Stomach pain.

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Hi guys, I'll start off by telling you I'm an 18 year old male, overweight, I have asthma and suffer from anxiety. About a month or so ago, I had diarrhoea which I think I got from eating spicy food that day. Anyway, with the diarrhoea, I started suffering from stomach pains, I can't really describe what they were like but they were quite painful and at times sharp. I also had rectal pains, whilst lying down but this was occasionally and I also sometimes had a sharp stabbing pain in my ribs, a few times it was pain underneath the ribs but this didn't happen very often. I would do diarrhea about twice or three times a day, it was quite runny. This happened for about two weeks then I was ok. Now, a couple of weeks on, I'm having these pains again, it started a few days ago, whilst I don't have diarrhea now, I still go to the toilet normally once a day. Sometimes my stools are painless but today I was really struggle to empty my bowel, it was quite painful and the stomach pain was quite bad, but it has eased up now slightly. I do eat quite a lot, I don't drink that much water and I do get about 45 minutes - 1 hour of exercise most days. Oh, I also sometimes get a burning type pain after masturbating (which I do twice a day) and sometimes after urinating. I get really scared which makes my anxiety slightly worse. Am I suffering from something like IBS or do I have bowel cancer (which has made me feel really worried these past couple of days)? Thanks guys.

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    Calm down! You don't have anything terrible. It would be VERY rare at your age. It sounds to me like you are not treating your body very well. You have to listen to your body and it is YELLING loud and clear to stop mistreating it. The pain under the ribs is your liver telling you that it can't handle how much and what you are eating. Your liver is the body's filter. 

    Eat small meals and make sure that when you look at your plate, it is mostly vegetables. (salads, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cole slawspinach, red peppers etc..) you must still live at home so get your mother to make some nice vegetable soups and cut up vegetables. You should see COLOUR. And beige is not a colour you want to see very much of on your plate. Try to eliminate breads, pita, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice, couscous... in other words anything BEIGE! Sugary foods are out of the question. Even at breakfast you can make yourself a smoothie with fresh or thawed frozen fruits in the blender topped up with hemp or almond milk. Add some protein powder to keep you full. Smoothies are easy and fun to make actually. Avoid cow's milk and all dairy altogether. 

    And for goodness sake DRINK....water!! Put a pitcher of water and a glass by your computer so first thing in the morning BEFORE you allow yourself to check your emails, you have to drink both glasses. That will get your whole body functions up and running. 

    The burning sensation after masturbating may mean you are either being too rough or you are not washing your privates WELL and hands first. You don't want to give yourself an infection. 

    You will be absolutely fine...if you listen to your body and take care of it.


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      Thank you very much for the quick reply Robin, I very much appreciate it. I agree what you're saying because to be quite honest, as I am overweight I do not really eat healthily, I eat quite a lot of sugary foods and eat bread most days etc, only occasionly do I eat more than a piece of fruit a day and I don't really eat vegetables. And the occasional pain in the rectum when needing to go to the toilet, what could that be? Thanks again.


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      Same are eating all the wrong foods. Your name is Ahmed I think so think...couscous!  There are lots of vegetables in it. Does your mother not cook with lots of vegetables? As you incorporate them into your diet, you will find that they are delicious. Just put a little butter (not margarine) on cooked broccoli or brussels sprouts for example and some salt pepper and even garlic powder...and you will want to eat the whole dish! Vegetables are beautiful! They are like jewels! Bread and sugar are poison to your system. You may be lucky to not be feeling well because maybe now you will get on a normal human diet which should include 6 - 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. If you don't eat well, you WILL have pain and feel sluggish and not be able to study or work because you will have a sugar brain fog. For lunch try a big salad with about 5 veggies in it and 2 chopped eggs in it...and a whole wheat pita. Then a tall glass of water!  Within days you will start to notice the difference in your health. Good luck!
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      Yep, I am eating all the wrong foods. I'm thinking about starting the Special K diet? If you don't know what it is, I'll quicky explain, it's where you eat a bowl of cereal in the morning, in the afternoon and at night you eat a normal meal but nothing too heavy, throughout the day you can have fruit as a snack or something healthy and obviously you should drink a lot of water. Do you think I should do this for 2/3 weeks? Want to lose a bit of weight before I see my grandparents for the first time in 4 years! And yes, my mother does cook healthy foods etc but me being the unhealthy idiot I am, I opt for something different and unhealthy. Yes couscous is eaten sometimes at home, not a big fan of it but I can start eating it. I used to drink lots of water and now I drink mostly juices and fizzy drinks. Just to ask, I saw an article on IBS and it says that most people suffer from symptoms after suffering from food poisioning, this is just exactly like me, do you think this is most likely the case? Thanks for replying once again!


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