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Hi. I've been prescribed Terbinafine for a fungal nail infection that I've had for several years. I'm only on Day 3 but really wary of these tablets and considering stopping them based on all the side effects that could occur. I've been fine so far but now got a sore mouth - my lips are sore with an ulcer developing and there are sore patches on the roof of my mouth. This side effect is listed as one of the less common ones. My question is: Has anyone else had this side effect and will it pass? 

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  • marlene88784 mrsdavies72

    Gratefully no, but it took away my 'taste' for weeks!! I was on it 1 month... never again. But, I've read that others have had good results and No side effects! Just don't know how we'll react or not to this med.

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