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Hey everyone, been having a lot of health problems the past 6 months, i'm usually a fit healthy 20 year old male but these last 6 months have been probably the toughest of my life. I have been in constant pain every day and i've just been putting a brave face on i guess, yes of course i moaned alot but i still got on with my daily routines and still tried to act as if i was okay. But today it just got all too much for me for some reason, i was just sitting there thinking and i just started to cry. Everyone knows me and i am not the crying type, I literally have not cried in 15 years, its really annoyed me that it has come to the point that it made me cry. I know people say its bad to keep things bottled up but thats always been me, guess i'm just frustrated that i cried made me feel weak in a way.

I'm just wondering how i can cope a bit better, i thought i was doing okay at pushing through but i guess not, i know for a fact if this pain went away i would absolutely fine but thats the thing, it's been 6 months and i feel i am no closer to getting better, maybe even in a worse position, i am worried that i may never get my old life back, just need some kinda good news that i can work with i guess. The thing that annoys me the most is that before all this I was such an upbeat guy, i still try my best but i'm just pretending which makes people think i'm my usual self.

Anyway sorry for the sob story but just need some advice not used to feeling down for this long, wanna get back to my usual upbeat sarcastic self that people get annoyed by but deep down love! :P

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    are your health problems general? how are the impacting on your life?. your describing a low mood and the number one priority in that is acknowledging it which you have.  low mood can have a dramatic effect on your day to day and with health problems its a vicious circle. but it can be changed.  have you spoken to your doctor about your change in mood? as a 20 year old male you must seek advice and get some emotional support. put things back in proportion and move forward. 

    Firstly dont apologise for saying how your feeling, life gets us all down and it can be total poop. your not moaning your probably testing the water with people to see if they will accept your troubles. ... 1 in 4 people are reported to have a mental health problem. ..I feel nearer 1 in 3 its about looking after you and from what you have posted you need some support your gp is first point of contact. be open and honest and reap the rewards from unloading your feelings and moving forward xx

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      The health problems came out of the blue really. I was a healthy 20 yr old guy who played football every week and was in really good shape. Until one day i got unwell and was violently sick, i felt bad for that day of course but the problems that came after were as followed. 

      Testicle pain that it took 2 months to diagnose as swelling in one of the tubes that they cant do much about just need to deal with it, the pain isnt so bad now.

      Then my stomach was painful, they found blood in my urine, diagnosed me with a UTI.

      Stomach pain came back which is awful atm, i can hardly eat anything and i have lost 11lbs, they have finally 6 months down the line diagnosed me with gastritis/duodenitis but they dont know the cause yet.

      I have eye pain, headaches, blurry vision in one eye, it took them 5 months to diagnose me with dry eyes/blepharitis, which is really irritated and this is a big struggle for me. They prescribed me eye drops which hardly help and told me to cleanse my eyelids which again hardly helps. They havent told me what is causing the dry eyes either.

      I have had dizzyness, fatigue,chest pains, tremors, feeling off balance all of which have subsided.

      And i have all over joint and muscle pain, started with burning between the shoulder blades and a pain all the way down my spine, when i tried to play football i couldn't walk for days and had pain in the glands in my neck and my lymph nodes which never has happened before, muscle soreness and weakness. I'm seeing a rhuemotologist tomorrow. 

      I think one of the reasons why i broke down in tears was because nobody realises the severity of my pain, just because i put a brave face doesnt mean i'm not suffering. I have told my family how much i am in pain they always just said oh what is it this time. Thinking that it is all in my head, but the doctors have found numerous things wrong with me they just can't find the underlying cause, so although i can admit it will no doubt be made worse by stress, this is not all in my head.

      I have also told my doctor in the past it is affecting my life drastically and that i am suffering but it's never got to the point of crying so i will have to tell them again but say its getting worse. 

      Thanks for listening, just really hope i can start trying to get back to normal, i don't mind if it takes time i just need to know that the road is there to take to get back to myself. 


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      thats a lot to deal with, dont beat yourself up about it. you will get there...go back to your gp tell them what you shared on here and get some support to find your road back xxxx
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      Reading that u play football and this came out of the blue. This symptoms seem to add up to many issues. Some scream to me cuncusson.. Hits in the gut could have severely bruised internal organs. My mom in me yells me to send u to UR doc and go thru all UR symptoms. ITS time for a different doc... Sometimes they listen make snap judgments and don't hear ....seriously. I can't tell u haw many times I have had to change docs. Ask for a INTERNIST  they are trained to think thru and trouble shoot symptoms .

      This is could be a simple way to start to narrow down exactly what is going on? I can be so aggravating.. Don't give up stick with it until u find a answer. Remember the doc works for u and u want answers so u can move on .



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      It was completely out of the blue, this is going to sound extremely coincidental but the night i was sick it was around 1am i started to feel bad and the same day i had actually played a game of football around 8pm, i don't remember sustaining any injuries but i do remember after the game i had worked really hard as we were a player down and i was literally out on my feet. 

      I don't know if i should think anything of it, it just seems so strange how all of this spiraled out of control so fast, i can't remember the last time i was sick before this time, must have been years ago. Although i have had many ultrasounds and have had an endoscopy. I went in the hospital the day after i was sick because i was in a lot of pain and they said i just had an inflammed appendix and discharged me. They have done bladder, kidney scans etc and said they were clear, would those tests not have showed internal injuries? 

      But its definitely convienient now you mention it that i got unwell literally hours after playing a game of football.

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    Think to urself that UR not operating on fear just jump out and let urself fly...

    u have the power to set urself free. No one else can do it but only u need to find what ever resolution u need that's suit UR sarcastic loving self.



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    Hi Riggs, I am sorry to hear that you are feeling sO unwell.

    It sounds very much that you may be suffering from fibromyalgia......

    As you are seeing a rheumatologist... they will be able to diagnose it.

    You have all of the symptoms,  

    Pain everywhere being the main one.

    Depression and generally very low moods.

    Extreme tiredness.

    Any kind of exertion makes you feel much, much worse...

    One of the most difficult things to cope with is to try to explain to others just

    How rotten you feel, because... you look well.  It is very hard when others think

     that you are just moaning.

    Make sure that you doctor and the rheumatologist listen to you and really understand the impact this is having on your life...

    They are normally pretty amazing and thorough specialists.

    I wish you very good luck young man, keep your chin up and tell your family how

    Bad you really feel..parents always understand...

    Take care, Deidre x

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      Thanks for taking the time to read and reply smile I'll be sure to mention all my symptoms to my rheumotologist and hopefully i can get some answers, i did have fibromyalgia in mind, it's just when some people talk about it they talk about how they are bed ridden and struggle to do every day things, whereas i still do my part time job, i'm in pain of course but i can still phyiscally push through but i'll let you know how it goes smile 
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    Riggs all the pain your in is probably because you bottle it up.

    I get what I now call anxiety pain. Its in my back neck arms hips and head. Im sure its from swallowing all my emotions and being the funny loveable character.  It maybe your time to drop your guard and get intouch with emotions. 

    You said you felt weak when you cry. Where does that thought come from?  My pain is so much better when I started to look within and see how emotionally incapable I had been. Dont worrt you can still be the funnt guy and process your emotions to

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      The feeling weak when crying has just been a part of my life throughtout i guess, i mean whenever if i ever hurt myself i would just pick myself up and carry on, especially when playing football i pushed my pain barriers to the limit when playing, i would literally be limping after a game but the adrenaline would get me through, and also i've been through stuff in life such as breaking up with girlfriends and losing friends and i've always just deal with it myself without shedding a  tear and that made me feel strong knowing that it was me who got myself through it. Instead now the crying makes me feel weak and its a sign that i'm losing and struggling to cope. But i do have some fight left in me, i have no doubt about that. 
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      When you said you just push through..... you will eventually hit a wall that hurts more than all the others. The harder wall is there to maybe teach you that the way you have been just pushing through is not the way to go anymore. Your feelings are important so let them out, even the sh*tty ones
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