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ya know what Ladies and Gents.. besides the DIVI we all have something else in common.  We are Super Heros!!!!!! No matter what life has thrown at us we are dealing with it in each of our own ways and we should be so proud of what we've accomplished.  Some of us have had major set backs but we've come together as a community and have given so much support to one another.  When one of us is having a bad time of it there is always someone here to give a reassuring word. Questions are answered and asked without judgement being passed and  We welcome newcomers with open arms and sage advice. I for one am very thankful for all the advice and guidance that I have received on here and I'm sure there are many more who feel the same

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    Well said sunni. feeling a bit of a toilet hero this morning, took the !Poo Remover

    at 6am, and doing good. so ,I should be sqeaky clean by Tomorrow,

    In case anyone is in line for a colonoscopy  may I suggest that you ask for the

    Picolax there two sachets that only need 150 mls of tap water per sachet,and

    the taste is not bad..

    I wonder if it is perhaps that although we Know each other ,but don't know

    each other, that we can "TALK" freely. Whatever, it works, Thank goodness

    a sense of humour keeps poking through  I feel really thin now, second

    sachet at dinner time should finish  off this quick slim 

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      Oooh I remember that, not fun but such a relief when it was all over.  Talking of 'poo', I read (not on here) that the best way to go to the toilet is with raised feet in other words - squat!  It straightens your downward colon thereby putting less pressure on your system and opening up the way when you go.  It works that's all I can say!
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      Morning laura ,this the day  2-15 this afternoon ,and I will be looking

      at the unknown.

      Picolax does not give you time to decide to lift your feet or squat.It takes

      such thoughts out of your head.  Speed is what matters.

      I think you must have read that the "Squatters" live in countries without someone deemed it a good idea,for us all to do it,

      I have never had any problems with removing the stuff, that is why

      I can't understand where my Divi came from.

      Now ,,I cannot eat a morsel until it is all over, by then I will be so hungry, i will be tempted to eat everything,tasty, and bad for me

      I intend to ask lots of questions about food, as I will have their

      undivided attention for a while

      Speak soon    

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      For my upcoming probe I am supposed to have that 2 litres of crappiness and I called and asked them if I could have the sachets. They said yes!! Though they did caution me that it doesn't "clean you out" as good.  Sounds to me like it's doing it's job on you though..

      I'm actually quite a bit outspoken anyway. Many a time I've gotten "the look" from ...I often describe myself as "No Filter".  Mind you I do know the correct time and place to be polite.  My granny was straight from Kendall up in the Lakes District of Westmorland


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      Hi sunni, almost ready,this morning there was some discoloured

      discard, so I phoned and asked if it was O.K  Yes was the answer as 

      long as there are !no Lumps!  I had an Oxo for my dinner last night,

      probably that.  

      I go up to Cumbria  quite a lot , but I stay a few miles from Bowness 

      away from the crowds. 

      I said no to the 2 ltr job because I just can't consume that amount

      of liquid in one go. Stay near the loo, for a loooooooong time, Quick 

      slimming method . Iv'e lost 3 lbs. will put it back on when I get back

      You sound a tad like me sunni  Better get dressed now, xx 


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      Hi .just got back. everything was running late .Update----- The camera

      job showed that I have severe Divi, and there are lots of pouches in my

      colon,so it will be odds on I am in ""Flare "land for good  .I asked about

      onions and raw veggies, and just got the same old , don't know, everyone is different, so no help there.Saw the pouches which look like

      potholes, no wonder stuff gets lodged in them.

       No doubt it will be a long wait to see the consultant, who will tell me

      that I have severe Divi, but not how to cope with it. Good job I

       have the probiotics to take reasonable care of me. The new is bad, but

      life goes on, I'm certainly not going to linger on it,

      Probably go to Cumbria now and do some riding in the forest.always

      makes me feel good. xxx

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      you watched!.. not sure I wanna see

      Like that rock song says.."I wanna be sedated!"

      I have a feeling I'm going to be the same.  Did they suggest surgery?

      That is my biggest fear I'm going to be stuck with the pouch. 

      A ride in Cumbria sounds really relaxing.  One of the items on my bucket list is to visit my granny's hometown.  I've seen postcards but would love to experience the real deal.  My oldest daughter and I are planning a graduation mum and daughter trip for June 2017.  Can't wait

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      It's no problem watching, don't have much choice really, as the T.V

      is right in your face.  You will be stuck with the pouch, how do you

      know that you only have one ???

      You can only have sedation if someone is with you, otherwise it's

      the laughing gas. 

      I think they would have preferred for me to have been sedated.

      because I never stopped asking questions.frown

      Surgery only happens if the pouches go through the colon wall

      Was going to Cumbria, but the weather said rain for the next two weeks

      so will probably go to the East coast ,NO rain for the next two weeks

      When are you booked you know yet ???

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      I think something got lost in  When I say pouch I meant the colostomy pouch. I guess some call it a bag.  Here they give you sedation and tell you to bring a responsible adult that can drive you home. I was told that If I have to have a section out that I'd be hooked up to it for about 3-6 months depending on how I heal. My Gastro Dr. is also concerned with the amount of Crohn's in my family. 11 on one side of my  paternal grandfather's and 4 on my paternal grandmother's. 
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      Right sunni, glad we sorted the pouches out !!redface

      That is a lot of hereditary to cope with,So it looks like you are for the 

      chop .Your life will obviously be a whole lot better.

       Such a nice day .went for a drive into Derbyshire, through Chatswoth

      Park, then on to Bakewell to my favourite deli, and had a huge

      turkey and ham sandwich. sat in the sun and watched the tourists


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      Hi , had another one today. Went to Sherwood Forest ,Robin Hood

      country. Theres a really nice cafe in a craft centre, I had my usual dish of 

      chips, only time I eat them when I go there.Thought I would make the

      most of the nice weather, Soon be  dark for ever ,when the clocks go

      back.Must admit stress goes, and feel good doing pleasant things


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