Sub clinical hypothyroidism

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Hello everyone. I have just been told I have sub clinical hypothyroidism. My levels are at 10.55. I have mild symptoms of chest pain and worryingly englarged glands all to one side (under my armpit and neck) I am worried about the one under my armpit as it does not seem to be going down. I went for an ultra sound 2 months ago and they said it was just swollen but partially worried as I get shooting pains in boob ribs arm sholder and in my armpit. My mum had breast cancer so naturally quite worried it could be noThing to do with the sub clinical hypothyroidism. Would the ultra sound have shown if the lymph node was abnormal? Has any one else had These aches and pains with sub clinical hypothyroidism? Any info would be great 

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    Hello Elsie, 

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job investigating your symptoms.

    Your “levels are at 10.55”, your TSH, or what?  If this is your TSH, you are not subclinical hypothyroid, you are hypothyroid. 10.55 TSH is very high and indicates your body is trying to increase your thyroxin production.

    Have you had a thyroid ultrasound done? The ultrasound would show whether you have modules and what type, and can be a conclusive diagnostic tool.

    Hypothyroid disease is autoimmune. Autoimmune disease is caused by exposure to microbes, environmental chemicals, radiation, and extreme stress. Exposure to mercury, heavy metals, fluorine and bromine are particular chemical triggers fir thyroid autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease means your immune system is overreacting to things in the environment. ****This can result in swollen glands. **** So in all likelihood, your primary problem is thyroid disease. Even once you’ve exhausted the hypothyroid disease pathway, you’re more likely to have some other sort of autoimmune disease than cancer, as hypothyroid patients often develop lupus, fibromialgya or other autoimmune disease.

    Although, breast cancer is believed to be genetic in some cases, there is also a high incidence of environmental breast cancer, which is not genetic. My sister died from breast cancer and it happened that one of the treatments she received was specifically for non genetic breast cancer. I refuse to be haunted by “breast cancer in my family”.  Be informed, not afraid.

    I’m not saying you should ignore symptoms, just that you can do a lot on your own, such as research, to help yourself with dietary and other changes, as well as to investigate what is at the core of your health concerns.

    On chest pains, muscle aches and other nonspecific health concerns: thyroid disease can cause a myriad of health problems, premature aging and premature geriatric disease.  Hypothyroid disease causes your metabolism to slow, so your body operates like an elderly body. It’s extremely important to treat your thyroid disease, eat properly, and take extremely good care of yourself when you have thyroid disease. A glutenfree Paleo style diet is usually best.

    On thyroid symptoms: many thyroid patients have various gut problems  which can lead to malnutrition. Magnesium deficiency in particular mimics hypothyroid symptoms. Deficiencies in vitamin A-E, K, minerals such as selenium, manganese, boron, zinc and protein can all lead to malnutrition and hypothyroid type symptoms. Boron deficiency can lead to calcification and can contribute to cysts and other lumps. Easiest thing to do is get yourself some good quality Vitamin and mineral suppleness. Coblinated B vitamins are worth the extra money. Essential amino acid complex supplements are extremely helpful.

    Since environmental toxins play a huge part in thyroid disease, avoiding toxins as best you can and cleansing the body can be extremely helpful.

    Hypothyroid disease is not easily treated. It can take years to get the medication type and dosing right, it it can take years trying with little to no result, and worsening of thyroid disease.  Thyroid medication is not the same as the thyroxin produced by your body and does not work the same. The medication also has many side effects.  So really, your best bet is to do what you can naturally to care for your body.

    Also, since so many other diseases result from hypothyroid, it’s important to keep an eye out for symptoms and know what you’re dealing with. After reading many posts, I feel there is a huge connection between chronic (subacute) pancreatitis, (which often goes undiagnosed) and hypothyroid disease, as pancreatitis causes just about every gut problem imaginable as well as food sensitivities. Gut issues and food sensitivities are very common in thyroid patients and the related malnutrition and protein deficiencies can worsen thyroid symptoms.

    The pancreatitis can be quite well managed with dietary changes. However diet for pancreatitis is very different than thyroid diet. I found treating the pancreatitis to be extremely helpful in my own health.

    Read everything you can on thyroid disease, there are many posts here. Also, so many of us have been through thyroid hell and are overjoyed to share information and help others avoid the pitfalls we’ve encountered.

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      Hey thanks for much for your quick reply. It is my THS levels that are high yes, I've not had an ultrasound done of my theyoid, maybe I should request one. 

      I wish I could shift the fear of cancer but I seem to always go back to worrying about it, my family have said the same thing it seems like my chest and lymph nodewill definitely try a gluten  pain might all my down to Tyroid. 

      Will definitely try the diet you have suggested as my bowl movements have been very restrictive recently causing painful bloating. 

      Thanks so much for all the information it's really nice to talk to someone so well informed instead of sitting worrying to death on my own 

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    Yes I’ve experienced the exact same symptoms when first diagnosed with my hypothyroidism at tsh 10. Unfortunately within the U.K. they class up to this number as sub clinical and do not usually treat until the number increases.

    Keep telling yourself that chest pain/ rib pain isn’t associated with breast cancer. My swollen nodes caused a lot of pain, they were quite large and the doctor explained they were probably putting pressure on nerves causing pain in other nearby areas. 

    I experienced extreme painful breasts and the tissue became very lumpy in one. I found out that due to my hypothyroidism I was low in iodine and iodine is needed for healthy breasts, so that’s what was causing the pain and lumpiness. I did visit the breast clinic twice and everything was ok. I now know what’s normal for me and if I feel any changes, I won’t hesitate to see my doctor. Try not to keep feeling/ examining yourself as this will cause more tenderness. I got into this habit and knew it wasnt good. 

    If you are experiencing pain in your actual ribs, especially when you move, it could be costochondritis, which is inflammation. I suffer from it along my breast bone when I need my thyroxine increasing. 

    I know how worrying this is for you. It caused me extreme health anxiety so I know that stress will make symptoms worse. Try and let go and do something to distract the mind when you find yourself thinking about it. If you don’t already, take up some light exercise which helps the drainage of blocked lymph nodes. I now do a lot of walking and yoga. Warm Epsom baths also helped me as well. 

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      Aw wow that is SO SO interesting and ressurring I think after reading all these comments the breast cancer fear has massivly sub-sided. My breasts are also in agony and very sensitive I didn't even think that this could be related to the hypothyroidism. Yeah ATM I'm touching them NON stop even when I don't notice I'm doing it and I don't think it's helping. Yeah ATM I'm in complete panic and hate leaving home in fear of being away from the doctors which is just MENTAL! I will 100% start doing yoga and will have a bath aswell. Thanks so much honestly massive help 

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      Elsie, try espo salts in your bath. This will help a lot!

      Oh, and, when my thyroid stuff was REALLY bad, my whole body was lumpy.

      Sorry you’re dealing with the lumpy. I’m kinda glad to know I’m not the only one with the funky lumpy stuff.

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      Oh, bad auto correct... use Epsom salts for bath. 

      Yup, horrible breast pain with the hypothyroid stuff. Cycle was all messed up too. Totally messes up your hormones! Lumpy stuff was horrible, especially upper arms.

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    I needed a nap every day and (still) would have chills as I was falling asleep.  Dry skin (but I'm 67 and love hot showers) and not a lot of energy or drive.  I blamed THAT on being home alone all but a few hours before bed and only leaving the house for church on Sunday.  We live out in the county and I see nor hear anyone til suppertime. 

    No other symptoms until my CEA tumor marker and cholesterol were elevated.  I did some research and found that hypothyroid can cause elevated (both) readings with no cancer present.  I asked my oncologist to test my thyroid and TSH was 8.  I took levothyroxine for six months and my next blood work, my CEA had dropped over 50% well into healthy normal range and my cholesterol was almost all good. LDL slightly elevated but the rest had all returned to norm. 

    Since being overmedicated and becoming hyperthyroid, my knuckles are enlarged.  I had thigh pains until my med was reduced a 2nd or 3rd time.  I started at 100mcg and was reduced on April 2nd to 25mcg.  

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    Hi Elsie.. I was diagnosed Wednesday with subclinical I was being treated for hypothyroidism ( I have all the symptoms). I don't have swollen lymph glands like you but do get some aching in the rib area.. wasn't sure if that was normal also have really candy joints at the moment that I didn't have last week 😥. All this is very confusing.. keep us updated xx

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    Been a few weeks now aches have gone down. But mass like lumps in armpit don't seem to have gotten larger but the more I touch and worry about them I feel like there spreading. Maybe me being paronoid. Unsure wether to go doctor to have them looked over 

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