymal for pain with arthiritus and buscapan for any DD spasams. and fybergel twice a day. He also lets me keep antibotics in the cupboard to take if I think I have a infection (like right now) which seems to happen every 4-5 months.So if unhappy with GP find one that understands."" Finding a GP that will work with you can be hard. I have had some pretty useless ones in the past but pleased to say have now found one that understands and will work with me.. You may have to try a different antibiotic,as some can give more problems than they solve. good luck and see if you can get a refund on the holiday

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    I had to cancel my place at a royal garden party in London ad could not risk having to try and find a toilet in the middle of London or que for port a loos in the grounds of Buckingham place very posh loos but no good queuing when urgent!

    So missed out on meeting prince Charles and camilia as it was 125 yrs of royal patron fir the British Red Cross Society I was one of hundreds of members who entred into a ballot and got picked

    So I understand that it had a knock on effect not just the physical symptoms but the effect it has on life in general Drs don't see that side or don't care about it. Hope you can get some money back and rebook when better would love a holiday not been away for 4 yrs as can't find hotels suitable for mom with reasonable price

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    I feel for you. I missed one of my best friends wedding because of this. Well they said it was my appendix, took it out unnecessary and left me in agony, undiagnosed for two months blaming the pain on post op recovery. I have researched diverticular disease like a maniac since I eventually received my sentence. Its been clinical trials. One group receive antibiotics, the other placebo. Recovery time for both groups were the same. This is if there is no complications such as fistulas, abscesses or perforation. These needs prompt treatment with surgery or antibiotics. Unless you experience these you should question treatment involving antibiotics. If you had complications you can not stay at home, you need hospital input. I have made dietary changes and cut out all wheat based, bran or anything like that. I follow caveman diet, paelo. Its significantly reduced the inflammation of my colon and I feel like a new woman. It works for me. I use dairy though, eat yoghurt. And I use oral laxatives such as senokot so I don't get bunged up. From daily pain to pain so bad not even morphine could remove it I am now only experiencing twinges a couple if times a day in the space of a week. There are two blood test they call I inflammatory markers white blood cells wbc and crp. Wbc is raised in any form of inflammation. Crp is indicating bacterial infection more. In perforation of guts you will have a crp above 200 most likely. Wbc can be raised in a simple cold. Urine dipstick would also reveal white blood cells and sometimes blood. All this and clinical exam should indicate best treatment plan for you. Some people swear by probiotics, others can not tolerated dairy. You need to identity what is triggering yours and unless there's an active bacterial infection stay clear of antibiotics, they won't help. I had both wbc and blood in my urine but cultured negative for infection. Its just a sign of the inflammation. I'm no doctor, if your doctor tells you you need the antibiotics by all means take them but do ask what bacterial infection they are treating first.
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      Hello. bit late replying to you, but the antibiotics put me in bed for  4 days recovering from the side effectsof them. Worst one was feeling

      as though I had run a marathon ,I was totally drained of energy.

      Got my get up and go back, but have now developed Oral Thrush,

      from the drugs

      I read an interesting article (on the web ) written by an American

      doctor, who said that D.D. sufferers were found to be short on

      Vitamin D and probiotics. SO, off I went to Holland & barratts,

      for vit D, and probiotic in capsule form  As the assisstant pointed

      out Yakult won't keep, and are a tad expensive 

      Ihave been taking the duo for 6 days now, and have no pain ,and

      feel fine. so the doctor seems to be right I am due to see the doctor

      who put me up fpr a colonoscopy so I will ask him for his thoughts

      on this treatment. 

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    Glad you are on the mend I am thinking about trying aloe Vera caples as found juice helps but tastes vial and now in new job can't afford any blips as would not be paid

    Having a small blip for last 3 days but think its stress and not eating properly as mom in hospital very ill this time and also new job I take glucosamine for my knees but not thought about vitamin d what probotics did they recommend and what was the cost

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    The body is put under great stress when you have a flare up so its no wonder you feel wiped out after. It releases a lot of hormones and play havoc with your metabolism emptying your energy reserves. I felt like I done a marathon just walking to local shop afterwards. Its to be expected. Just be kind to yourself and eat sensible energy dense food. I don't think this is the best time for dieting. I'm still having twinges daily. A bad one today putting me in bed. Still testing out foods, what I react to. One thing for sure is no matter what, do NOT get constipated. I start swelling up immediately if I need the toilet. I'm totally obsessed with number two now hahaha. Like a toddler potty training. I'm reluctant to have more surgery but on the other hand I don't want this pain rest of my life either. Its a tough one. Besides, its not really down to what I want. They won't operate until I perforate. I have endoscopy booked in November. I won't know more until then, if they can do it at all seeing as I have pain daily. There may still be inflammation present. This totally suck. Just have to be grateful for the better days I have.
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