So many anxiety Symptoms

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HI everyone,

Thank you in advance for reading my thread.

I have posted several times on this website under multiple boards i.e. HIV, Adrenal Fatigue etc. and am essentially looking for someone with similar symptoms to mine.

In November 2013 I had a high risk exposure to a female. I eventually spiralled into extreme anxiety thinking I was HIV positive, in fact I was sure of it. I was tested 7 1/2 weeks after exposure with a PCR and Elissa test and it came back negative. I tested again with Elissa at 4 and a half months and it was negative, I have been reassured many times by Doctors, Healthboard members and some other hotlines that I am conclusively HIV negative if I test negative after the 3 month mark, however new symptoms arising always put be back into the anxiety. For the last 8 months the following are my symptoms:

Hi Everyone,

I thank you in taking the time to read my post.

I am desperately seeking answers and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Everyone,

In November I started an extremely anxious phase where I thought I had HIV, got tested with a PCR and Elissa test at 7 1/2 weeks post exposure and was negative, got tested again at 4 1/2 months and was negative. I have put my anxiety aside now but I do have major digestive issues as my body is not absorbing nutrients. Blood tests showed low iron and Vitamin D, I feel fatigue most of the time.

Symptoms Include:

1) Extreme Fatigue and sleepiness - This is recently being relieved after I started sleeping in the afternoons, sleeping has really helped my energy levels.

2)dry skin, dry mouth - Patchy skin, some scaling (could be psoriasis not sure). Dry mouth started after a few months, I was still very anxious.

3)hair falling - This is getting better as I have greatly increased with Vit D intake

4) Chronic Diahhrea and Malabsorption - food is coming out as it is and the Diahhrea has caused Haemerroids.

5) Night sweats if I have a high carb meal.

6) Left Toe is numb.

7) excessive DANDRUFF - I am able to clear it for a few days with betadine, this is some kind of Iodine thing which acts against fungus.

8) After I work out I have a delayed Post Exertion Malaise which starts on the second day of working out, I have heard this is a sign of Chronic Fatigue.

9)I have a stiff back when I get up every morning if I am not on Digestive enzymes.

I have had 3 CBC's and 3 stool tests, no sign of Candida or bacteria.

TSH, T3, T4 and Cortisol 4m all normal. No Celiac disease, ESR levels are normal.

Could the extreme anxiety for 2 months affected me in a long term way. Is there anyone else who had suffered from these many Symptoms of Anxiety ?

Thanks in Anticipation Everyone


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    Hi Mo, 

    I am so sorry you feel so bad.

    I am on cipramil for anxiety/depression. I get sleepy easily due to the cipramil. I have had night sweats on this medication too but I think that was hormonal. Sometimes, I wake up with a numb hand which can give me panic attack but I think it is because I lie on my hand and it stops the bloodflow so it goes numb.

    I have had dry skin for a long time. Flares up a bit sometimes. It's not too bad but I can get dry skin/rash on my face and a dry skin patch on the inside of my elbow - eczema.

    I also get dandruff lately. 

    I  get discomfort/stiffness/pain quite often in my upper back/neck but I think this is from bending over studying/carrying a heavy bag and poor posture. It can be alleviated by neck exercises e.g. yoga.

    I also have IBS but I get constipation ususally rather than diarrhoea which can mostly be alleviated by monitoring my diet. At times of high stress, I can get diarrhoea though which goes away once I'm over the stressful situation. (I can get haemorrhoids from constipation too).

    Except for the hair falling out and the post exertion malaise (as far as I know), you seem to have symptoms that I have had myself as a sufferer of anxiety/depression. Hair loss is also a sign of anxiety. 

    I would say that perhaps you are experiencing health anxiety. The fear of having contracted HIV is causing you severe anxiety which is actually deteriorating your health. 

    I would recommend trying to find ways to relax. Remind yourself of reassuring test results if you think that you may have HIV. Keep at this. Perhaps see a doctor/therapist specifically about anxiety and hopefully your symptoms will fade. 

    All the best, 

    Agirl xx

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      Hi Agirl,

      Thank you so much for your kind and heartwarming reply.

      I know I need to start going on antidepressants and seeing a therapist however I keep putting it off.

      I am going for my final HIV test tommorrow and will hope to put this behind me once and for all. 

      It's comforting to see others have similar symptoms.

      Thanks again smile

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      Hi Mo, 

      Commented on the wrong reply by accident! :P 

      You are more than welcome.  smile

      I hope things turn up for you, please do see a therapist. You don't have to go on antidepressants even. Even therapy is good. Especially cognitive behavioural therapy. smile 

      Agirl xxx

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    I am very sorry to hear that you have been suffering from anxiety. But rest assured ythat it is probably the anxiety causing all of this. I have GAD/sever panic disorder for 8 years now and I have had symptoms you would never beleave would be assosiated with anxity. GI problems are very very common with anxiety. I have IBS, meale absorbtion,and all kinds of issues with my stomach because of it. When blood test where done during times of extrem anxiety I would always show with low vitamine levels, low pattassium, low iron. when I get the anxietty under control everything goes back to normal. Vitamine B's are also very important to watch out for cause a lack of these can also cause anxiety exspeacially B12. I highly suggest getting into a therapist and maybe an antidepressent. there is definatly nothing to be scared of. and if it is a chemical imbalane causeing your anxiety it wont get better on its own. it my infact get worse. please please talk to a therapist a good one will get you back to your normal self again. also I suggest maybe having your GP test you for things like celiace disease gluten intolerances can cause alot of these gastro problems you are having which in turn can cause anxiety also.

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      Hi Rachel ,

      Thanks a lot for your message. I have had celiac tested and a full thyroid panel plus cortisol, nothing seems to be showing up.

      I have been low on iron and Vit D, however I am having several supplements to help my energy levels. I will get around to seeing a therapist and hopefully get over this fear once and for all.

      Thanks so much for responding 

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    Everyone suffers from anxiety from one reason or another. from the death of a loved one to illness.

    ur health seems to be ok. I don't read a lot of health complaints. most r anxiety driven.

    ask UR doc about UR concerns tell him UR feelings. A counselor along with meds can really take the edge off and then u can continue to live without the anxiety that brings u down.



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    Hi Mo! I know it's been a few months since you posted this, but I was cruising around the internet and googling anxiety things, and I am somewhat relieved by your post. I also have sort of clung onto the anxiety of having HIV. I've been tested and its been negative, but for some reason, I keep going back to that anxiety. I have been to the doctors whenever I see a new "symptom" arise, and there's always been a simple explanation. I know a few people already responded, but I thought I'd address a few of your sympoms, just in case it helps..

    1) Extreme Fatigue and sleepiness - that would be the iron deficiency. I am a vegetarian and chronically low on iron, and if I don't take the pills, I need to nap like 3 hours a day. Also B-12 pills are very important for energy levels and iron absorbtion. 

    2)dry skin, dry mouth - it could depend on the season? the winter is so drying. Or if you have AC or live in a dry climate, it can be harsh on your skin. I would get a humidifier for your bedroom - its solved my dry skin and mouth. Also drink WAY more water!

    6) Left Toe is numb: pinched nerve! it can happen so easily and it can sometimes take months to sort out. There's not much you can do other than try wearing better shoes. 

    7) excessive DANDRUFF: this is related to the hair falling out symptom. That fungus that can grow on the scalp also causes hair falling. 

    8) After I work out I have a delayed Post Exertion Malaise which starts on the second day of working out, I have heard this is a sign of Chronic Fatigue: make sure you have a banana before you work out and drink tons of water. It sounds like you may need to up your water intake, espcially with dry skin and diarrhea. 

    And you're right - I've spoken to my doctor about long term symptoms of extreme anxiety, and she said its entirely possible. Anxiety causes huge spikes in your hormones and it can take a long time to regulate again. 

    How are you feeling now?


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      Hi tee,

      Thanks so much for responding to my thread.

      I'm far better now than I was before, the anxiety consciously gone however I feel my body is still in an anxious state.

      I have been in Cipralex for 6 months now and I have to admit many of the symptoms have receded. Dandruff, dry mouth, dry skin and constant malabsorption remains but I think the PEM might have gone.

      I think this because I am doing an advanced cardio/boxing regime and it makes me feel great. I only hope to god I will be fully cured, I am still very dependent on digestive enzymes.

      I'm glad my post helped relieve you, maybe we can private message each other and discuss, this could be helpful

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      Hi Tee,

      Sorry for the late reply. I had actuially stopped posting and forgot my password.

      I feel far far better, most of my symptoms have receded save for the dry mouth and a bit of dry skin. Indeed that is effected by my water intake, the dandruff, PEM and several other symtoms have just disappeared. Everything I now admit was anxiety related. My digestive system is better as well though not completely cured. Im on cipralex now and I have to admit it has helped me loads. Thank you so much for your email. The worst thing I did was google HIV symptoms and I can assure you anything I google is an 'HIV' symptom. Thanks for responding and the advice.

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      Hi mo im at the moment is experiencing anxiety of having hiv. Im 4weeks after the exposure and i feel so anxious. Im experiencing dry skin, dry mouth, nerves shaking and a lot more. I havent done any tests as I am waiting for the 90days period. My anxiety is breaking me.
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      This is simply the anxiety and it's probably the worst thing. What was your exposure like ? Why do you think your partner was HIV positive ? The dry skin and mouth is clearly HIV , 90 day period is not necessary. There are 4th gen tests that can detect in 3 weeks, please get that done ASAP, only because you need to get out of your Anxiety.

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      Hi Mo786,

      I've tested 10 times for HIV in last 3 months in different GUM clinics as i live in London. My last 4th generation test was done on 101 days and it also came out to be negative but I'm having following symptoms which makes me think that I've caught up something from my high risk exposure:

      A. Lymph nodes under my jaw on both sides persisting from last 2 months.

      B. Red Eyes ( red veins in the whites of the eyes) from last 2 months. My eyes were never red before.

      C. Persistent headache, even when I wake up in the morning.

      I'm not able to deal with all this and I'm tired of thinking and searching online.

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    If you have been tested by your doctor, then there is nothing to worry about.  Your symptoms look like someone who is very stressed and probably mal-nourished. If you can get your doctor to refer you to a dietician would be a good idea. Otherwise I would focus on a healthy eating plan of eating breakfast of cereal with milk and fruit. A sandwich for lunch with a piece of fruit, with a snack in the afternoon such as tea and a biscuit. Then a full meal in the evening, but don't eat too late - say around 5-6.00pm & a glass of milk for supper.

    See if the dietician can test you for any food allergies, because I was allergic to animal milk which caused me no end of health problems and now I feel fine! (without milk!)

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