stool color before and after GB removal.

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Sorry to be gross, when i found my gb was not working through HIDA scan ,there are many  times where my stools are yellowish but also some times light brown . But since past 6 months diagnosed with gallstones, my stools are yellowish.After surgery, did the stool colors turned to brown?  

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    well mine was like peanut butter colour for near 3 years ,

    ‘gallbladder out nearly 7 months now still peanut butter colour !!

    its my big worry to be honest, don’t know if it should be ,but it is.

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      To be completely honest with you !!

      i do not know what I think anymore, that’s my honest answer !!

      the doctors are not interested and do not care , well this is my experience to date , 

      ‘I’ve given up with the doctors ,ive given up even going to them.

      ive given up with the hospital also as they also couldn’t care less .

      either that’s the case or else their at an end with this illness disease symptoms etc .

      i guess that’s what I think.

      ive again had yet another scary night of no sleep due to intermittent very sharp stabbing pain under my right ribs protruding slightly round to my right side ?

      it takes my breath away !!

      and this is now 7 months post opp.

      in my mind I feel like I’m just waiting to die to be frank.

      but of course I don’t know that, but wish I could know one way or the other so I can either move forward with my life or give up !!

      im sick of it all , 

      ya know I lay here in bed looking at my  little beautiful 5 year old boy asleep next to me ,wondering if I’m going to be here for him or not in the coming weeks months etc , and it’s a very terrible way to live ,or die 

      ‘I hope things get better for you and your gp actually cares and does something for you .

      me I’m having a meeting this evening with a very good lawyer about suing the nhs and hope I live long enough to have some success .

      they are not fit for their positions any of them as far as I’m concerned.

      and I feel ashamed to have to say that .

      stay strong and positive.

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      I'm really sorry for you that even removing the gb did not fix your problem, hope you meet the doctors to figure whats going on and try to fix it soon. .As you mentioned staying strong and positive  is key atleast at mental level it helps, otherwise it drains mentally in addition to physcial suffering. Me too got a 5 year old boy and cannot play and take him to many places as i feel too fatigue,bloated and dizzy and its only gone worse so far since 2011 where hida scan showed my gb was not working.As you mentioned, there are times where i felt how long i need to go on like this with no solution and i'm hoping removing my gb will atleast solve my 50% of my problems and doesn't introduce any new ones.I'm only 37  and still long way to go sad 

      regarding your pain, can't you check again with ultrasound/MRCP to see whats going on and the reason behind the pain? did you had this pain even before gb removal or its after surgery ?  

      Check if any gallstones are still in bile duct.

      check if internal wound is properly healed or not(not sure what test needs to be done)

      exploratory surgery to check what is the problem ?

      I also came across a post in this gallbladder forum where 16 yr old girl was having right side stabbing pain , removed the gb, but still she was having the same pain.

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      Hi ya

      yes I read that post about the poor young 16 year old.

      i do believe gallbladder surgery will resolve your issues, I really do, it does for by far the majority.

      dont get me wrong here I’m so so much better than I was before the surgery, god am I , I was crawling round on the floor in agony for 20 plus hours a time waiting and wanting to die like 4 to 5 times a week prior to the surgery, that’s how bad it had gotten.

      but I had been left for so long that mine got infected and turned gangrene, now partly my fault but I was so confused and as was being told so many different things and getting conflicting diagnoses from the crappy nhs that I was lost and did not know what to do who to believe or which way to turn.

      and frankly they did not and was not prepared to do enough tests on me and still have not , surprise surprise lol.

      little better tonight but I’ve not eaten a thing in 26 hours ,too scared.

      yes I am still waiting for an ultrasound and a fibro scan of the liver , which my appointment is 24th may at kings college hospital .

      so by the time I get them they’ve made me wait exactly 8 months and 2 weeks to get checked out after surgery , 8 months and 2 weeks if that’s not negligent after someone who had a gangrenous puss filled gallbladder with dense adhesions and a 2.2 stone stuck in the cystic duct , of which I had to pay for privately , an English man in my own country . Then I don’t know what is ????

      so I wait wait wait and worry , because no one gives a hoot within that nhs not a hoot .

      but they will when I eventually get them in the courts I’m sure !!!

      thank you and I wish you well.

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      Yep the NHS is just fu##ing sh#t. This is all still goin on for me to. Have been fighting and pushing for well over a year.

      Thought it was coming to an end when an ultrasound showed a thickened wall and a shadow in my gallbladder after being told by the ar#e wipe gastro he can assure me it's not my gallbladder (his exact words) from an ultrasound done 7 months previous and a CT scan

      After the thickened wall was spotted i waited 3 months to see the surgeon who said hang on, no way can they tell what the shadow is and ordered an MRI and MRCP and that's not his job! I waited 4 weeks for the scans, had the scans 4 weeks ago and i've heard f#ck all! So here i am 5 months after the thickened wall was spotted and i'm still in the dark and no further along!

      The NHS is CRAP! 

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      hi once again Matt.

      yes Matt completely agree with you ,and it seems to me that this treatment only seems to be happening to men !!

      strangely enough!!

      its like we don’t matter .

      well I can tell you Matt that the shadow in your gallbladder is 100 per cent a stone & that’s before you get your results back from mri Mrcp.

      i was told by my surgeon funny enough that their was a dark shadow in the neck of my gallbladder, and that was after she had seen the results of my ct and mrcp !

      i asked what the shadow was and she replied , I don’t know ?

      so to be honest when I stat hearing shadows in neck of gallbladder and dumb incompetent fkn surgeons saying things like I don’t know what the shadow is, I started to think cancer .

      i asked that very surgeon outright, could this shadow be a tumour ?

      her reply was ,

      i cannot predict the future !!!!!

      so I then walked around for over a year thinking omg , I might have gallbladder cancer , this is it then ..

      then when I had my own 5 private ultrasound scans done .

      i was told quite blatantly by 3 different  ultrasonographers , 

      that 100 per cent the dark shadow in the neck of the gallbladder is a stone , that’s infact how we know it’s a ston by the dark shadows presence, the waves bouncing back off the stone is the shadow and that’s exactly how we know it’s a stone and how we diagnose gallstones .

      a year a fkn year I worried I may have gallbladder cancer because of that one comment by one s**t nhs surgeon by the name of Gisela Salarno !!

      im sure their suck and get off on it Matt.

      your shadow my friend is that of a stone unequivocally!!!! Rest assured.

      now you need to start calling your consultants secretary 👩?💼 and bombarding her with daily calls re your results Matt and you will have them read to you over the phone in 2 days max !!

      as the secretary has had them for at least 2 weeks !! fact !!

      but yes the drama continues some 7+ months after gallbladder removal lol

      but I am feeling I’m getting better and better week on week Matt.

      im happy to say.

      but it’s through no thanks at all to the crappy nhs as they simply do not give a s**t.

      why don’t they ?

      well that’s a simple question to answer .

      becouse they don’t have to ?

      why not ?

      becouse their backed by the government?

      i now call it government backed under the table euthanasia? Kill em or let em die it’s cheep!!

      and that’s exactly why I have made it the Bain of my life to sue the nhs and I will not give up the fight.

      allthough to be honest , I’m as yet getting absolutely no where at all lol , and no I don’t wonder why .

      matt stay in touch keep headstrong you will be ok and come through this at least to some degree!!

      take care keep up the fight !

      becouse after all Matt ?

      it really is the fight for your life .

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      Hi Mrsoscared, I got a letter from the hospital Friday to go this Wednesday so will find out more then i suppose.

      I HATE the NHS!!! I get p****d off with people saying it's free when it's NOT! To be honest i'm starting to think other countries have a better system with no healthcare as most of them don't pay the cost of living costs we have and therefore can afford to pay and choose who treats them!!!!

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    Hi, if in doubt always check with your Doctor to put your mind at ease, so you can let them know, the differences in the stools, I can relate to what your saying I’ve had A similar thing, I’m waiting to have my gallbladder removed be interesting to see if anything changes after. Hope your well soon 😀

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