Subclinical Hypothyroidism?

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Hi all

I was recently diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism TSH 7.8 not sure what T4 is but think it may be in the normal range if this was the diagnosis.

I was told that i would not be treated if TSH is below 10. I have symtoms of tiredness, flat mood, really heavy periods, weight gain that wont be shifted, high cholesterol and can tick a few others off the extensive list. Im just trying to inform myself before going back to GP. I have read that it is at the doctors discression if a trial period of treatment should be given if TSH is below 10. (Apparantly the cut off is 2.7 in USA!)

Ive been looking at thyroxine tho and it seems people are having loads of problems with it. Weight gain etc..

I am a 43 year old busy mum.

Not sure if I should just put up with the symtoms I have now. rolleyes


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    I would ask for a trail of 25mcgms of T4 to see if this helps with tiredness and weight gain. Your TSH if high as I understand it. I would want to know where you wee in te T4 range too if low Ivwould think you should be medicated. I had to fight for medication when I had raised THS levels and marginally low T4 & T3 . A lot of women in particular seem to develope hypothyroidism in their middle years and the could be just the beginning. I would ask for a retest in a coupe of months anyway.All the best Maggie
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      Thank you so much for replying Maggie, I will ask my gp tomorrow if he thinks this would help. I always feel like I get fobbed off and feel a bit daft in the doctors.

      I hope you are all sorted now. I will let you know how I get on, thanks again. 

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    Hi eviewol--That TSH would be considered really high here in the USA where I am. Have your antibodies been tested?  Sometimes the antibodies are destroying the thyroid, but earlier in the process there's still enough tissue left at the moment and it's still trying to respond to the THS signal by pumping out what thryroid it can. If you have thyroid antibodies, you would want to do what you can to stop the destruction of the gland via diet, lowering stress, etc. The fact that you also have clinical symptoms AND a high TSH definitely would get notice and treatment by my practiitoners here in the US.  If your doctor doesn't agree to a trial of treatment, perhaps you should look for another practitioner. I also take liothyronine (a T3) in addition to thyroxine (T4) because my body has trouble making the conversion from T4 to T3 (the latter is the active form of the hormone) and the combo works well for me. Some people like armour, too.  I hope that you get the treatment you need soon. 
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      Hi Suzanne, To be honest I'm not sure what I was tested for. I was sent for a blood test because of tiredness, lethargy etc and when i went in for results doctor just said that I had tested positive for subclinical hypothroidism but because it was below 10 they would not treat it! He even said I'd tested high a few years ago but they never told me. He said I needed to be tested again in 3 months to monitor it. 

      I went back for blood test and they rang me and said no change so another blood test in 3 months. 

      Thank you so much for your informed reply. I'm going to Florida soon, I might call in to the doctor there instead.biggrin 

      I'll let you know how I get on, good to know that your treatment is working.

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      I'm a pretty concerned by the fact that you have symptoms and a high TSH, but they are not working with your clinical symptoms at all!  Gone are the days that some doctors actually listen to their patients, I guess! I'm glad that you may see someone in Florida soon because you shouldn't be left to linger not feeling well!  Can't believe that they didn't even bother to tell you this low TSH result in the past!
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    dear evi

    i'm shocked by your high TSH. Mine has gone up from 4.5 to 5.1 and i have antibodies too.

    you must truly be feeling terrible....but there are things you can do. they are quite tough tho...but i have no regrets!

    I'll give you a clue....since you might have your own suspicions about allergic reactions you may, temporarily, be experiencing? it concerns food.

    are you in uk? Thyroid UK advise medics to test for antibodies....this fact was put on my lab results....but still i was not informed last year of an issue...nor were there follow up tests.

    like you i'm trying to understand my condition. i now understand i have autoimmune thyroiditis....since seeing an endocrinologist  (an otherwise unhelpful visit as the treatment doesn't vary as we're apparently not expected to be able to make lifestyle its just thyroxin until the thyroid is completely destroyed...)

    I'm seeking a full panel of tests. I understand these could include

    TSH (the new normal level is said to be around 1....the old upper limit for normal was 4. 

    At 10.00 ...(is that correct ?  Its not 1.00 perchance?) sky high. I can't see why you haven't immediately been  precribed levothyroxine....the standard UK treatment. Its ok. If you've had thyroid destruction as a result of inflammation then i  gather synthetic T3 and  T4 as Suzanne benefits from is helpful. I've heard both good and bad reports about NDT Natural Dessicated Thyroid hormone from the pig...some love it as it provides T1 and T2 as well as 3 and 4...whilst others react to it....and as my condition is autoimmune (80% of cases is alledgedly)  then I 'd prefer not to risk a further inflammatory reaction.

    My strategy is to try to reduce the inflammation with thyroxin as well as anti oxs like turmeric and grape seed keep off iodine which severely inflames the thyroid UNTIL TSH is reduced to 1 or less...whereafter following a programme of extremely dilute almost zero iodine I will very slowly increase it to normal levels. I was directed to the endo as I wanted an iodine test ...I'm very glad I didn't have a loading test as it would have severely over-toppled my levels. At least the endo was in agreement with the latest advice I've had which is that iodine is inflammatory

    Until my TSH is at or below 1.00 ...I shall avoid iodine literally altogether even in supplements (happily I've found a company which do this in scotland uk).

    I still don't have a complete list of the full panel of tests that I would like but for starters:

    TSH, T3, T4. and


    might assist you...?

    very best wishes marey

    i've seen a full list of antibodies to be tested for so i'll try to get back to you with that.

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      Hi Marey

      Thank you so much for sharing this information. You have a brilliant insight into your condition. I hope I can get the info I need on Monday. Yes I'm in the UK. 

      Thanks to you and Suzanne I am at least armed with more knowledge than what I had last time I went. 

      I'll let you know how I get on, thanks again. 

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      oh thank you evie

      you are very welcome. I must seek out that list of antibodies to be tested for. Wishing you luck and hope you can get the help and support you need...will you be sticking with your current doc for now and trying to get these various tests done?

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