Taking a wholistic route. Ill keep everyone updated.

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Hi Everyone,

Ive been toying with the idea of surgery for about 6 months now. My prolapse began to get pretty uncomfortable even though I was excercising. But to be honest I was not being very consistent. Life kept getting in the way. I visited a NEW Gyno in Jan. and he felt I should give Physical Rehab a good try. He also mentioned that if it goes well & stay on course througout my life I may never need surgery! I was skeptical but he set me up with a Rehab Clinician who specialized in Prolapse therapy. 

First visit was today. She performed base line tests and it was great to see where I was faltering in my excercises on the electronic graph. Her machine could see how effective my kegal squeezes were and in relation to my different core muscles. My prolapse is around a stage 3 but it feels sometimes like a 4 1/2 when Im standing too long or sitting in the office chair too long. Ugh. 

I learned there are a lot more muscles in there than I thought! No wonder Im not working them right. I do like to excercise, just can't seem to make the time. Im going to make the time so Im crossing my fingers that I can make this work.     

The visits do cost but a fraction of the cost of a operation. I was told I should give it at least 6 weeks before I feel a huge difference. Thats really only a few months & am willing to work hard towards a better lifestyle. Worth a good go.

Love all the ladies that post who have had surgery. God Bless You! The body is a miraculous thing & Im sure with time you will heal. I may still be in your shoes some day as time will tell. For now, Im giving it my best shot. 

I will keep those on the fence posted. 


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    Oh that sounds fantastic !! Trying to find an alternative to any surgery has to be a good thing. Good luck I hope it really works for you xx

    Btw let us know what exercise we should be doing !!

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      Hi! Ok Ill try to describe but I just want to say I thought I was doing it fine till I was hooked up to a machine that measures your muscle useage. I do dabble in dance so I thought I had the whole muscle control thing down fine. Not really. LOL - Heres my routine so far. 

      Lie on your back with head supported if necessary. 

      1. Basic Kegal contraction - Squeeze 2 seconds & Release 2 seconds. 10x --2 x a day. 

      2. Squeeze & Hold. Basic Kegal - Pull Pelvic Floor muscles up & in -Hold for 5 seconds, then relax 10 seconds. 10x --2 x a day. 

      3.Kegal w/ Pelvic tilt. Kegal squeeze & hold while you tighten abdomial muscles as if zipping up. (Keep your back & bum on the ground.) Hold for 5 seconds, then relax 10 seconds. 10x --2 x a day.


      4. Kegal w/ Pelvic Muscle tightening. Place a ball the size of a deflated volley ball or just a fluffy couch pillow between your legs. Kegal squeeze, then Sqeeze knees inward applying pressure against the ball. Hold for 5 seconds, release & rest for 10 seconds. 

      Thats it for now. Slow & methodic work. Quality of moves is the goal. I beleive the excercises will progress. Well see...

      Im also incorporating a good stretch, & ballet bar routine when time permits. Ballet is great for core. Just go to You Tube & look for anything that interests you. Ballet is about quality of moves as well. Zipping up the core and posture. If the instructor isnt reminding you of that, switch to a different video instructor. Ill share the one I like later. 



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      That's fantastic! Thank you so much ! I'm going to give that all a go as whilst I have had the surgery already I know that the success is really now with maintenance so to speak. X
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      Thanks for sharing these exercises. Apart from the ball exercise these are the exercises I have been doing for over 6 months.By the end I was doing 15 x 15 seconds holds and still can!! Real improvement in ability to go longer between running to tiolet and so much better at holding my water till I can get to tiolet. But if I let my bladder get overfull, I start to leak and once I start to wee I can not close that muscle that stops the wee half way etc. It's almost like it's old and slow like me Ha Ha. It seems to take time to close. But would still recommend these exercises to every woman. Why we are not educated about them earlier in life is beyond me.Like after having a baby especially with stitches. Think ladies are these days. 

      Just one thing my old physio told me there are for life now. Not just a fix but need to do them for the rest of my life. 

      Great chatting with you. See new Physio before my surgery. She has got me filling in a bladder diary, something my old physio never asked me to do.

      keep smiling and sharing


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      Yep, its a lifelong thing but I guess it should be anyway. Even for women with no issues now. Really helps with overall health. Im frustrated its not more "out there" so to speak. Don't know why its such a mystery. Should be part of every womens daily excercise routine. Guess it could be an embarrring thing for a lot of women. That's why no one talks about it. 
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    Hello roxigrl. I am so pleased to read you saw a specialist physiotherapist who performed tests because this is something I have mentioned on these forums many times before. We all think we are doing pelvic floor exercises correctly because we've seen the videos and read the books but that isn't the case. You now have the best opportunity to help your muscles and it will be very interesting to hear about the progress you have made in 6 months time.
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      Hi Matron, 

      How very TRUE!  For everyone's information I found out that even though I thought I was doing everything correctly I wasn't. AND after only only one Kegal compression with a following sqeeze on a Med. sized rubber ball my Kegal compression no longer had any umph! So numbers 2 (huge drop) through 8 Kegal compression went down substantially even though I thought I was doing just as good as #1 compression. Wow! A real eye openener and probably why I wasnt getting anywhere. Im physically fit for the most part and like to excercise using ballet. So my Kegal Core group went pretty well because in balet the empasis is on holding in your core and standing tall and straight while you do your plie' or other moves. But I think I know why I feel so much pressure in my crotch area now. My lower muscles are very poor. So well see if now I can improve that as well as other muscle groups as we move forward. 

      Will be interesting. 

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    I would love to know how you found this special physiotherapist? Do they have a particular title . I am in Australia and am going for an arterior vagina repair in just 14 days time ( yes I am counting - lot worried especially after reading some of the horror stories on this blog!). The main reason for the repair is due to damage from when I was cut for a forceps delivery over 30 years ago and not stitched up correctly.Suffered with painful sex for years but that's whole different issue.

    I have less than a 2cm wide very thin piece of skin in my perinieum area which has stetched over the years and become like an old rubber band no elastisity etc  and with the minor exterior prolapse I have decided to have the surgery, mostly due to painful sex issues that has become unbearable in the the past year.

    Originally I was advised to have a cetocelle & a rectoclle as I did have real bladder control isues. Which is why I went to the urogyno in the first place. I did the pelvic floor exercises for 6 months seriously through a physio who taught me to feel the muscles tightening by pressing on the muscles in my hip area. I am pleased to report that I now do these exercises when ever I remember because they have worked very well to some extent. Before I could not go for an hour walk without having to wear a pad in case I had a bladder leak. Now I can hold my bladder longer and very rarely have an issue. I still cannot stop a leak if I allow my bladder to become too full so I just don't. Because once a start to leak from anover full bladder I cannot stop the flow. So I would love to learn how to control this particular muscle more efficently. The exercises for me have meant no surgery to correct the bladder. I can cope on the bladder side. They help with the bowel side too I can feel the whole area lifting when I do the exercises.

    I really interested in your comment about more muscles there than we know down there and that is why I would love to find a physio who could test and demonstrate to me electronically which muscle it is that will help with my control.

    Great post

    PS love this blogg for it's ability for us to tell it just like it is without embarrasment..

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      I don't know the system in Australia but in the UK a lot of Urogynaecologists have specialist physiotherapists working alongside them in their team. They have obviously undergone specialist training to deal with pelvic floor prolapse.

      I have to say I disagree with your comment about "all the horror stories on this blog". This isn't actually a blog but a forum with mainly women from the UK and I post here regularly and rarely read "horror stories" in fact there are lots of positive supportive posts from ladies recuperating from prolapse surgery.

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      Hi Tilly, 

      So very nice to have this chat. Im in the USA. What happened was my Surgery Happy Gyno Dr. retired. So I had to go to my yearly and this Dr who replaced him (thank goodness) said he knew of this young lady who does a great job with helping women with my sort of issue. She is in a Rehab. Facility with other Rehab specialists.

      She checked me internally while I was laying on my back and then we she hooked me up with electrodes and checked my muscle contractions. We went through a few things like basic Kegal squeezes to holding a small ball between my legs & squeezing, as well as Kegal with stomach contraction. She measured my stamina for about 10 constractions to see how I did after repetition. 

      I have not developed the issues you speak of as far as bladder control. But according to you doing excercises has helped! Awesome! I would be very concerned if I had pain issue with intercourse because I love my husband and want the best for our relationship. I use Gel or just a litle petroleum jelly. If not things would be painful for me as well. Sound like your issue may be something different. We are all different so everyone has to do what is best for them.

      I agree with you about the horror stories. Thats what they feel like to me as well. But we have to remember these women are reaching out and are looking for support. Its quite unsettleing. Try to remember that there are a few who say they fared fine. It's like anything else you rarely hear the good but almost always hear the bad. And that's ok. Better to be prepared than to get blind sided.

      If you feel uncomfortable in your decision for an operation perhaps you should take a time out. When and if I decide its absolutely necessary I want to be sure I am doing what is best for me. Not because it was or wasnt good for anyone else. But Im going to do everything in my power to make sure Im the healthiest my body can be.

      Neither my new Gyno nor my Therapist is a fan of any of the operations concerning these body parts. They have both simply seen too many problems and recommend to try to do everything to avoid them. This is the Truth! And we have to speak it as it is.

       I see women though that have it far, far worse than I. In their cases the possible complications outweigh the benfits they will get out of it. In the United States we pretty much speak freely and openly.

      I hope this helps.   

      I love all the ladies who contribute to this excellent forum and quite frankly am so very thankful that they share their complications, remedies, & support! 

      Women are awesome! 


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      Hi Roxigrl, your reply has helped heaps and I have now found a rehab specailist. I have also talked through the op with my Urogyno and he has explained that as I am having the vaginal repair he will just fix the slight prolapse at the same time.He also has changed my surgery to day as he tells me it is now a minor proceedure.

      Your thoughts on this forum and bad experiences reported on here reflect mine exactly and I understand these are ladies calling out for help but they are also very freightening and I realise there are many more sucessful stories that failed ones. Like you said so well it is the truth ..if we empower women with the facts they can make decisons that are best for them. My Gyno tells me his success rate is 98% and then it is usually because the patient failed to follow instructions , went back to work too early etc.

      So I am going through with the surgery as my situation is more to do with the torn stretched vaginal skin. But thanks to you I am also going ahead with the rehab physo. I am also considering purchasing a kegal machine from the UK which I saw on the UK tv program 'embarassing bodies'  who did trails with women on different methods of pelvic floor exercises and it was the best. Got some companies getting me prices and models etc, but wait to see what the rehab physio says first. I have my surgery very soon. Going to report my experiences and in a positive light. Going to follow the doc's instructions re rest etc - even though I will be bored to tears. It is only 8 weeks and like you want my body to be at it's best and my quality of life to be good enough to enjoy it. 

      I too am so thankful for this forum which let's you ask embarassing questions and find answers through the support of our fellow ladies. 

      Keep smiling :-)

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      Hi Matron,

      we have medicare here like your national health in UK. Where I emigrated from. It has long waiting lists and my operation would not even be considered as it is not life threatening or disabling it is classed as not serious enough as only 1st prolapse. Luckily I have private health insurance and I am going through a uroynolgist that specailises in rapid recovery and minimal invasive surgery. The whole subject is not something openly talked about here and I am quite frankly embarrased to even admit I had a problem and won't discuss my surgery friends as they have never heard about it. I agree with you about lots of positive surgeries , but must agree with Roxigirl more about how the negative experiences do come across as horror stories and how important it is to tell it like it is. I didn't mean to imply the forum ( I stand corrected) was making women feel bad by these bad experiences just telling like they feel to me. I feel for these women and commend them for sharing their stories. In contributing to this forum they enpower other women with knowlegde , the ultimate power in enabling women to make an informed decision that is best for them. As a profeesional in this area your experience and advise is invaluable. Keep up the good work.


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