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diane 14907 diane 14907

Since my assessment I have gone on dyalisis

I am waiting for pip decision but I am concerned that the assessor would not have taken into account the fact that I am now on home dyalisis being deaf I am unable to use the phone and can't find email address

I found the interview very stressful the questions were repeated over and over again

has anyone else had a horrible time during assessment? and How long do you have to wait?

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  • stephen 25073 stephen 25073 diane 14907

    Hi Diane

    Sorry to hear of your bad experience during your assessment. I found the questions quite repetitive also but just put it down to a necessary evil. I think the general idea is for the claimant just to expand on their answers they gave in the original forms. Rest assured though you're not alone.

    I went for my assessment in February and got a big surprise in March when checking my bank. If you are successful in getting anything, you'll probably find your money goes in before you receive your award letter.

    Hope you're keeping well and hope you get what you hoped for

  • LynQ LynQ diane 14907


    It is important that the assessors know you full health details.  Can you find a friend or neighbour who can look up the correct phone number and make a call for you?  Otherwise try Citizens Advice.  I hope you get your allowance.I have not had any direct experience of being assessed but have read many stories like yours.  Good Luck!

    • diane 14907 diane 14907 LynQ

      Thank you Lynq Icontacted DWP for the deaf as soon as I had the date for my operation and she advised me to wait then appeal also my social worker and lipreader have been out to clarify more details because the assessor was visibly irritated and felt that I was not given a fair assessment I also have osteoporosis with a fractured spine making it very painful to walk also having had 6 operations in a year to have a fistula fitted which went wrong I've now lost the full use of my left arm unable to cook I now have PD Dyalisis which it's early days to judge as yet so fingers crossed

  • helen54849 helen54849 diane 14907


    You would have put most of the information on your claim form the assessor is there for you to go into more detail. If you have put it on the form then you should be fine.  Please try not to worry.  If you are ever not happy with an assessment please complain as the assessors are not allowed many complaints before they are not allowed to do the role.  I had a home assessment which I though I would have to fight for but didn't it turned out.  To get to the assessment point was awful and I had to complain to the director general I was already on DLA and they wanted to change me to PIP and then took an age (about 8 months  to sort out) and wouldn't back pay but I was grateful to get my award.  Good luck

    • diane 14907 diane 14907 helen54849

      Hi I was not able to go into more detail the assessor wanted yes or no answers and cut me short if I tried to elaborate I had a lipreader from social services with me and he was very unhappy with her attitude I am expecting to have to appeal

      for instance how long have you been deaf I replied all my life she then said when did you find out you were deaf? When I was born very silly questions like that ! how long have you had ckd I was born with malformed kidneys when did you find out Duh!

    • helen54849 helen54849 diane 14907


      Oh no sounds like you had a right one!. There are a couple of ways you can proceed.  You can write a letter to DWP and nominate someone you trust to speak on your behalf, that way you can be with the person when they phone up.  You can explain your case that way or you can email the director general and complain to him.  If you google Andrew Rhodes email address it will be there for you, that way you can complain about the assessment and the daft questions you got asked but you can also add your extra points about starting dialysis as this is important.  If you do more than a certain amount of hours a week (which you will) this will give you and entitlement, also the fact you are deaf as you need assistance.  I would also include anything else that you feel you would like to have gone into more detail about at the assessment but you were not given chance.  One of his team should be in contact with you quite quickly, be sure to make it clear you want to converse via email only.  I think my background scared the life out of my assessor!  Hope this helps a bit more.  I would do your email asap so it can be included in the DWP decision.

    • diane 14907 diane 14907 helen54849

      just to update you Helen I have had another appointment for yet another medical because of my dyalisis saying my health may of deteriorated since the last assessment really annoying as I had told the last assessor my operation was imminent but at last I may be getting somewhere will let you know

    • helen54849 helen54849 diane 14907


      I know this sounds a right pain in the backside but it could be a blessing, make sure you have someone with you of your choice, someone you trust.  Does your unit have a social worker, mine did but I was more informed than he shall we say!  I was like you wasn't quite on dialysis when I had my assessment, but told them it would be soon although I couldn't give an exact date and they excepted that.  You should be fine as I can't quite remember the rules (kidney failure brain) I am sure if you did 3 times or more a week, which you do in a day this qualifies you anyway.  All the very best let me know how you get on x

    • diane 14907 diane 14907 helen54849

      Hi Helen

      I had my lipreader with me today it went very well the assessor had a totally different attitude and listened properly It's. 19 weeks since I first claimed so I am hopeful of a good outcome this time I will update you as soon as I can many thanks

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