The evils of Sertraline and other antidepressants

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Have any others received negative feedback from their doctors or had the feeling that they dont believe you when you tell them the side effects? When I was suffering really bad withdrawal effects and having 'Sertraline Syndrome', but  I was just checked by my GP..temp, heart and BP and then sent home to cope on my own when, in fact, I think I should have been admitted to hospital as I was sweating so was terrible and unbearable. When I told the doc 4 times in one week, the answer was always the same -'go home and rest' - without any backup or information. Is it just me or are the medical profession in denial about all of this? Any replies would be very interesting!! Thanks.

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    hi marie, sweating is terrible im on sertraline i understand i am on 50mg of sert and 15mg mirtz at night . mirtz takes the side effects of sertraline away result! no hun its not just you! u need to change your meds if its causing this horrible side effect . can i ask what dose you are on?  julie x
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      Hi Julie, Im really sorry that you are having such a bad time of things, but believe me it does help to know that others are in the same situation and you are not going completely crazy, which is what Sertraline makes you feel like. I  was taking 150mg along with 75mg of Amitriptiline which interacted with each other and gave me the Seratonine Syndrome. My doc should have known this but didnt realise about the interaction and so I was in a terrible mess. I lost all the colour in my vision and could only see things in 'grey',,quite literally and this frightened the hell out of me. I didnt know what it was until a doctor let it 'slip' what it was and at least, I could put a name to this terrible thing.  I had to stop the Sertraline cold turkey which was the worst thing to do but I didnt have an alternative. Can you believe that my doc wanted to put me on MORE anti depressants and to bring me down off these?! That would have been a complete overdose!  I told him that I wasnt taking any more and it took two weeks for the really bad sweating to stop - my clothes were actually sticking to me -  I still have the sweats but not as much, thank God. The bad effects are still with me three months after stopping them, but every day it does get just a little better...but its better to be off them than taking them. I was taking them for 17 years and no one tried to get me off them before. At least now I have stopped a lot of the drugs for depression and only take things which are really necessary, and its much better to try and get yourself better naturally which you can do if you look on the internet. If you want any info about helping yourself, then please drop me a line. Take care.
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    Yes, doctors are in total denial about this. I think the fault lies with pharmaceutical companies who cover up vital information from drug trials and deny withdrawal syndrome and serious side effects. Dr Healey in the UK recognises the dangers of these drugs.

    My life has been completely destroyed by psychiatric drugs and I'm trying to get it back or at least some semblance of a life. I'm suffering terribly from the sweats too..I've been having them for 7 months along with loads of other terrible symptoms. I wish to goodness I'd never taken anything. I'd be living a normal life by now if I hadn't and would have recovered from my anxiety on my own. I was halfway there but it's too late now.

    I have severe akathisia from these meds. I saw 2 different psychiatrists about this and a GP and all gave a different description of it and said I didn't have it. They said it was anxiety which is ridiculous. Eventually I saw a sensible psychiatrist who said I did have akathisia and withdrawal symptoms.

    I'm very sorry for what happened to you and I hope you are improving.

    i think a load of us need to tell our stories. If enough of us told our terrible stories and sent them to the right person, maybe someone would listen. Maybe we need to send them to the government or something. There are websites for people suffering terribly from these drugs. When will it end?

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    Hi marie, yes, my doc is exactly the same. Me having mild Sertraline Syndrome symptoms and all sorts of freaky side effects (even hallucinations) from 3 months on sertraline and he told me it was anxiety and my phychologist told me not to doubt my GP as i said to her that i was pretty sure it was side effects and not anxiety, especially as it only started after i started sertraline lol she said doc knows best and not to believe all the stuff on the internet! I gave up and stopped sertraline (strange how all side effects stopped too lol) and i'm on a very low dose of Effexor which i find much better (together with propranolol) They are all very strong meds and helpful i think in certain situations, i myself do miss the happy bubble i was in on sertraline but the side effects were killing me...oh, and yes i sweat sweat sweat all the time and i always feel so hot...apart from the huge number of other side effects i had, some i still have, especially a crazy buzzing in my ears, thankfully the awful diahrrea stopped, but i could go on about the side effects all night...but dpon't doubt yourself, they are side effects, NOT anxiety. maybe the gps etc should try taking the meds for a few months...i'm sure that would help them to reconsider their response!

    best wishes

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      Hi Geraldinho, you are quite right - docs wouldnt take these meds if they had any idea of what they did to you! I was on Effexor before I was on Sertraline and I took 225mg of this drug. I was told to come off this and wait 5 days before I took the Sertraline - I got terrible withdrawal effects from this but was never warned. I was violently sick for the 5 days, sweating and couldnt do a thing...I thought I had the flu or something, but it was the effects of not taking it. Then I went on the Sertraline and had a bad interaction with Amitriptiline which I was taking at 75mg...the doc never realised what would happen and I thought i had been hit by a truck! I just wish that these doctors would realise that its OUR lives that are being messed up with and if they had a few of the effects, they would never prescribe them in the first place. What a shame they dont go home and think about the patients who are in quite literally, a shaking mess. I have found that no matter what anyone tells you, YOU are the best judge of how you feel ....I also feel that the doc sees you in the surgery and then you go and its 'NEXT'! Once you leave the surgery, then thats you gone - and you have to live with the consequences. Take care and let me know if I can help in any way - I DO know what you are going through.
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    Hey Marie,

    Change your doctor!

    You doctor either doesn't care or is lazy (or both).

    I often discuss the various side effects of anti-depressants with my GP. She's well aware of them and sympathetic and she makes sure to keep a record ot ehm in my medical notes.

    Unfortunately, the choices are: take antidepressants and be able to function (kinda) and put up with some side effects, or not take them and not able to function.

    As I've grown older I've realised how little is really for sure in medicine, especially around mental health, and all medications have side effects. Some obviously a lot worse than others, and it's just a matter of weighing them up. I've changed my anti-depressants many times over the years due to weight gain, sweating, loss of libido, headaches, joint pain, irritability, or just not making me feel any better or no longer working. The new ones I go onto always end up having some sort of side effect. I've just come off sertraline and my doctor's put me on Loxalate (excitalopram). It's only been a week so I don't know if they're going to help me or not.

    Please, seriously, go to a different doctor. If they don't help, then try someone else again! Do you have anyone you can get a referral from? Like, a friend or co-worker who already has a doctor that they can recommend to you?

    I wish you all the best with this and look forward to hearing how you've got on.

    Hug from me!

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    Hi marie, I didn't even consult the doc after a nightmare. 3 weeks cold turkey...four years at 100 mg.  There's been blood, sweat n tears but I feel like I'm coming back...the Judders are horrid...I know the feeling. Can't recommend what I'm doing. But I keep focussed on me at the end of the tunnel prior to sertaline ..big hugs 

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