Some doctors don't care and are unsympathetic about anxiety and depression.

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I am absolutely fuming. I have suffered with anxiety since I was 14 years old(11 years). I never knew what it was for at leat 5 years! I just thought I was a bit strange and prone to fainting (which is what normally happens during a panic attack). Then I had 2 really traumatic things happen in a short space of time. I knew at this point I had anxiety but went on to have depression. I was treated for both things and recently I was able to come off my medication after starting to feel better and really benefitting from therapy. Anyway I started a new job last year and found it really stressful. It got me that down I started to struggle with my anxiety and feel depressed again. I went to the doctors (a new practice as I'd recently moved). I had 2 things I needed to speak to the doctor about. I know you should book double appointments but it was just literally I quick question. I went on to tell her I was feeling down, vertually in tears and she interrupted me with "sorry you need to be quick, this is only a 10 minute appointment". She wasn't sympathetic and she just gave me a quick fix of  anti depressants even though I told her that I wasn't sure I wanted them because it took me 2 years to come off them. I didn't stay on them as they were different to the last ones and they made me feel unwell. I managed to get by for a while until I suffered from muscle aches every morning and struggled to get out of bed. I was suffering from chronic fatigue and really bad migraines. The doctors found abnormalities in my blood but later retested and they came back normal. After catching a bad virus and still feeling depressed and anxious I had a week off work sick. I'd decided I needed help and couldn't carry on feeling like this everyday. Work asked me for a sick note too. The doctor I went to see was huffing and puffing at me when I told him my virus symptoms. He told me I didn't need a doctors note and he was so rude that I broke down in tears and told him I thought I was depressed. He was really abrupt and made me feel like I was making it up or mad. He rolled his eyes at me so I told him how the NHS had made me feel recently, like I was a hypercondriac or something. He told me "it's just my anxiety and paranoia." He made me tell him all about my past traumatic experience saying "what have you actually suffered from that's been so traumatic then?" He made me feel like I was waisting his time and he had no sympathy for me at all. He couldn't get me out of the room quick enough. He let me walk out the door in hysterics and said abruptly "bye then" which meant go away now I'm late for my next patient. Without hearing the tone he was speaking to me in and seeing what happened this story probably doesn't sound that bad. But honestly this was such a horrid experience. I really feel that a lot of doctors don't care. I feel like they don't understand mental health and these days their priorities are getting through patents as quickly as possible and offering quick fixes. In my eyes being a doctor or a nurse isn't about just offering a drug to fix a problem. It's supposed to be a caring profession, offering care physically and mentally and offering support. I'm not saying all doctors are like this but the NHS have got this all wrong. I have family who are nurses and midwifes who used to enjoy the job because it was such a caring job. Now they get all of the paper work etc whilst HCAs take on the bloods and care side of things. I think I've rambled on a bit and I have lost my point but I do think people suffering from anxiety and depression are not given good enough support or sympathy. People don't understand it and think we're choosing to be like this. People will be sympathetic if you have the flu or sprain your ankle, but anxiety and depression, well that's just a load of rubbish to some people. I just want to say, anybody suffering from mental health issues I really feel for you. It isn't easy and everyday is a battle. Maybe we should set up support groups or sign patitions? I don't know what to do but something is really not right here. 

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    Hi Kathryn.  I am sorry you have had such bad experiences with the GPs you have had.  All I can say is they aren't all like that and some are very caring. I do agree that Mental Health is a very difficult area to deal with as what is wrong with the individual cannot be seen. There a number of mental health groups that might be able to help you (which I don't think I am allowed to mention here) The Samaritans could help you too. Try not to be so bitter about your past experiences and try and find alternative solutions to help with your depression.
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    Hi Kathryn. I understand how you must feel about the way you have been treated by your gps. I have had the same experience however I have been lucky enough to find a Dr who listens to what I say, empathises and even remembers the traumatic experiences I have had without looking at my notes. Sometimes I have to wait 2 weeks to see her but it is worth the wait. I hope you can find a Dr with a similar attitude at your practice. 
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    Hello Kathryn,  I am sorry you have had this experience with your GP. I have also had a couple of awful experiences with a GP thou he has since retired. I was so upset at the way he spoke to me that i was crying outside the GP's door and a receptionist took me into a room and adviced me to write to the practice manager. I did this explaining  everything and was contacted and then saw the practice manager to try to resolve the issue. This GP was arrogrant and insensitive to me on 2 occasions.  A  friend of mine who complained about a different GP, she asked about some side effects of some tablets and the GP replied that quote " I cannot solve all your problems " unquote.  She was upset and said quote " I thought i would ask your opinion because your a medical practioner" unquote. She complained to the practice manager. You can see adifferent GP if your not happy, hopefully one more sympathetic. I hope you can get the help you need, don't let one GP put you off, he was clearly arrogrant and unsympathetic. 

    Best wishes.


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    I am so sorry you have had these experiences.  Many years ago....perhaps 30 years ago, I had a similar experience which caused me great problems....but that was then.

    I have not felt a lack of care or understanding in recent years and I can only praise the NHS for the opportunities I have been given.

    Also my daughter is a GP and she would be horrified to hear what you are saying, today's doctors are so much more informed about mental illness....I cannot believe what terrible treatment you have had. 

    As I said, I am so sorry that you have experienced such bad treatment.....but it doesn't apply to me.


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