The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Disappeared for a couple of days. Here's the skinny: (TKR December 16, 2016 + Complicatuons: Femoral nerve damage and quad palsy; IT band syndrome)

The Good (and magnificent!)🌟

I took 5-7 steps on my own! Therapist gave permission to try at home with cane "as much as I can handle", which is not a lot as my quad is still very weak. But, I can do it!!! So excited.

The Bad:🌚😱

I got a tooth abscess literally overnight. No nagging pain. Just a feeling like I have a popcorn skin stuck between the gum and the tooth. From zero to hellish pain and chipmunk face no time flat. Visit to the dentist- tried to numb me but it didn't work. Sorry, we cannot do anything until the infection is under control.

4 Days of sheer hell ensued. Long story short pharmacist typed wrong instructions on antibiotics and I was only taking half the dosage every 6 hours. No amount of painkiller (narcotic too) helped. On Sunday I knew that if I didn't lance it I would go crazy with pain. It wasn't pretty...almost passed out... But RELIEF. Still have low level pain and see oral surgeon on Wednesday. The pain was so bad I wasn't even worried about the infection going to my knee.

The Ugly😖🦂

I lost bend. My Pt didn't want to measure yesterday but says he can see and feel it. 3 Days of still doing home excercises while the tooth thing happened (oh and did I mention I got one of my migraines from lack of sleeping) but didn't get much out of bed. You gotta keep that knee moving!

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    After what my wife and I have been through these past eight years, we have seriously considered doing something "Old Testament" that you may also want to think about.

    Go down to the local courthouse and have your family name changed to "The Jobs".  After all, what else can The Big Guy throw at you?  Leprosy?  Boils?  Frogs?  


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      I know your pain.  I had sciatica at 5 weeks, a tooth extracted at 6 months and the onset of L2/L3 stenosis at 8 months.  Makes you want to "eat the gun".  I'm STILL not recovered from the TKR at 13 months post-op because of the stenosis.  Just had that surgery 3 weeks ago; still dealing with the post-op nerve pain but the stenosis is gone.

      Sometimes you wonder when all these "gotchas" will ever end.  The answer: when you're dead.  So we keep on keeping we said in the 60's.  Stay strong, kid... 

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      Man I feel a little "picked on". If I had a penny for every time I have said: "You have got to be $&@($&&& kidding me"... (I live in California but I speak New York fluently.)

      You sure have been through the wringer and still ongoing. It's got to get better! (Even if it's just so you can get something else !!!😱wink

      This is all so exhausting too. I have aged.

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    OMG Milla, whatever else is gonna happen to you??

    I know that with dental problems, when the patient doesn't numb the only way is ABs, but for a pharmacist to make such a fundamental error is absolutely abysmal!! Makes you feel you want to go down there, punch them in the face, & say how do you like it??? Of course being the civilised person you are, you wouldn't do that! (Not to mention the fact that with TKR recovery you really couldn't!) But boy it would feel so good, until the guilt kicked in! Or is that just me!!!

    I'm sorry but I can't recommend the chocolate diet for you with dental problems, keep it for when you've got over that!

    Keep working at the bend, it will happen. As you say gotta keep moving the knee!! When you can!

    Urghhh as for migraine, I don't get them bad like I did in my teens, had the whole numbness down one side thing going on then! Now just partial vision, flashing inverted c of lights & the headache, which isn't so bad now, I just feel utterly exhausted for 3 days afterwards! So I really, really feel for you love! You've been suffering on another level!

    Get well soon, knee back on track, tooth sorted.

    Keep in touch



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    Oh Milla!  Good grief - that sounds horrific!!!!!  I pray you're feeling better abd teg antibiotics are working well and healing it and it all is better soon, and good on you for your progress with walking!  My goodness you've had a time of it!!!!

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    Hey Mila - good grief!!  God doesn't give us what we can't handle they say?  What are we Hercules???  Give me a break for crying out loud!  I keep saying to myself God is trying to tell me something - well tell me already!! -- there's only so much we can take!!  Hang in there doll, chin up!  Now that the swelling has gone down!  All kidding aside - feel better doll!

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    Job, Milla...go Old Testament...I told you!!!

    Cheer up...

    A man walks into a bar and bets the bartender that he can identify any exact liquor just by its taste. The bartender takes the bet and pours a shot behind his back. The man downs the shot.

    "Beefeaters. That was simple. Got another one?"

    The bartender repeats the procedure.

    "Johnny Walker Black. This is too easy. How about one more?"

    The bartender tells the patron that he has to go into the back to retrieve something special. He returns with the shot and the man chugs it.

    "Damn! This is p*ss!!!"

    The bartender replies: "Yes...but whose?"



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    Oh Milla so sorry to hear this hope it gets a smoother ride soon but at least you haven't lost your sense of humour that's important 🤡.

    I wouldn't worry about the ugly part it will come again you say gotta keep moving that knee.

    Glad you can vent on here and be kept smiling by the likes of Chico lol.

    I'm feeling pretty fortunate really.

    Keep us updated Jan x

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