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Since my last post, I have successfully cut down from 7.5mg a night to 7.3 one night, 3.75mg the next and am now on 3.75mg a night (a quarter of a tablet). So far, so good. I made the best decision when I stopped listening to advice and listened to my body instead. If a cut back didn't feel right, I adjusted and took a half or a quarter tablet when it suited me. I was only on 1 15mg tablet to start with, took half a tablet every night for 2 months, then swapped to half/quarter alternae nights for 1 month and have now been taking a quarter for 2 weeks. I have also been to see a herbalist and have had a tincture custom made to suit my needs. It tastes like Georges Marvellous Medicine must have done but I will see if it helps. I am able to run in along side my mirtazapine on Drs agreement and have been taking it for 5 days. have also been doing CBT for Insomnia using Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems book by Colin A Espie and have now had 2 weeks worth of decent sleep averaging 5 hours 45 mins a night in the first week and 8 hours a night in the 2nd week. It would appear there are so many horror stories about Mirtazapine withdrawel that I wanted to offer some contrary experiences. So far, I have only had one blip cuting down, when I jumped form half a tablet to a quarter over night.... I had a tearful wek so went back to half/quarter alternating and, touch wood, have been fine too. I have also been exercising more and have lost 3lbs in the last week. My appetite is still healthy but the feeling of being full has returned!! I didn't have this whilst on a higher dose and just constantly ate but now I can feel when to stop eating again and my food intake has decreased a lot!! I am still 30lbs heavier than when I started but I am hopeful diet, exercise and better self organisation with meals will help. A light is at the end of the tunnel!!

Hope you are all well

Bella Belle.

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    Hi Belle

    Thanks for posting your experience it's good to know that withdrawing off mirt doesn't necessarily have to be a nightmare. I have been dreading the thought of coming off them, but am encouraged that you've been ok doing it. So good that you've been exercising and doing lots of things to help yourself as well, I think that's really important. Also good to hear that the feeling of being full does return. At the moment I just have to stop eating when I think i've had a normal size meal.. i don't really feel full like I used to either. I can't wait to get off my medication, but think I need to stay on for a bit longer

    Hope you keep going from strength to strength, and you meet your goals.x

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    I have been on a quarter of a 15mg tablet now for 3 weeks and have coped okay for the first 2 weeks but have had an emotional last 4 days. I have also started taking a herbal tincture which was made up for me by a herbalist. It takes 2 weeks to work and it's only been just over a week so hopefully can stick out the emotional changes for a few more days. I am glad to see that the physical symptoms of my anxiety and depression have not returned but I cannot get a grip of the emotional side. The tears and low moods have returned and I feel tired all the time. I am hoping that after 2 weeks on the herbal tincture I will see some improvemet. I just want to stick out the quarter tablet and the mood changes for a few more days as I don't want to jump back on to my tablets every time I have an emotional blip. I am hopeful I will get off these tablets soon. Thankfully hings have not been horiffic for me as they have been for others and very slow tapering off seems to work best for me. I have been tapering off now for 3 months.

    Sending good wishes to you all xx

    Bella Belle

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    Well done for getting down to a quarter of a tablet. Keep going. It must be tempting to start on them properly again when you are feeling low but we have to remember that \"normal\" people feel low from time to time as well. It is normal for us to have off days, it doesn't mean everything is going downhill again.

    What is your herbal tincture? I hope it doesn't contain st. johns wort as that can react badly with anti-depressants.

    Keep going Belle


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    Phew, feeling better, thank God. 4 days of feeling low, tearful and not wanting anyone to taLk to me have past. I am still very tired in the evenings but if I got to bed early I wake up in the night and if I go to bed late I cannot sleep. My work have been great and noticed I was low before I admitted it so releived me of some of my workload o help which was great.

    My herbal tincture does have St John's wort in it but I had it okayed by the Dr and herbalist.

    What I don't get is the change from afternoong to evening. In the afternoons I am sohappy and bouncy, cheery smile, bas of energy, calm etc and in the evenings I am exhausted and tired. Still cannot complain. I am grateful that my depresion and anxiety does seem to be subsding and, maybe I am naive to say, looking curable.

    I am not sure if the quarter tablet does any thing for me now.My consellor says its more likely sub clinical and more psychological now but if it ain't broke...... baby steps have worked well so far and I am glad I was strong enough not to go back to a higher dose after my blip.

    Sending out love and hope to others

    BellaBelle xxx

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    Well, this week I forgot to take my miniscule amount of mirtazapine (3.75mg) one night and felt okay and so didn't bother the next day eithrt, no probalems. I have now gone 4 days without any mirtazapine and am feeling okay. Just praying all stays good. Off to the herbalist in a moment or two to pick up my repeat prescription of tincture, which seems to have worked well for me, so I am finally on the home straight. There is a light at the end of the tunnel after all!! The next step will be tackling the food intake and the weight gain but Rome wasn't bulit in a day and my body was 'enlarged' over a year so will give myslef the same time to lose it all again.

    Bella Belle xx

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    I have now been off mirtazapine for 3 weeks and am doing really well. I take a herbal tincture twice a day (7.5mg in the morning and 7.5mg in the evening with food), and this seems to keep me in balance throughout the day. I have noticed 2 periods of low mood and tearfulness in the last 2 months and both occasions were around my 'time of the month' so I'm now convinced were linked to PMT. Good to be aware of this now as previously I thought I was relapsing and needed to take the meds again. I will be better prepared next month and will try Evening Primrose oil to see if that helps.

    The first 4-5 days after stopping the mirtazapine altogether were okay but I did notice I suffered from mild nausea throughout the day but mostly when I had time to stop and think about it, mornings and evenings. This does seems to have passed now.

    It took me 4 months to withdraw completely so a marathon not a sprint but well worth the time taken to avoid the horrible side affects I have heard others have suffered from.

    I hope this offers some solace or ray of sunshine to anyone else out there on the long journey to coming off the meds. Not everyone will suffer from horrific side effects and it's good to have a balanced perspective hence why I am posting. Yes, I have gained 2 stone but my appetite has now returned to normal and I no longer ned that extra helping or meal mirtazapine made me crave and I have not gained any weight in the last 6 weeks, in fact, I have lost .5lbs over Christmas without even trying so let's hope I can now put my energy into recreatinga healthier me both mentally and physically!!

    Have a happy new year when it comes everyone. Cannot wait to put 2009 behind me!!

    BellaBelle xxx

    I still have minor and occasional episodes of panic but have learnt to breathe through thse and can now calm myslef down in about an hour.

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