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john90582 john90582

Small red spots on Penis head that don't itch or hurt

About 4 days ago I woke up with a bunch of small red spots on the head of my penis (I am uncircumcised). Of course like anyone would react I immediately thought"oh dear Lord I have herpes wtf!?" The weird thing is that they don't hurt and are not itchy. I am sexually active but haven't had sex that week I masturbated the night before they appeared and did not clean up so maybe that has something to do with it. But after calming down I immediately started scouring the internet to see if there were any other reasons why this would happen. I found out it can be thrush (yeast infection) and or candida balantis a condition where the foreskin becomes tight and painful to pull back which can cause a rash on the head of the penis.(I would rather it be one of these than herpes) Unfortunately I am not able to get an official check up with bloodwork until May of 2018 because I went last year in May, I have to wait. So I won't be able to come to a conclusive answer until then I'm hoping that maybe someone here can help me figure this out. Here are the most recent pictures I've been washing with warm water no soap and have been surveying it for the past 4 days today would be the 5th day since I first saw the small bumps but it seems to be subsiding already. At first the bumps were red and now they seem to be turning purple and the more enflamed areas have peeled a bit, shrunk and began healing but they are still visible. Please help anyone you are my last hope!

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  • ml66uk john90582

    You need to be on a PC or laptop with a large window to add pictures.  If you are, then you should see some extra icons towards the top right of where you type, and the right hand icon (which I think is supposed to look like the sun over hills) will add images.

    The pic I've attached here shows the icons.

    Even without seeing a pic though, it already sounds like balanitis.  If s, then these links may help, though the second article is written for doctors:  ;

    Washing (with water, no soap) daily, and taking a leak and washing after masturbation or sex will probably help, and you could also try Canesten cream or Daktarin cream.  Loose fitting cotton underwear may help, and some sites recommend washing underwear with non-biological washing powder or liquid.

  • john90582

    So here are the pictures please let me know what you guys think please!!!

    • Pepasan john90582

      When I had something like this, the doctor suggested Daktarin - it's an anti-fungal cream marketed for treating Athlete's Foot . As far as I remember it cleared within a few days. By the way, I remember he gave me a written prescription so when I took it to the Pharmacy, I would at that time have had to pay the UK NHS prescription charge (currently £8.60). In fact the tube of Daktarin ointment was a few £s less, (currently about £5) - so the chemist sold it to me over-the-counter.

      However, I suppose you are not in the UK from what you say about only being allowed yearly bloodwork. I'd suggest this doesn't need blood tests to identify, so why not see your doctor anyway? 

    • ml66uk john90582

      That looks like it's probably just a bad case of balanitis to me.  Personally, I wouldn't see a doctor about it unless it gets worse or doesn't go away.  The information in my earlier post should help.

      I don't know which country you're in btw, but Canesten is also known as Clotrimazole in some places, and Daktarin cream is miconazole, and according to Wiki has the following brand names:

      "Desenex and Zeasorb in US and Canada, Micatin, Monistat-Derm, Daktarin in India, UK, Australia, Belgium and the Philippines, Daktar in Norway, Fungidal in Bangladesh, Decocort in Malaysia"

    • john90582 Pepasan

      Thanks for the reply, yeah I'm going to see if I can go see my doctor this weekend I just work all day during the week and by the time I'm off the clinic is closed. I'm gonna try the canesten crem that ml66uk suggested. I will keep you posted on my situation at least daily. Today I checked and it seems to be healing and the dead skin is falling off and the bumps and redness is virtually gone without the canesten cream. I will still get it just in case because I'm afraid that it will scar.

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