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well where do i start - i was a relatively healthy normal guy up until the age of around 29 ( i am now 32) 

Out of the blue 1 day i start to feel all these horrible weird symptoms

Head Dizzyness

Weird cold running water feelings everywhere,legs arms

Head pains (not really an headache but odd wierd pains)

Pins and needles in hands and legs

Eye sensativeity

Random lip and eye twitches

Feeling as though i have difficulty breathing

Chest and heart pains

Dry mouth

Loads of jaw ache

Regular mouth ulcers

Symptoms that resemble water infection or prostate issues

The list could go on trust me

I have had everything checked and have had numerous visits to A+E,blood work etc

Apparently i am very healthy when i feel everything but!

Been suffering with this (bleep) for 3 damn years now and there seems to be no end. I do not live a stressful life,nothing has happened to me in a stressful capacity,i just can not accept that this is anxiety.i must have some under lying horrible disease.

I so want to ease my symtoms,am not bothered if they never go completely juts want some release

I still lead a very normal life,go to work everyday,have a beautiful girlfriend and the best 5 year old boy in the world

Any advice or encouraging words would be appreciated

Cheers guys

J x 


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    Sounds like an anxiety illness with panic symptoms. I have had most of what you describe. Panic can produce many odd feelings. If you hav`nt seen your doctor about this then please do , there is help out there and you are not alone, many people have this illness myself included. I am fit and go running etc but mentally I am a train crash. Go to your doctor if you hav`nt already and say you believe you are having panic attacks. You will not be able to control them on your own they are to overwhelming belive me.
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      Thanks for the response David its appreciated

      Iv been to my doctor  loads who just says its anxiety and is unwilling to offer medication plus to be honest am scared of going down the medication route anyway.when i am busy or occupied  i feel generally ok but its impossible to make yourself busy 24/7

      In your opinion does exercise help?

      Any other remedies/tips that you can offer?



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    Ok thing is yes when you are occupied panic is less or not there at all, however when you relax or try to its comes back and you can have panic in your sleep which I have and its very frightening. If you doctor is not will to give you meds then change your doctor. Anti-depressants are all bad I`m on them and I`m glad I am. I do excersise but it has little impact on my illness tbh. If you feel your life is not your own anymore due to these symptoms then you need help and more than likely meds too. It may only be for a while some don`t have to take them for ever . I am on Sertraline ( Zoloft) which works for me and controls my panic attacks . Let me your thoughts ? David.
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    Sorry I meant to say "are`nt all bad " not are all bad. typo sorry :-)
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      Im really not sure about the med route but i understand what you are saying - A coarse of medication may in time help restore my mind/brain function back to how it was

      You read so many horror stories about anxiety/panic medication and how you feel soooo much worse when you begin taking them

      I really do need some release from this illness though as it effects my everyday life.Luckilly for me their is no sign of any form of depression as i am quite an optimistic person and would never let it effect me in that way,just want rid of some of these annoying physical symptoms

      Again thanks for the response David


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    Hi J,  I totally understand why you would think you have something horrible that no one has picked up on! I too thought that for many years, Had every concievable blood test, brain scan etc possible. Probably cost the NHS a fortune, had they any inclinations to investing some money in getting real help for Anxiety/panic disorders it may not have to be this way. But the most distressing thing is that you just do not need to have a bad life to feel this way, I do believe it is usually a specific something that may trigger it off but it is an inbalance still. I have also found after 14 years now of suffering that the only thing that has helped me is talking to people about it. And when ever you get all those horrible feelings really bad there is no shame in getting help in the form of medication, be it a small dose of Diazapam or beta blockers. I have certainly found that if I do not ignore the onset of an anxiety/panic attack and take a tablet I can cope and get over it in no time. If i ignore it or think it is alright and it will go away, it will develop and be with me for days or weeks before I can shake it off. The best thing in the world is to have a supportive family and good understanding friends around you as this comfort helps you through the worst moments. Also I think you have to not neglect yourself as you might not even think you are but if you are busy and suffer with this you will get run down and it will lead to an attack. Take time out to relax and to be honest, this site is great for advice and just hearing other peoples ways of coping. I hope you can take from it what you need and move forward from your horrible symptoms and feelings. smile x

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      Hi Nikki

      Thanks for the response its appreciated

      Its quite an hard thing to talk about as people see it as not an actual illness and 'its just in your head'

      Man the physical symptoms feel so damn real and regardless of how optimistic you are its hard to not let them get to you and to think that their is something really wrong with you

      Am terrified of the medication route as you read sooo many bad stories

      Thanks Nikki


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      It is a great shame that in this day and age people should feel they cannot talk about things. I hate taking any form of medication and that is why I take beta blockers usually just one will do the trick but last week I was quite bad and took them for a few days until the worst feeling subsided. If it is not too bad I will take travel sickness medication as these seem to calm you down ( will make you sleepy too which is great if you need to). I would not want to get on anti depressants for anxiety as they are two different things altogther. When i first started getting panic attacks my doctor ( who was very ignorant) palmed me off as being depressed as much as I protested. I was on antidepressants for many years and still had anxiety/panic attacks but also had all the side effects of the tablets. I took my self off them over 7 or 8 months and felt heaps better and more in control. You can take propranolol as and when you need them they are not part of a course or long term. Actors and public speakers use them to calm them before performing. If you get desperate, sometimes it is good to have something with you as a comfort blanket even if you never use them smile

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