So let's talk about depression and help?!

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two years ago I lost my mum to cancer, I knew I was already very down over my current situation and when mum got Ill it all got worse. 

For two years I've been struggling, the GP is a useless ..... Well they are useless and say since I do not want to harm myself I'm not a priority. But I suppose not wanting to wake up in the morning doesn't count then... But hey. 

I did go to counselling, I waited for 12 weeks to be assesed then waited a further 10'weeks for an appointment, where I spent once a week for 12 weeks with a woman who couldn't stop yawning at me. 

If I want another appointment or more yawning woman, I have to wait 12 weeks to be assessed again...

I have bought books and things.. They all say you're supposed to reach out to family and friends, but I have neither.. I haven't made it a secret that I'm so upset and hopeless all the time, but it seems convenient for them to leave me on my own. 

So I do not have anyone to reach out to at all...I've even tried to see if there are any groups I can join for social purposes, but there is nothing going on at all. No book groups nothing, and that just makes me feel even more isolated..

I don't know what to do anymore? 

What can I do... I know I need help, but every time I ask for it I'm ignored. 

ugh I'm sorry I sound like a whining ninny... 


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    you don't at all, and nhs and mental health support in the UK is absolute rubbish.

    they don't care they don't understand it all all.

    this forum is the best thing I've found, I'm lucky I do have friends with out them I really don't know what ide do.

    Maybe reach out in your area and make a group there will be so many suffered just around the corner from you. Maybe post somthing on a social media and arrange a meet up in a local cafe or church hall just to discuss each others problems.

    you could be helping others whilst helping ur self.

    I too don't hide the fact that I suffer with depression and the lovely anxiety. I talk to anyone and everyone about it. there are a lot of really kind people out there unfortunately not in the NHS tho.


    let me know how you get on.

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      The doctors here are so very bad, for the last five years I was asking for help on nutrition because I'm overweight. They said stop eating ... So I don't hold much hope for anything else..

      as for help, I have to use the village resources as I'm not entitled to the towns on either side of me because I don't fit in the bracket... 

      Pits a little on a wall head banging situation really.,

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    In 16 years of having depression and 6 months of having anxiety I have had to act like a spoilt brat throwing my toys out of my pram  and stamping my feet to get ANY kind of treatment from mental health teams in the UK

    It is truly shocking and my heart goes out to you

    I am in the middle of my CBT at the moment and my therapist told me at the first session that if I did not feel comfortable with her or did not feel I was geling with her I could ask for another therapist but fortuantly shes been great

    I had to be discharged after my first appointment with my psych because I was having CBT apparently you are not allowed to have both at the sames time 

    Its a joke!!!!!!

    Keep fighting for the treatment you deserve

    Stay Strongrolleyes


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      I did try having an epic fit in t eh reception of the doctors ,my it they just told me they would ask me to leave if I carried on... 

      I think trying to keep myself motivated, reading and trying to muddle through it kind of what I've got... And my cat.. Heheh smile 


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      What's CBT like lynne82155?

      I've got CBT next week (I hope it's a session as the last two have just been questionnaires. The last person I saw thinks I might have reactive depression)


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    You are NOT a whining ninny. You are suffering from a very real and horrible illness. Sadly, we still have a long way to go in the UK as far as depression and recognising it, discussing it openly and treating it effectively. 

    Im saddened to hear of the apathetic reaction of your doctors.

    It sounds like you would really benefit from being a part of group of people sharing their experience of depression, talking together about what has helped and supporting each other through the difficult times.

    Its a shame there isn't such a group in your area. Even an informal group, that doesn't have a leader or strictly operate to group therapy protocols would be a help.

    Ive often wished such a group existed where I live. A group founded on the shared principles of empathy, consideration and cooperation in the recovery and management of depressive illness.

    However, you have found a group here that share many of your experiences, have struggled with many of the difficulties that perhaps you're struggling with and are very willing to offer support and compassion.

    I know it's not the same as having a group of friendly people you can physically meet with, but the support and empathy is genuine.

    It sounds like you've had a very difficult couple of years. Depression compounded by grief and isolation is a heavy burden to bear on your own.

    I hope you find some support and understanding here on this forum.

    My heart goes out to you

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      Thank you for your kind words, but unfortunately it seems you have to have friends to make friends. And I'm somewhat pathetic just me and my cat. 

      I have tried looking around.. Even scouring the Internet for something. I'm rather rural as well so it doesn't help.

      immnot entirely sure what to do really..I would say I am lonely, but it does seem the north west is just a place you have to get on with things by yourself...  sad 


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      I hear you Kat, I've lived a fairly isolated lifestyle for some time. Loneliness is an awful thing. It can be so difficult to break free from. It becomes a vicious circle in my experience. I moved around such a lot as a younger man and as a result I never had an established group of friends. I became quite isolated, I began to lose confidence in my social skills and developed social anxiety. This just made it harder for me to get out and socialise and I just got lonelier.

      Human beings aren't meant to live in isolation, we are social animals.

      I really wish I could actually guide you to a group of like minded individuals that you would feel comfortable meeting and interacting with.

      Social networking online has been of some help to me. I may sound a bit silly now, but I do believe we can invite change into our lives. Reaching out on forums like this, is moving in the right direction, even if it is in small steps.

      Please don't be discouraged or lose hope. There are many kind and decent people on this forum. You will find friends and a social life again. Just believe are stepping out in the right direction.

      Id encourage you to have hope, you seem like a bright and articulate person. This lonely time will pass.

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      Unfortunately it's been nearly ten years now for me and I'm unsure how to turn it around. 

      Im glad though it's not like this for everyone. Living my life is rather crap... But I suppose it's just the one I've got smile 

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      funny I'm Scottish too. From Edinburgh. My dad moved us up and down the country too many times. And I went to uni in Portsmouth,mother came back to the north west because of financial rubbish stuff. 
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      I went to school in Edinburgh and I worked in Portsmouth as a younger man. I lived in Old Portsmouth, then for a very brief period I lived in North End. Like you I was moved around constantly as I grew up due to my fathers job. It really doesn't help, as a result of constantly moving I never really put down any roots or established a firm circle of friends. I'm very familiar with the North West of England having lived in Carlisle for some time. I'm also Scottish 😎
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      Hahahahaha .. 

      Though it it is hard, my father just decided he hated the place and we moved house.. He did this constantly and my schooling was a nightmare, I still went to uni though.. Twice at Portsmouth.. I did enjoy being in Portsmouth, being so close to London of Brighton so you could go on a day trip and distract yourself somewhat.

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