Struggling on dose change.

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Hi lovely citalopram people

Just wanting a wee bit of assurance that I'm on the right track. I started taking citalopram 20mgs 14 weeks ago and certainly noticed a lessening of the constant mind chatter but was still having increased anxiety at that time of the month. After 8 weeks my Dr advised me to go up to 40mg to see how that worked. I'm not the bravest person, so did 4 weeks on 30mg and noticed great improvements initially..increased energy, more enthusiasm, but still having wobbles. Have been on 40mg for 5 days and am finding it really hard!. Increased morning anxiety, that feeling of not being bothered. I'm sure it's just a combo of med increase nd maybe a bit of a blip, but I just get anxious thinking maybe I've gone too high.

Have ativan for emergency use, which have been handy!

Thanks in advance for any wise words.

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    Hi Louise

    My dose was upped to 40 a week ago and I'm at the same point as you are. I can identify with the morning anxiety and feeling like I can't be bothered. I think we need to give it more time. I know it seems a long wait but ..... We have come this far so it shouldn't be too much longer for us.

    Keep strong keep positive each day that passes you are one step further in your recovery xx

    Blessings xxx

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      Good morning Louise

      I wish I could say mornings are better but for me they are not. Do you find yourself worrying that you will never be your old self again! Also seem to be getting quite a few dizzy spells.

      Can't seem to get myself up and about at this rate i an at risk of becoming agoraphobic!! Lol.

      Lost my energy fed up of morning anxiety levels too. Bet you wish you hadn't asked now lol. What about you? Be really interested to know how you are xx thanks for checking in xx

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      My mornings are still a struggle, but today I got up and got going before I had time to think myself in to a tizz!. I find if I have some to focus on I seem to manage a wee bit better. For me an unoccupied mind is a naughty mind, that starts telling me all sorts of untruths. It is just baby steps though isn't it...slowly, slowly.

      I have hadn't any dizzy spells,but that sounds hard to deal with. Are you eating properly and staying hydrated?. I know when you are struggling even having a cup of tea seems such an effort.

      I do worry that I won't get back to my old self and then I think maybe I might be even better than before!. No lurking anxiety and the skills to now effectively deal with it when it arises.

      Believe in yourself, because you will get there.

      Take care and keep in touch


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      Thanks so much Louise. Your the tonic I needed this morning xx I will try and focus rather than over thinking everything.

      It's so strange I was feeling quite down and then your message came!

      Blessings to you

      Lorraine x

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      Hi Lorraine

      I forgot to tell you that I found an interesting anxiety blog called "Anxiety Guru". Helpful and informative reading. Even has a bit on morning anxiety.

      Sending warm fuzzies from kiwi land


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      Hi Lorraine

      Hope blog was of some interest.

      I was having a chat to a friend this morning about this niggly morning anxiety. She reminded me that not long ago it was 24/7 anxiety for me and that it was always going to be a bumpy ride back to feeling better.

      Hope your day is bright.


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    Welcome to the Club Loiuse!

    I am also on 40mg after 10 months from starting on this wonderful "sticking plasters for the brain!" I started on 10mg for a month and then after talking with my Dr (who is well read on this subject) I raised to 20mg. I had a certain amount of trepidation when I did, but after the side effects from starting then with increasing I raised by another ten and again until I reached the max of 40mg in month four.

    Just to go off on a "tangerine" for here I must say that my Dr is brilliant. When I eventually made an appoitment at the surgery (and kept it) I found my usual Dr had retired and fortunately for me (though I didn't appreciate it at the time) I was booked to see this new one. She helped put me on the road that saved my life alyhough, it took her and my Fiancee a couple more appts to get me to accept I was ill and needed help. I look back and realise what a wreck I was sitting in her room just crying, trying to make sense not fully appreciating how ill I was.

    Anyway, moving on, as with the first dose, each time I increased I thought "here we go again!" The difference was by the time I was upping to 30mg I accepted the fact that things had to be crap before they could get better.

    My support was from my Dr, my Fiancee, my Daughter and without a doubt everyone here and that was my strength.

    Somewhere back in the fuzzy, weird days of the beginning I also decided to change my lifestyle, because with all these wonderful people helping me I felt I had to try some self help as my part in my recovery and it gradually helped. Obviously, giving up smoking, cutting back by 99% on the alcohol, giving up meat (because of animal welfare and the chemicals they pump into the poor things) and trying to treat my body like a temple (yes! That old nutmeg) I managed to ride the roller coaster, some times with my hands free and arms in the air, but only sometimes.

    To be honest I think this just concentrated the mind when I didn't know what was happening to me (I don't mind admitting that as a 58 year old male, Father ex-service, worked hard all my life I was scared), but it did help me focus somewhat.

    During one of the discussions here someone suggested when you are feeling low then (we know this may be difficult) try and get to the radio or your music port (whatever - sorry I'm trying to sound hip! Hip? do they say that anymore?!) turn on, tune in and crank the volume up and sing, dance, scream or shout if you so desire, just let your hair down and you'll feel better, maybe just for a while, who knows? It is a positive. Cherish every little positive and the times you are "up" to help through you the "down" times because, little by little you may not realise it at first, but gradually the ups will outweigh the downs.

    As for good old anxiety, embrace it! (Yeah right!) I didn't realise that Cita actually  causes it to be able to treat it (although I didn't think I had it in the first place), but it does and after quite a while this and other side effects decreased. Okay, some  did return during the increases however, like I said you kinda cope with those that do, like unwanted old friends..

    Remember, we are all different and we do not all suffer from the range of side effects as much or as little as the next person, nor do we all have the same intensity of the ones we do experience. So do not worry if you have or have not a side effect that others do or don't have.

    Keep reading, keep posting, do not worry whether if what you are asking or saying may seem insignificant or not, just post. You'll get the reply you need and before long you will find yourself helping others by passing on your experiences and advice. You are now a part of this lovely and wonderful on-line Family.

    In the meantime all the best and keep in touch.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!




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      Wow david!

      What a brilliant response. That will help many of us.

      Do you mind me asking how long did it take you to feel better on 40mg and has your energy and motivation increased?

      I thank you again for a great response to Louise. Which I'm going to read again now. Truly wonderful x

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      Hi David

      Going off on a "tangerine" cracked me up!. Thanks for your wonderful, positive post. You are so right about embracing the up times to help you get through the down times. I really like your suggestion about cranking up the wireless and singing. My poor neighbours aren't going to know what has hit them!.

      I'm having counseling, eating really healthily and fitting in plenty of exercise(yay for daylight savings)and making time just to stop and appreciate the small things in life.

      I've made sure to be open and honest with my buddies about my anxiety issues....and funny enough a few of them are going through or have been through the same as me. And here was I thinking I was special.wink

      Anyway, thanks again for your advice


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      Having a bit of a bad morning so far, terrible anxiety and I make it even worse by overthinking things. Like I said, I do have ativan to take, but I worry that's just being wimpy and I should tough it out. Grrrrr, so frustrating.

      I'm glad I can come on here and just have a wee rant.. ..don't know if I'm posting right, but I'm sure someone will tell me if I'm getting it wrong.


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