Struggling with BV for almost 15 years now!

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I am glad I have found this forum, not because I'm happy other people are suffering with this HORRIBLE FREAKING ISSUE, but because I'm not alone and I have found some great ideas and information here. I wanted to share my experience and maybe cry about it a little. Side notes:  I take a 8 billion acidopholius bifidus refridgerated capsule daily and when I ran out I noticed an immediate flare-up... so I do not go without it anymore and may even increase the dose or find a higher dose capsule. I will be purchasing folic acid soon since I have read here that it's helpful in prevention and relief.

I have went to doctors, been through antibiotics, prescriptions, Metrogel and oral, only to have this HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING problem come back over and over and over! I hate it! HATE IT! Recently it had become the worst it's ever been, heavy discharge that I'd sometimes have to excuse myself to the restroom just to wipe it off because it's uncomfortably wet, and the smell, not fishy, but trashy, like... decaying meat, sour, rotten, dumpster in the summer... maybe it was just in my mind but it was one of the most embarrassing ordeals, wondering if people around me could smell me, and they had to, I could smell me... I'm almost in tears typing it.

Last Wednesday I purchased and used a medicated douche that comes with an iodine packet that you mix together. I know they say douching can aggrivate it further but after months of constant heavy, wet discharge the consistency of milk, pale yellow in color, and then a sudden onset of odor of garbage coming from my lady parts, I figured it really couldn't get any worse. Hours and money dedicated to laying on the doctor's table in stirrups for medications that ultimately helped for a week or 2 were not going to cut it any longer.

Immediately after douching, I felt different. I put on my panties and a panty liner (did I mention how many pairs of panties I've ruined with stains from this heavy discharge?) and waited. At this point my body and mind are hyper sensitive, high alert, waiting for the antagonizing wetness to come back, a faint whiff of the malodor. No discharge that day. The smell, instantly gone. I was elated.

This past weekend, 3 days later, I began to have discharge, but no smell. Clear discharge, very light, the consistency of egg white, very... normal? I don't know, because I am not sure what normal is anymore. I just know I'd been anxiously waiting to see if the smell and heavy wetness occured again, and once I felt wetness, I was immediately afraid. I knew I had another douche, and I decided to use it today (Monday). It took a lot of willpower to wait, honestly, and I probably didn't need to douche again, but now my paranoia is at an all time high, and I don't feel like I can be too comfortable with this break in the BV. What a life! Living in fear of your own vagina. I have ordered more of the medicated douches (they're available at my local stores but I find it humiliating to have to purchase it so I pay the extra and have them shipped now). Even now I feel a tiny bit of wetness that is probably normal, yet I'm wanting to go in my bathroom and wipe myself dry. I fear that even if it were to never come back, I'll be hooked on weekly douching and compulsive cleaning/drying, ever afraid of it's return.


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    Hi Julie,

    I'm looking for something new to try.  PLEASE tell me brand name of the medicated douche.  I want to try the same exact one!  Last week, I tried coconut oil, I started bleeding..  A few days later, my boric acid came in so I made my own boric acid suppositories.  I didn't have the magical results like others but I got scared because I was still bleeding from the coconut oil. 

    Last night I tried the honey and water mixture and before that the hydrogen peroxide, that seems to sting, so not sure if I want that one anymore.  Apparently I'm very sensitive down there.  The honey and water didn't sting, but I'm not sure of the results yet, especially since Im still bleeding.  My cycle is due in a couple days so I don't know if I should wait for the douche but I want to buy it NOW!

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      Stop with the honey. Because of the sugar in honey, you might give yourself a yeast infection along with the BV that you already have.

      Have you tried the vitamin C PLAIN tablet inserted?

      Perhaps you could give your vagina time to heal from the bleeding then try the boric acid inserts again. What happened when you tried the boric acid inserts?

      I myself am considering trying the boric acid inserts, but am nervous of what might happen if it gets absorbed into my bloodstream and I get sick and die from it. :x

      It's also really frustrating to have to try all of these methods in the 2 - 2.5 weeks where I don't have my period...

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      Hi.. If you ladies haven't tried tea tree oil.. it works they sell it at any drug store... pour about a Half teaspoon in the tub with warm water and sit in for about 30 min for a week. .. and it will completely get rid of the BV
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      It comes in a pack of 2 sealed douches with 2 small packets of iodine. They have no scent other than the iodine when you mix. As I said, my body and brain are still on high alert, waiting for any sign of BV symptoms, and so far so good... I am very anxious of course. I'm also going to purchase the folic acid supplement tomorrow since I've seen good results here, and when I reorder my probiotics I'm going to go up to a higher dose on those as well (20 billion, perhaps.) After this many years I'm honestly at my wit's end. 

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the product name as we do not allow repeated posting of product names in the forums. If users wish to exchange these details please use the Private Message service.

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    Wow, I really feel for you! I'm like you, crying while typing. I do that and I have done it over BV. It is such a ridiculous disease/illness. Just wanted to give you a hug. Good Bless.
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    Oh I meant to say God Bless, lol.  I am BV free at this time. I just used the Vitamin C and probiotics.  I drink a Tbsp of Apple cider vinegar every day. I eat yogurt.  I take Vit D.  I'm not consistent. I don't have a set routine.  I don't know why I'm better, it's been about 3 months and I'm grateful.  10 years is a long time!
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    Today I purchased a bottle of 400 mcg folic acid tablets ($2 for 250 tablets) and took two orally though the package indicates 1 is enough. I also have taken a 1000 mcg Biotin and plan to have another later on (completely unrelated to the BV issue but figured I'd throw it out there just in case). These in conjunction with two 8 billion acidophilus bifidus that I already take daily. 

    No odor, very little wetness (again I'm assuming the little discharge I'm having is what it should have been all along - thin, clear, odorless). This is unrelated to the supplements I have taken today. Body and nose still on ultra-super-mega sensitive settings. 

    Hope everyone is well. We will find a way to get this under control.

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