statin is another word for premature aging

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7 years of this drugs use at 40 mg level has left me almost crippled! A Dr I have seen since I was 20 now 59 ,trusted , I'm going to a new Dr , to seek help ! Out of these 7 years I've mentioned all these malsdys to the doc ! Tests, milogram ,stress heart ehco, and nuclear, heart great , muscles NO ,NERVES NO, Xrays NT good on knees and hip

I can't ride my horse ,heck I can barely walk to the barn and coming back up the slight hill has me fatigued and winded, also liver spots all over ! Back ouche ,forgetfulness !

Welcome to the new 59 , its 90 !

I need some ideas , stem cell therapy or something !

Diarreah ,headaches, yeast infection under my breasts for a long time, went away once I stopped taking this bad drug.

Oh and my good cholesterol was 44 yup 44 low to low ! Panick attacks , depression ,Prozac ! Any ideas if any what can be done or am I done !?

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    Dear sufferer - If you haven't already done so, stop taking statins. Right now - today - immediately! There is a wealth of independent research that gives evidence that statins cause damage.  The cause muscle damage, sometimes irreversible, not only to limbs but to heart muscles, kidneys, etc.  They cause liver damage.  They reduce cholesterol yes - but as you've discovered they reduced the GOOD cholesterol along with the bad. Cells become damaged by oxidative stress.  There is now new evidence they call stem cell damage leading to premature ageing - as you are now experiencing.  It's fact that high HDL alone does not necessarily cause heart episodes and that lowering cholesterol only reduces the risk of heart attack in a very small section of people, to be honest mostly men under 50, who are already NOT a high risk sector of the population.  The only good reason for taking statins is to increase the profit of the pharmaceutical company producing them.  There is very little health benefit to anyone in taking them and massive risk of debilitating and life threatening side effects.  Just stop now.  These forums will give you advice and help on how to help repair the damage already done, Co-enzyme Q10 is a good place to start.  Bottom line however - stop now, even before you see any other medical professional, and do not be coerced into ever taking them again, no matter what.
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    I always say to trust what your body is telling you not your doctor.

    My best friend went through a similar scenario to you and would not stop the statins or the later anti-depressants as he trusted the medical profession. Previously a keen hill walker he got so he could not leave the house and took to his bed. Doctors then said without any tests that he must have dementia or Alzheimer’s.

    He had retired at 60 with plans for activities and travel but spent his later years in a fog.



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    I am with Loxie and Derek.  

    My only reaction was not physical, but it was substantial all the same.  My memory became patchy and then things that should have been occurring didn't, and I would get caught with my pants down later when I had not remembered something back then that now came up in present time to bite me on the you know what.  And saying, "Ah, you don't remember forgetting me, do you! Ha ha ha ha ha..."  It can be downright embarrassing.

    I knew I was heading for dimensia and was not about to lose my mind over fears of tiny, statistically minor heart issue potentialities that may have never - most likely would not have, actually, statistically - proliferated out into reality.  I went off of the statins and my cholesterol returned to the perfectly normal levels of before, and my memories that made me ME, with it.  Every couple of days now I get in touch with one of those long ago memories that was very important to me, and I thank my lucky stars for remembering them again.  They were not there while on the statins; the connections to them would have gotten weaker and weaker, and I would have eventually lost contact with them forever.  

    Dimensia is not for me.  I would rather take that small, tiny chance on a heart attack that is always there for any of us - no matter how healthy our hearts or cholesterol are, there's still that chance (so the drug companies, via the doctors they train, still want us to take them even when we have healthy levels of cholesterol, just in case) - I would rather take that infinitesimal chance, than lose my mind instead.   

    Quality of life is not to be messed around with.  It is truly what makes life worth living.  

    (And under certain circs, not worth living...)


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      So very glad to hear that it's all improving for you MrBob and I congratulate you for making hard decisions and taking your life into your own hands.  One comment you made struck a real chord - statins are forced onto people with already 'healthy' levels of cholesterol to bring them down to what is now proven to be 'unhealthy' levels.  This is bordering on criminal negligence - using emotional and psychological bullying to force people to take a drug that is known to cause damage is unacceptable.  These drugs should only be a last resort and only when the patient is given the full facts - and I mean FACTS, and has given their informed agreement.  They should never be given out like candy or blanket prescribed.  I think maybe some kind of consent form should be a legal requirement, which is only signed after the patient has received full disclosure on the likely damage that will result from taking statins - not some vague list of 'possible' side effects.  These are not side effects as most people comprehend that term.  
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      Halleluyah!  Amen, Loxie.  Could not have said it better myself.

      The apathy to this issue that I witnessed in my own cardiologist's office really scares me.  I am but one of many attending just that one office, in one primary of CA.  I have heard that the powers that be are ramping up to getting statins out to 8-12 million more NEW people upcoming, whether the are found to need them or not, "as a preventative measure with negligible side effects".  Those of us here know that one's a lie. 

      The stated purpose is saving the populace an average of 63.000 heart events/10 year period, and that's commendable.   Maybe those of us affected strongly are a small minority of those who take statins and don't have reactions like we have had.  (Or KNOW they are having any reaction at all, which is questionable when it's your mind and memory that's getting affected.   Awareness - of anything - is what takes the biggest hit, there.)

      Yes, it's commendable.  But is that any excuse to not be ACTIVELY forthright with people about the potential dangers?  

      Brings to mind the entire GMO controversy, where activists simply want to know if something is GMO and have that plainly stated on the label, and Monsanto and company are fighting tooth and nail to not allow people to even find out!  They want NO GMO labelling at all.

      At what cost, this rampant rolling out of statins to save us from POTENTIAL heart issues, issues that are being proven more and more to be falsely related to cholesterol anyway?  Zombies everywhere, not able to remember their own bank account numbers, like I became?  People reduced to being homebound and in walkers and wheelchairs because of widespread loss of use of critical parts of their bodies, and then later bedbound?  

      Good God!  What is happening here???  We are being poisoned on a daily basis and those who are doing it seem to be going on about their business without a care, blythely unaware of what they are doing.

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      Sad but true Mrbob.  I'm just eternally grateful I now have the knowledge I need to be able to make my own decision about whether or not to take statins.  I've given up trying to be evangelical to others except if someone on these forums asks, I will tell them straightforwardly.  Unfortunately I don't have the ability or the motivation to go on a crusade on this matter but can only hope that enough people complain and do research to find out the facts and spread the word.  If each adversely affected person tells just two others, exponentially it will spread like wildfire and enough questions will be asked 'in the house' to halt the meds for profit trade as it now exists.
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