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Hi folks, I know I blabber on a bit, but just thought |d let you all know I have calmed down a bit since my last visit. I am thinking, okay so it does semem a bit of a hassle, and i cant be bothered with more hassle in my life. (Well, actually never sweared quite like I fffff did today about it) But......then ....and noe thinking.....if I can take pills to beat something that I cant seem to (for some strange reason ) not control, then I can go to a group , especially when I have nothing else to keep me going. I ll give it a go. Something has to work.

Dont know what is wrong with me now though, neck has seized up and its really sore to turn...hmmmm.

Partners being mean.

Ill tell you how it goes tomorrow. Just think I need something to help me sleep ing at night and something that stops making me so hyper hysterical, and incredibly morbid, and scared. But grrrrr!!! That man!!!!! Sorry, I forgot to mention I dont take these pills anymore, I cnat stop swearing and it does not suit me. Ffs someone help.

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    I am just going to moan a bit here so that I be a good girl tonight and dont have to moan again later.

    I am v teired have a very bad neck and dont wnat tio go tonight.

    I feel everybody disslikes me for one reason or another, if I were to die , no one would attend the funeral. I cant believe my mum has gone in a huff with me because I did not sit at her beck and call on friday. Whay cant she just give me a bloody time before coming? Why do I have to sit in and waist my tiem waiting on her? Grrrr!

    So shes fallen out with me also.

    I have no one. And my sister then shoves all this in my face. Nothing ever changes. I want to be left alone. What kind of life is this? Fed up - and I cant see how a stress me out therpay group is going to help, and I dont know how I am going to get home. There sorry for the rant - but why does no one like me?

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    Okay, tired after that,

    Mind you , and no offence to others who have tried to help, but (yawn!) I think I have covered all that was said tonight, day 1 of my degree. Not only did I find it tough to stay awake, (just another reminder of what it is to study such a subject) I did not want to appear rude so kept having to nip myself to stay awake. Now its over, i am more awake than otherwise and thinking (oh well there are lots of us).

    Hopefully the coming weeks will help, (if I can manage the babysitters). I will try - but hmmm, I dont know if it will work. All I could think was yes, yes yes I am stressed and yes my ans has taken a bashing, (but whats new?). Then came home to wah!!!!! I am not going to give up but cant but help think I need proper help. Really, some guy sat down beside me, and I started to tremble, he was in my breathing space and I wanted to GO HOME!!!

    I have so many personal issues(just like everyone else), that I need to address myself, but not sure I can fight the memmories and fear alone -do I make any sense? The thing is, they simply do not just go, and I am not sure that ever talking about them to others will ever help. Thinking Ill just revise my degree and move on with it, I forgot how good I could be at that stuff, (hey, my god - was that a positive?). Maybe it has done me some good. Ill stop rambling on now, and give you all some peace. and its okay, I know my cat loves me.

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    Hi Katy

    Have you read the books by Dave Pelzer?

    The first book is called 'A Child Called It'.

    Melbi x

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    Sorry folks, for the moaning - Melbi, I have not, i hope your not being cheeky????

    I have the worst period ever - like ten elephants trampled over my stomach. Youd think after having 2 children and by my age Id be used to them by noe - but they are so erratc and painful . No wonder i was in a bad mood all week last week. Fed up!

    If your not being cheeky Melbi - are you advising me to read it? If you are, why?

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    This is ??????. I am so sorry folks, I cant get better - not only do my frineds snub me off quick enough (some friends ) but I feel Ive been ditched from the effing medical services now, and quite frankly ask myself why and how dare the effing nhs keep me alive for this ??????

    The only good thing that came out of it were my children. But I am being walked over left, right and centre. All walls have closed in on me, I cant even pick the phone up to try and talk to my dad (who is about the only person in my life who try and help me at the moment).

    I have just take n the children to school, and there are some nice mums and some posers and some down to earth ones to, but I just did not want to speak to any of them. I got to my flat, and just sat on the stairs, thinking I really want to go home? Qick answer is, NO!!!!! Mr mean is still in bed and this flat is in a huge mess, as I was working yesterday and then out in the evenng, and the place has been trurned over. Oh I am becoming that man from that film...../\"Are you incapable, incapable of doing anything neatly??????\" Anyway, after my cry on the steps, I go in the house, and here I am speaking to puke (what a life!!!)No offence mods, mr mean is still sleeping, i JUST DONT WNAT TO BE NEAR HIM, HE MAKES MY NECK TIGHTEN, HE MAKES ME NOT WANT TO GET UP AS i GET SO UPSET WITH HIM AND EVERYTHING HE CHOOSES TO IGNORE ( HE ALSO SAID LAST NIGHT- FORGET WHAT i SAID ON fRIDAY!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: ) Talkabout missing the point??????????????????????????

    It is funny how you do think about what those woman said yesterday \"It just sSTRESS?????\" Yes, but I know other people that have been over a ton load worse, why am I so crap??????? Why does my mum not like me???? Why does she favouritise my sister over me?????? Why does my sister give me feed back form my mum???I am just thinking about the painful things that mum has said to me inpassing baout my sister , I dont report them back to her as I know it would hurt her feelings! Why does my sister do this?

    I am thinking Illl go see my dad this weekend, and as much as I could talk to him till my legs fell off, I stilll think (we have years where we hardly communicate - so what is the point?). And then there is my step mum ,analysing Mr means actions........Imean what amd I goingto scream at her to make her stop.....well, how do you rationalise this...................................................................................................................................................?


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