surgery tomorrow, I have a few questions about the day/recovery

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So unless hospital cancels again I'm having my gallbladder out tomorrow. I have a few questions some probably quite silly!

1. Can you wear deodorant on the day and brush teeth in the morning?

2. Can you wear underwear during the surgery (obviously not bra!)

3. How will I feel when I wake? Eg could you breathe ok did you have oxygen on you, did you feel dizzy/drunk (I have anxiety so want to prepare myself for what's normal so I don't panic)

4. How long after you woke did you go home? How did you feel going home still groggy? Sick in pain?

5. What painkillers did you take? I was told I wont be provided with any painkillers to take home and to just buy paracetamol and ibuprofen! I do have some tramadol left at home and codydramol but have read its not good to take codeine after gallbladder removal as it can cause the same pain as a gallbladder attack.

6. Did you get any sleep that night how did you get comfortable?

7. When did you feel able to walk to the shops and go on a train journey. (I would like to go to an open day for a school where we are moving too but it is a 2.5 hr train journey,I would stay at my mils house this is 6 days after operation?

Thankyou sorry so many questions I'm so nervous.

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    Dear Michelle,

    Im two weeks post op, and feeling fine. I also was very nervous, but if I knew what I knows now, I would not have been 

    1) Can you wear deodorant/brush deodorant but had to brush teeth! No jewellery, no nail polish and no makeup 

    2). underwear during surgery. TIP.  If you are concerned about not being able to wear a bra after, then take a swimming costume as this will give you gentle support all over. Wear something loose fitting and comfortable, say a dress

    3) Feeling after surgery.......everyone is different, there are nurses/doctors around should you feel anxious. Throat hurts after, due to oxygen tube

    4) Woke in recovery 4.30pm, and went home around 7.45pm. Found it uncomfortable to move as apprehensive about incisions, but felt good to be home

    5) Again painkillers, it's you choice. I took ibuprofen and paracetamol only for a couple of days as my pain was minimal. But should it have been a lot worse, then codeine definitely. Was not told not to take codeine as this is what I took when had painful attacks 

    6) Did not sleep too well. Due to incisions had to sleep on back. Only now am I finding it easier to sleep on side. Tip, use a pillow for support

    7) Started to walk a little second day home. This helps the gas disperse in the abdomen quicker. Just take things real easy first of all, and let your mind , body and soul recover.

    Wishing you good luck for your op, and if you need to ask any more questions, always here.

    Speedy recovery, and will be thinking of you xx

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    Hi Michelle, I will try and answer ot each question.

    1, Yes I showered but didnt put deodrant on but nothing was even said about wether id washed or not . I brushed my teeth thats fine as long as you not intending on drinking the water  smile This is one question I had but all went fine x

    2.I was allowed to wear briefs smile

    3. I woke well. I felt a bit sleepy and kept dropping off for an hour but then was up and walking around. I was pacing the hospital corridors then and this really helps with the gas side of things whihc wasnt too bad at all smile The pain killers they gave me kept the pain at bay and it was  fine for me. I did have some sickness feeling in the evening but they gave me a table and it settled. It was really a very easy process.

    I didnt have breathing probs or anything like that no giddyness all went well.

    They produced a lovely ham salad a few hours after my op!!!!! I didnt eat it the last thing on my mind lol.

    4. I went home next day  but I could have gone home the same day as op but I have other health issues that made me decide to stay over night. A lot go home same day. The next day I was fine got in and out of car slowly but fine. I had very little pain at all.

    5. I was prescribed Tramadol but after day two I didnt feel the need for pain killer so stopped. I havent needed any more.

    6. I slept sitting propped up in bed first two nights and slept really well. Infact for the first four days i slept night and day smile After about day 4 I could lie down and not be so propped up. It was still uncomfortable on either size but could manage to get comfortable eventually and I slept really well. Thinking about it I think I did take Tramadol  up till day four but just at night time to help me settle.

    7. This is a difficult one for me to answer as I have other issues which make walking hard but the first two weeks I wasnt up to walking  but then that could just be my other probs. It is week 5 for me and  the last week I have been out and about much more but then again im a different case. I think 6 days after surgery is pushing personally and you are still going to be very slow moving around . Dont under estimate how much healing you have to get done x

    I know its easy to say but try not to worry too much but also tell them when you go in how mervous you are. I found my nerves just went as soon as I spoke to them. They are so lovely and willing to make it easy for you. Nothing was too much trouble and to them they do this every day. I will be thinking and praying for you that it all goes ahead this time. Let us know how you get on and dont hesitate to ask any more questions even if they sound silly to you, they are not cause we all had them too xoxox


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    Hi Michelle,

    Here you go.

    1 - I did brush my teeth and I'm sure you could wear deodorant

    2 - No underwear at all

    3 - In felt fine coming round, you will be on oxygen for a while which makes your nose itch along with the itching from the morphine. I didn't feel dizzy but very drowsy

    4 - I woke up at around 1pm and left around 4.30pm-5pm. I didn't feel sick but yes there is pain. Not unbearable but certainly significant.

    5 - My pain was subsided with paracetamol every 4 hours. I chose not to go down any other route with regards to pain relief because it does become more uncomfortable rather than painful

    6 - I did sleep that night but it was off and on. I find it difficult to sleep on my back so that was my main challenge. I had broken sleep for around 10 days post-op.

    7 - I was fine to walk 6 days after. Just take it easy.

    8 - Wear baggy clothes coming home. 

    Hope this helps. I had mine removed4 weeks ago and although it was much more painful than I imagined key hole surgery would be, I have healed a lot quicker than I hoped for.

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    Hi michelle i had my op yesterday and i was so scared.

    I wore deoderant and brushed my teeth just make sure you spit.

    Paper pants are provided theyre not bad lol

    i told thdm i was scared of being sick and they bunged me full of anti sickness i woke up felt bit drunk and shell shocked but came round after about an hour. I was up and dressed after an hour on the ward had a sarnie a wee. Best but of advice is get moving get the gas out be prepared for some burping and trumping lol.

    Honestly it was fine and im a proper wuss. smile

    ive had a great nights sleep i slept downstsirs in my chair which i think helped. Had but of pain today from belly button but spart from that ive felt great. smile

    good luck and let me know how it goes xxxxx

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      Wow Hannah, I remember reading your posts from before you were in so much pain from these gallstones. I'm really glad that its out now and all went well. Nice to hear from a fellow wuss!

      I will ask about the anti sickness too. My GP told me to ask for a pre med sedative if I'm extremely nervous.

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      Oh i am a huge wuss, I was laid on the bed crying she said youre going to feel like youve had a couple of glasses of wine i cried i dont like wine i prefer gin lol she said im putting in the anesthetic now then i woke up.

      Honestly there is nothing to be scared of i can understand being scared as i was but honestly its fine you will walk it smile

      Yes my pain has gone not had any pains at all just but sore but compared to the agony i was in its a walk in the park. It is the best thing i have done! Obviously its early days but fingers crossed.

      I foound out mine was really inflamed full of stones and i had a tiny hole in it hence all the pain!

      I wish you all the luck in the world and make sure you let me know how you got on. smile xxxxc

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      Thanks Hannah you are making me feel less anxious as I can see how nervous you were too and your experience was good I hope its the same for me. I hope I'm first on the list not sure how ill cope waiting around on the ward.
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    1.) Not really, in my case i'm already asleep when they called to the operating room. so, i think it's up to you. but get ready. smile

    2.) Well.Nope. you'll be naked but there's a gown.(i forgot what they called it)

    3.)When i woke up there's a tube on my mouth for breathing and fell asleep. when i woke up only oxygen on my mouth. my body feel very sore. i can't talk because i don't have any voice. little bit dizzy yes. but i can feel the pain in and outside my body.

    4.) After surgery the next day the doctor discharged me from the hospital. and in the morning they wanted me to walk so,i could regain my strength thought it was really painful walking with I.V and holding my right abdomen and hunched over. really painful. for me basically. smile

    5.) They gave me tramadol everytime i have gb pain attacks but it has a negative side effects on me after drinking it. i feel droggy and sleepy so, everytime i took it i sleep for almost 4-5 hrs.

    6.) just sleeping the whole time.

    7.)After a 4-5 days we went to a park so i could practice walking because i feel so sick and easily get tired ,and having a hard time breathing. until now i'm still doubting to go on travel.

    Asking questions is good. smile

    Don't be! you can do it!

    Prayers for you and be brave. smile

    Katherine xxx

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    I'm currently waiting in the admissions ward, I'm 3rd on the list. I was in tears this morning leaving my hubby and kids.
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