So Been taken off Fluoxetine after 7 days

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It has been the worst mistake of my life starting Fluoxetine for GAD.

The side effects have been horrendous. Anxiety has sky-rocketed 10 fold, I am in a constant state of heightened panic literally all day with occasional attacks over nothing. My heart rate is through the roof (comfortably 110+), I can’t stop shaking, vomiting, running the toilet, sweating. Had a bad fever and haven’t slept for 3 days. Had muscle aches, huge neck and head tension, nausea all day and terrible gas. In general I just feel very uneasy and restless, I can’t sit still yet don’t know what to do to distract myself. I have pretty much been confined to home and it feels like I am going to go insane!

Had to go to the GP yesterday with an emergency appointment becoming concerned about the weight loss now and side effects in general, they have told me to stop this ASAP. Sounds like a case of mild Serotonin syndrome. On day 1 of not taking a tablet now and hoping it passes fast!

I know this post isn’t helpful or reassuring for people starting flu, but just wanted to let people know if you are concerned about the side effects, ask. God knows what would have happened if I carried on! 

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    Hi always wondered what serotin syndrome was and now i know. Good for you knowing yourself enough to get yourself to docs.

    Must have been frightening and yet reassuring you could cope with an emergency while having GAD. If u get tremors on new meds ask for beta blockers propandol just take really good care if u are insulin resistant. It might hide the warning shakes u get with very low sugar.

    Fluox did make things worse before better but i wouldnt be without them. They have really really helped me. I took for severe depression and severe anxiety. While anxiety increased a bit i stayed in the house or with my family and friends. Then it suddenly went to zero anxiety on 4th or 5th week.

    Check on websites for Mind org. or nhs website...they have loads of free info on meds and doses. Brilliant source if anyone reading wants to learn more. I find it reassures me that doctor and website agree or what i can ask doc to try in future.

    Did your doc give you the correct dose to start? 10mg or 20mg..every other day? Just double check so you dont go through same situation with another ssri antidepressant and just while i remember dont take any herbal remedies like st johns wort at same doc kept checking this i think it does something to serotonin.

    Take care

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      Hello Deeb35

      The doctor has talked about propranolol, I am thinking of giving them a go but beta blockers also scare me. That's the annoying thing with anxiety, annoying you can cling onto sends you into panic over-drive. Especially once you start to Google as well!

      I know a lot of people say Fluox helps in the long run and I wish I could have stuck it out. I am glad it's worked for you and have read a lot of positive reviews about it, enough so for me to admit I need to try it. The doctor gave me 20mg once a day, it might be worth switching to a different one I think. Its got to the point were I can't tell whats real symptom wise or what is driven by my crazy obcessive mind set!

      The GP perscribed something called Buspirone Hydrochloride 5mg X3 a day. I can't really find any reviews or info on it, it's an anti-anxiety tablet apparently. Have you ever heard of it?

      I was actually thinking of switching to a herbal remediy to be honest, it's got far fewer side effects!

      I think the biggest hurdle I need to get back over is building energy up to deal with things again. Being in a constant state of panic is such a drain emotionally and physically. 

      I am due back at work soon and no where near ready, but while I am off and sat round the house, I am thinking will I ever be?, This Anxiety is a horrible thing to overcome!

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      Yes anxiety is horrible to overcome but you can do it.

      If u think about it there are contradictions to your fear. Thats how i spot if its a anxiety fear or real one sometimes.

      Yes ur scared of the beta blockers and Buspirone Hydrochloride 5mg. This is good to be cautious and informed but its impossible to know the exactly how it will affect a person until u take it. You question and share all your cincerns as best u can with your expert ,to reduce the chance of a problem.

      Do you question side effects of paracetamol, food, injections, antihistamines, water, food abroad, cough mixture, chocolate? They are also chemicals ingested or put in our bodies without thinking and without doing the same research and panic.

      Why do you trust a herbal remedy more than a tested medicine? The spice nutmeg is an hallucinogenic if you take too much and you could turn orange if you have too many carrots and some flowers contain cyanide!

      If i were you i would visit your doctor again or ask for a referral to a specialist, whichever you trust more. Take a long list of all your concerns and tick them off as you receive a satisfactory answer. i would then ask about what you can do if you have an unwanted side effect especially on weekend or out of hours or if your doc is sick. Ask what is a safe way to reduce the dose if u wanted to come off it anytime. Ask if there is a drop in clinic u could go to out of hours. ask

      Basically be prepared like a boy scout and have a friend or person to take you to help if you say you need it. ask how the medicine works in simple terms and how you know its working or not.

      I just typed Buspirone Hydrochloride 5mg in to internet and found out this medicine is given to children to reduce anxiety. Now you know there would be uproar if this had massive risk of side effects on children. Perhaps ask for childrens dose to start with to give you lowest risk and then increase to adult dose later

      Again with beta blockers, find out how it works and ask for the smalllest dose or even just 2 tablet to take when you have worst shaking or heart racing or worst panic.

      If you arent ready to go back to work and your manager is reasonable take time at home. If you do take meds, do so when you are staying with someone or where u can get help. I understand how horrible it is to be scared of your own shadow but look whats it doing to you. You can try and protect yourself from every possible risk that exists or you can pick lowest and safest risk to take.

      Ps trying cognitive behaviour therapy might be a drug free way of managing anxiety. I tried a bit of everything to tackle my anx. The variety helped too.

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      Oh yeah fotgot to say id not heard of Buspirone Hydrochloride 5mg before, so thank you. This might be something that can help me if i need it in future.

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    My god thomas you had a dreadful experience, i was on fluoxitine for two weeks,i was ok, then bang out of the blue i had a horrific reaction to it, i ended up in hosp with a frightening panic attack, been of the crap for 3 days, but still not well, still have panicky feelings, strange depressing outlooks, and palpitations,, doc wants me to go on mirtaipine now, but i havent took it yet, i am afraid of another bad turn with the new ones.hope you are feeling better, .

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