Symptoms of hypothyroid but blood test a month again said it was on the borderline of low

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Hey, so for a bit of background, I'm 19 and have had a 3 month long headache. It's mostly tension/pressured headaches with the occasional sharp pain or burning at the back of my head. I get most pain at the crown and back of head but also sometimes forehead and pressure at my temples mostly. I had a blood test done as I was feeling generally unwell and had tingling in my hands etc and it turned out I have a b12 deficiency and the doctor also mentioned that my thyroid was borderline low and that could be making me more anemic. However, even though I have had 5 b12 injection over 2 weeks, ending about 2/3 weeks ago now, If anything I am feeling worse rather than better. My current symptoms are:

* Headache

* Ear ringing

* Ear ache

* Occasional deafness - lasts few seconds

* Extreme fatigue

* Tingling/numbness in left hand

* Elastic band feeling and numbness in left calf muscle

* The sighs

* Chills/sweating

* Occasional Chest pain - left side of breast and chest, sternum and below left breast - could still be costonchondritis though

* Palpitations

* Random nausea

* Pain in right side of stomach - lower and higher

* Lump in throat

* Sore throat

* Keep sneezing - allergy to something?

* Loose bowel movements

* Loss of appetite on occasion

* Dizziness/lightheadedness

* Slight lack of co ordination

* Concentration and memory lacking

* Irritability

* Anxiety - mostly because of symptoms

* Depression - mostly because of symptoms

* Dry flakey skin on forehead

* Weight gain - will put on up to half a stone or even more sometimes but then lose it again over approximately a week

I have been back to the doctors so many times now but they are hopeless and the impression that I'm getting is that they just want me to get on with it. My last doctor wouldn't even let me elaborate on my symptoms, he just kept talking over me. I am seeing a chiropractor atm as well because I do have a bad back due to an old injury and apparent slight scoliosis of my spine and apparently my neck muscles are very tight which could be causing my headaches. When I told the doctor this he immediately said that all my symptoms were obviously caused by one thing and he thinks it's probably due to my neck. But I don't see how that could be causing all my other symptoms!! Do you think i should push for another blood test? I don't know if your thyroid levels can really drop after only a month. My mum has hypothyroidism however, and says that she knows when hers has dropped because of physical symptoms and it can drop Ina month for her. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Millie, many of your symptoms indicate hypothyroidism. Early in the disease, you often get the thyroid going between hypo and hyper, which could explain a lot for you, and also explains why it doesn't show in bloodwork. 

    There red are dietary changes and many supplements tha can ve very helpful. 

    You may have better luck getting a thyroid ultrasound because it will show cysts or other growths. These growths tend to cause the ears to get jammed up, as well as headaches.

    Pm  me if you'd like ideas on diet.

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    Just to ensure no confusion about your blood test: when the doctor told you "borderline low" was he referring to your TSH level?  TthecTSH test is the usual test used to diagnose thyroid problems.  Low TSH means a possibly overvactive thyroid (hyperthyroid) and high TSH means under active (hypothyroid).  Yes, it works in reverse. Some of your symptoms e.g. Palpitations, could be a sign of hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid.

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      Millie, borderline usually means underactive. However, having been through the courses, the meds REALLY aren't all tha and a bag of chips, as they say. They cause more problems than they solve and can actually worsen thyroid disease. If your disease is mild, I'd say try supplements, a high protein diet, completely gluten free. Take a coblimated B complex to make sure you're absorbing, a multivitamin, multimineral and thyroid supplement containing kelp (I prefer bladder wrack, myself). With a mild case, you may be able to turn the disease around. 

      PM me if you need specific resources and I'm happy to share my favorite supplements.

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    I was having the same symptoms. I waited a year and my mother found me unconscious in my room. My parents rushed me to the hospital and they did an MRI scan and found a tumor in my pituitary gland. I had bean surgery immediately and radiation for the following four months. The brain surgery damaged my thyroid and here I am now. I'm alive and well. Positive vibes sent your way. Hopefully, in your case it won't be as severe.

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