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To everyone for their kind words and support.

I would like to point out that Margaret and I have discussed the problem in PM and both apologised to each other.

I should have been more careful how I worded the post and Margaret accepts that my intentions were only to try and help her.

We all have bad days and we all are probably guilty of either not expressing ourselves clearly enough or misreading a posters intentions.

Thank you again and thank Margaret for your kind words in PM.

Love Melbi x

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    Melbi writes:

    [quote:08f2acf00f]I would like to point out that Margaret and I have discussed the problem in PM and both apologised to each other.[/quote:08f2acf00f]

    Given this I've removed Margaret's original posting and a couple of replies regarding it.


    Patient Admin Team

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    Thank you Hilary.

    Maybe we can all get back to what we are all good at now....caring and supporting each other.

    I feel so lucky having found this place and all the wonderful friends I have made here.

    Today I made another new friend her name is Margaret and she seems as lovely as everyone else here.

    Going to go and have that lie down now that I keep promisng myself lol.

    Melbi x

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    Hello to everyone,

    Im just posting this to apologise to Melbi in public. I should never have said what I said to her, but I misunderstood what she was trying to say and realise now that she was only trying to help me. I have spoken to Melbi privately and I hope we have got things sorted out now.

    Again I will say \"Im sorry\"


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    Hi Margaret

    Here is to a long and happy friendship.

    You are a wonderful person and I should have made myself clearer in my post.

    I will send you a link to the chatroom.


    Melbi x

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    Hi Melbi,

    Thank you so much, so glad I got things sorted, sat at work typing this and Im near to tears.. I am mad. lol. I had been reading posts and sorry to hear you had problems at the weekend. I really hope you are back on track now. The bad days can really knock you back, but the good days are a lot better.

    I would love to join the chat room.

    My love to everyone here

    Margaret xx

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    Hi Margaret, How are you? Its good to see you and Melbi are good pals now!.

    I had such a panic in my bath...dont know whether the water was to [b:13f8ce15fa]hot ..ot not?

    Eating Yorkie bar now...its like cooking did Nestle get wawy with it? If I had created the Yorkie bar, it would have got put out in the waist! :lol: :lol: It would be good to chat , Take Care, Tiny Tears x.[/b:13f8ce15fa]

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    LOL Katy - if you were to sit still for long enough in the chatroom - we just might get to chat! :roll:

    Going for a bath now - not too hot though!

    Hope you have recovered x

    Melbi xxx

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    Hello there,

    ive been on 20mg now for 5 months, my marriage broke up and it hit me hard, so bad that i ended up on citalopram.............after a while i started to feel cut the story short i feel ok now, BUT when problems arise or i get let down i feel hugely down and emotional, i sometimes feel like i dont need these tablets anymore, then when something goes wrong i feel awful, is this type of reaction normal with depression, to be honest i have been suffering from depression for well over a year, i am never happy now, i just tolerate life now, any advice? thanks

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    Hi Jase

    Depression can affect people in many different ways.

    I have a history of depression - having said that I haven't had any medication for depression for 16/17 years.

    I have never really recovered and I really and truly believe there is no cure as such! I started uisng alcohol yearsa go to cope - I wouldnt drink every day - I have a good job (least I did have) and my depression was manageable while working. If things are getting me down now (at work or any other time) I will have a few drinks in the evening. I haven't done this since starting on citalopram.

    I find it extremely difficult to accept praise and will more often than not look for the hidden agenda if someone says something nice about me.

    I can walk into a room of people and quite easily imagine they are all staring at me and whispering about me.

    If a friend doesnt reply to a text of mine straight away I suddenly think tnhey have fallen out with me or I have upset them in some way. I will then become such a state imagining all the worse thimngs possible.

    At the moment (today) I can quite easily burst into tears because I dropped something. If the phone rings I jump out of my skin and my heart races pathetically.

    Depression in my opinion is like alcoholism - once you have it - you are never really rid of it. You can keep it at bay but it is a constant battle.

    hope this as been of help.

    Just try and take each day - even each hour as it comes.

    Melbi xxx

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    Hi Jase,

    Your situation is similar to mine. Divorced after 32 years, I found myself in a place I was unfamiliar with, with a newly reconstructed knee and off work. I thought I would never work again. The GP put me on Efexor 75 mg, doubled it to 150 mg 14 days later, then to 230 mg 14 days after that. I found some odd things happening. Head sweats, light-headed, involuntary back-muscle spasms that were strong enough to throw me out of bed, total short-term memory loss, emotional ... and because I had been prescribed the maximum dosage of that drug I was referred to a psychiatrist who put me on 20 mg Citalopram then 4 weeks later up to 20 mg twice a day.

    I am still battling through the courts for my 10 year old daughter. I am generally calm now and have, like Melbi, used alcohol as a crutch. 12 months ago I was a wreck. I could not talk to anyone, counselling left me in tears and sobbing like a child, I'd go to the fridge and stare vacantly inside wondering why I was there.

    I also take tablets for high blood pressure and for an ulcer, and infrequently for pain with my knee. I cannot remember whether I've taken the tablets or not so I have a 7 day compartmentalised pill box that I fill on Sunday for the week. Even then I frequently forget to take them at night.

    So after all that, I would say that I agree with Melbi. Depression seems to be a condition of the brain which can be addressed insofar as intensity but which may never be completely cured.

    My advice, for what it is worth, is to keep posting here, perhaps join the chat room and give and take as you can.

    There are many caring people here. As you can see, Melbi has her own problems and demons but is always willing to lend a hand to others. She has been an enormous support to me, as have others. (I have no hidden agenda Melbi. Look at your posts!)

    Good luck Jase, and welcome to this forum.

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