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So I have a question for anyone who can enlighten me.

I will make a long story short, im just needing insight for those that understand this.

Ive been dealing with depression and menopause for about 8 months now. Ive been on the forum a while and received lots of support.

I'm tackling these conditions from all angles, and i do not know at this point what does or doesn't work. 


Can depression be on and off like a light switch? 

I will have one good day then 10 bad days, the most being 2 good days in a row. My mood is high, im  happy, full of energy, thankful to be alive my normal high energy self..loving life.

Then ever so gradually i feel the shift, and down i go to where im depressed again, at real low..

Its like 10 days off 1 day on, sort of pattern. ..

I do not know if its phase two bipoar,.. menopause alone..depression, mood swing..i am really getting tapped out mentally and emotionally, its a cruel game played everyday.

So does this resonate with anyone?

Thank you

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    I'm sorry you're struggling.

    Depression is unique to every person. Also there are different types of depression and different subtypes within these. So yes, it is perfectly normal to have up and down days.

    Do you have an official diagnosis from a specialist? Although it's just a piece of paper and doesn't change how you feel, it can help the doctors to recommend the best type of therapy for that particular diagnosis.

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    Hi yes it is familiar to me as well.  When I was going through the menopause I was told by a nurse that it doesn't create new problems but it can make existing ones worse.  I did find this to be the case so I went on HRT.  I found this helped with the mood swings,  sweats,  and hot flushes and helped my depression overall.  Are you on this?  If not it might be something to consider.  x

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      Lucy  Hypercat, and Adldiane

      Thank you for your responses.

      I work with a few doctors in a small clinic

      so yeah ive been give the diagnosis and done a hormone panel showing im off, super low progsterone.

      Im on bioidenticals taking progesterone. 

      Although its helped a little bit, this depression feels really profound in the brain chemistry meaning..

      i think its almost in conjunction with the depression, that i have both and it doesnt feel like its going to resolve anytime soon.

      ive made a few meek attempts at ssri's but have not found one that works, i really dont tolerate them but tht isnt to say i will not continue to try them,  they zombifie me or make me feel Un feeling..

      i will attempt nortryptline soon. This will help with sleep and as an off label for neck pain etc.

      it just doesnt feel like this is going to get better anytime soon aside from the 1 good day every 2 weeks.

      Thanks for your many people suffering my God...


      And yes, im going to start talking to God pretty soon..


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      Thank you so...much for your reply so you feel as I do with test to prove that hormones are a part of it. Yes many suffer and we need not suffer alone. God bless!! 
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    Hello there I am a woman who has gone through menopause and have struggled with depression off and on since age 8. I'm no doctor but from my experience there is a physical part and the emotional part. I have a great ONGYN and a counselor. I attack things from all angles. It works. I think depression takes on a life of it's own and your on again off again depressed days could be straight depression or combo menopause/depression.  Have you seen anyone to get tested for hormones they will give you a  wide range of emotions if they are off. Just a thought. We are here you are never alone though I know it can feel that way sometimes. Adl. 

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      Hi I just saw where you said you have not had depression before. I think depression can hit any time. Have you spoken to a doctor? I agree with the other person I too have had lots of relief from antidepressants
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    Hmm, kind of sounds more like menopause to me. Depression generally is a constant down and bipolar usually  goes more extreme in both moods (depression and mania) not the ups and downs that you describe feeling.

    I am not a medical professional this is just my opinion.

    It is best to see your Doctor and describe exactly what you have been feeling.

    Best of luck !

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    Hi. I did not have depression until after menopause as well, although it did coincide with a severe betrayal in my marriage. Nonetheless I have not been successful with antidepressants, have anxiety and physical issues as well. What caught my eye about your post is the 10 to 1 pattern of bad to good days. I get that too although the good days aren’t too great either. Then I go back to where I just want or need to sleep al day. I am wishing you healing and sending prayers your way. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing. 

    Deb nyc 

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      Thank you Pobutter, and thank you Brenda

      I think im just depressed becaues of menopause, and that everything is unmanageable. You might be right in that its maybe not bipolar but the amazingly powerful hormones that have the ability to completely whack you out.

      I dont even look at the world the same, things really 'irk' me that have no reason to. The simplest things make me cringe, my body is so sensitive to even material, i dont see my clothing the same even..its so hard to explain. 

      But yeah, the 1-2 good days then down in the dumps..

      Im sorry that antidepressants have not helped you Pobutter. Me neither. I will not hesitate to keep trying one after the next and maybe ill get lucky. So many women use the AD's as a bridge through this transition.

      Thank you ladies again.

      Bless you all's.  


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