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hi all,

Been very low for a while now - finally forced myself to go to the doctors about it and have been pescribed citolpram (20mg) and another drug (50mg) who's name escapes me that i have to take at night to aid me sleeping.

Took the sleeping one last night and actually got about 6 hours sleep - most i have in weeks/months.

just started on citalopram today, and i feel like i'm spaced out then really anxious then spaced out etc.

is this normal? even with first dose?

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    Hi Moss,

    I don't know if it's normal but it seems to be usual. I had high stress and anxiety and depression levels and Citalopram does help rduce some of that but you might want to read the list of side effects and understand that even though some of them are rare, they can and do occur. So be alert to changes in your daily life like head sweats, involuntary muscle spasms, shaking hands, dizziness, inability to remember why you went to the fridge, (which you will realise 20 minutes later when you go to get a cup of coffee and find a cold one you made before, with no milk in it). Light-headedness, vertigo when walking, confusion, forgetfulness, sexual dysfunction ... read all the side effects, because I have suffered with all of the above, even though some are listed as \"Rare\". I am hoping to get off Citalopram as of next week, tapering off until I am not taking them at all. I've been on 40 mg for twelve months and I want to try doing without the chemicals. I will report my progress back to this forum which has been very helpful to me.

    My only regret is that I was not advised by my doctor of the side effects, and I only skimmed the leaflet, and I did not ask enough questions. So my point is that if you aren't sure, or if you don't understand, keep asking questions until you are certain that the course you are about to undertake is the best for you, or the best for the moment that you can find, in all of the circumstances. Good luck in your efforts to repel this demon depression.

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    hi breezman,

    thanks for your reply.

    i was diagnosed last august and since then i've tried the CBT's and other general 'fix yourself' ideas such as takin up sport etc but these only helped for a while and i've ended up back where i was - probably even lower - and medication seemed the only out i could see.

    my doctor was actually pretty good at explaining the side effects although he didn't mention some which you have.

    are you trying to get off the Citalopram because you are feeling stronger and much better about yourself? - if so hats off to you and congratulations i too hope that i shall reach that point where i feel good about things again.

    or is it because of undesirable side effects on Citalopram and you're looking for a different drug to help?

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    Hi Moss, Ive been on citalopram since July, I can honestly say, today I feel more myself than other, but i will WARN you, dont expect it to sort you takes time...remeber it only treats the symptoms, not the causes or the reasons. Until you address these, you want get to where you want to be...but by addressing the fact that you are not well, and getting help you are starting to get better. Good on you...just, whatever you do , dont expect to feel good quickly. Everybody is different and you never know, you might feel its effects immediately, but its taken me a long time. It does help , as long as it is the right drug for you, whatever your problems/difficulties in life are, speak to someone...when you feel able. Take care, Tiny Tears

    Ps, what a lot of waffle, but ...youve reached out for help.....good for you!!!!!

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    Hi Moss,

    I have suffered from depression for more than forty years. Until 18 months ago I did nothing about it but struggled along trying to hide this socially crippling condition, thinking I had, now finding I had not. The reason I want to get off Citalopram is because I have recently had some other health problems which caused me to really think about who's doing what to whom. I have it within my power to make a choice, and I choose to live. ie, I can slowly spiral down to the grave or I can help myself by helping others less fortunate. I am in Australia. Pakistan is just over the pond, and conditions for kids there are sub-human.

    Instead of being a casual passenger on a driverless bus I decided to get off my backside and help to do something about health and education, so that even if I am never a billionaire, I will at least be a man of value.

    After due consideration I decided that if I can change my self image from victim to survivor, and do something to help these helpless kids who are illiterate, undernourished, contaminated by conflicting religious greed in a hypocritical regime which treats women as chattels less valuable than the family donkey, and daughters as mistakes, who kill in the name of God and who see their people starving and miserable while the elite play war games ... rant over, as Melbi says, but I want to actually DO something to make my life mean something. And I can't seem to get there with all the side effects of Citalopram.

    So that is why I'm coming off Citalopram as of next week when I see my doctor and convince him that this is the best course for me. I do not say that Citalopram has not helped me. I just think that with hindsight, (a luxury), I must find the way within myself, not through artificiall chemicals added on an ad hoc basis to treat the symptoms, not the condition. I do not believe, in myself, that the condition can be addressed without changing self-perception, and chemicals makes it harder. That is only my opinion. It may be correct for some, or incorrect for all, but I must try this. Good luck Moss. I think you've made the best move so far by seeking an exchange of information here, even if you don't agree, at least you are not alone and you can go away and think about where your head is at regarding all this.

    Katy, I must rouse on you. \"Ps, what a lot of waffle, but ...\" you said. Your advice to Moss was sound and caring, at least to me. You are an inspiration to others here.

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