terrible problems post GB removal

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Hello again everyone

So sorry for another post so soon but I'm really struggling.

Had my GB removed just over 5 weeks ago due to gallstone pancreatitis. Been suffering constantly with terrible back and chest pain and the occasional dreaded "gallbladder attack" after food (even though my diet is non fat??)

Been back to hospital and to my GP this week and after repeatedblood tests, xrays and an ultrasound everything has come back normal. My pancreas levels are normal and no sign of stones in the bile duct etc.

The pain gets worse whenever I put weight on it to sit back or lay down, its dreadful to manage.

The pain relief and omeprazole I was given are not helping much if at all and I just don't know what to do next?

Is there anyone who had a similar experience and just got better with a bit more time? I was expecting soreness and aches after surgery but not original pain like this. Is it normal?

Very worried that this pain is not ever going to get better. Sorry for being so negative really could use some hope today.

Thanks to anyone kind enough to reply. I really appreciate you


P.s I posted this on the wrong group initially so here I am again !

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    Hi,  Im Ajay,

    Did the docs say that your pancreas has healed or are you diagnosed with Pancretitis. As pancretitis can cause the back pains and pain in the rib.

    I have some small Pancretitis pains still since April when a gallstone went through the pancreas. The Pancreas they say sometimes can produce pains much later than straight with Drinking Alchohol. With food its meant to be instant. This happens with Fruit for me.

    Are you seeing a pattern with when it hurts. It would be good to understand your food diary. Best to start writing one and see what could be the problem.

    There must be times when you have no pain. People have mentioned that dairy causes them problems.

    I am still waiting for GB removal and am anxious about the pain coming again so try to be cautious with what I eat. Im sure others on this forum will help if they have the same issues as you.


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      Hi again ajay, think we spoke before

      Thanks for replying again, I am not diagnosed with pancreatitis as all bloods are normal and also the scan and xray showed a normal sized pancreas with no abnormalities.

      I've had no relief from the chest and rib pain since the surgery (like broken ribs pain) but the gallbladder attacks are intermittent.

      Glad to hear your pain is manageable, hope you hear about your surgery soon and all goes well for you.

      Thanks again p x

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    hi polly, i am 15 weeks post-op and still very much struggling on a daily basis. i am in constant pain under my right ribs, and have numbness that extends across to my left rib cage. like you, the pain is most severe when sitting. i have had a CT scan, ultrasound and bloodwork post-op and all came back normal.

    i have seen many doctors of various specialties and am not really getting anywhere. it is beyond frustrating. i have had a hard time adjusting to my post-op life and worry that i will never get my life prior to surgery back.

    i know you're looking for answers and i don't have any, but i wanted to post so you know there are others suffering like you who understand.

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      Hi Ali

      So sorry you are suffering too. Thanks so much for sharing your symptoms with me it does help a little just knowing someone else is experiencing the same.

      Hope we both improve very soon.

      Sorry for my short reply

      Polly x

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      I am surprised you have these problems with out no root cause.

      Theres me waiting for my operation with some minor stomach issues trying to stay away from the horrible GB attack and here you are saying you have still have the same problems but constantly.

      I had a Gastric band 4 years ago via key hole surgery so I know what the operation pains feel like. Feels like you have been kicked in the ribs. But I was up on my feet after 1 week. And apart from some sharp pains where the internal stitches were, you would get on with things.

      I am really curious on why you and Polly are having these issues.

      I dont want to go through what you are doing.

      Can you please help me understand, is the pain always there?

      Do you think its food related?

      Are you are still healing internally as you may have opened a wound maybe.



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      Hi Ajay,

      ? Just wanted to give you a little room of comfort. Like you said not sure why they are having so many problems afterwards and we can only hope that things will get better for them.

      I am 51/2 weeks after surgery never having any type of surgeries prior to this one gb removal keyhole.

      ?And I have no problems at all little soreness in navel area.

      I have gone back to normal eating no fat watch and just for weight sake that may be a bad thing. smile

      ?So don't worry you will have these same issues.




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    Hi, hope you feel better. I don't know if this will help but while you're searching for other answers, who knows? Three years ago, I was having attacks and went to the Emergency Room. Dr. said I had huge gallstones, I was orangish, really bad. He said he had to remove my GB. I said no until I did more research. Dr. saif you won't make it the rest of this week. My girlfriend noticed it wasn't fat that was my trigger food. It was wheat. Bread, bagels, pasta, etc. I cut out all wheat. My attacks almost disappeared. The only ones I've had are if I added a little wheat. I've gone 9 months without an attack. Now again, I'm not a doctor, I haven't seen anything on the internet about a GB/wheat/gluten connection and of course, you're post surgery and I never got the surgery but you could try cutting out all wheats/gluten and see if it helps. Can't hurt. Really wishing you the best.

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    Hi Polly, sorry to hear that you are suffering so much.  My sympathies... i know it's an absolute nightmare when you think that this operation is going to solve your problems not cause new ones.  If you are eating a non-fat diets what kind of food is it that triggers gallbladder type pain for you?

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