The turning point to hard drugs?? HLP

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im not talking ssri's or antidepressants or mood stabalizers yes i know they are drugs bit im talking about hard drugs. ive never done hard drugs and i do not want to go that route. closest thing for me is taking ativan to a hard drug. my anxiety is 24/7 its bad i cant stop it. thats all i want is the racing thoughts to go away! just like when i was a teenager i was normal, level headed i sure had normal anxiety job interview stuff, school stiff but now its evolved into a true disorder of anxiety ive jad for years im 31 now and im sick of it! im taking escitolapram which aint cutting the beans. so when ssris fail its xanax time?? ativan time?? or some people turn to street drugs! i see alot pf old fellers out here in edmonton working still. and if a young guy like me is struggling to work these older fellas jave to be on some sort pf opiates or drugs which im not knocking them of thats the case. atleast they are working! so is that what happens?? delt with anxiety and ssris worked aa few years and npw what?? seems like popping pills is the answer. im clueless how people manage there mental health because i dont think i can mind over matter my anxieties. they are too severe and are in need of chemical adjusting. please give me ur opinions and life experiences

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    I strongly urge you to see a doctor so he can prescribe you the anxiety medication you need.

    Taking random unprescribed pills on your own is such a dangerous route to go and will definitely ruin your life, not just because of addiction problems but because life experience gets severely altered by these drugs in a downward spiral.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Hi , I'm not sure about your meds if any, I took lorazepam only as needed in small doses to diminish my most extreme panic attacks and allow me to sleep when I was exhausted.

    It seemed to calm my pounding heart beat and dry mouth .

    I too wanted to sleep most of the time because anxiety is exhausting and because it felt good to stop thinking.

    If you have any idea of what started your first panic attack , write it down

    You will need to deal with this eventually. It is probably something that you fear or can't accept and it might be something silly that makes no sense !

    It triggers the panic then quite often we become panicked by the symptoms of the panic attacks and dwell on our health.

    If you can solve why you had your first panic and understand why it bothered you, then you need to address it by putting it into a different prospect .Meaning that , realize it is ; not an issue no more an and it has no more relevance on you. You are safe, you are good and time has proven this. You need to change the way you think about it and accept it. Don't dwell on it.

    It might not even be a real thing !

    It could be a threat, or a decision that you made or something that hurt you, that doesn't make sense.

    You need to think of it differently and make reasons to accept it or change it if you can .

    The origin of the panic is gone... it's already past and it's time to forget.

    In the meantime , know this ... the majority of people suffer from anxiety some time in their life. You're normal ! It's difficult , not impossible , to work with it ! It will go away when you no longer think about it .

    Until you solve the origin of your panic , you need to stop thinking about panic.

    Panic creates chemicals in your body that make your heart pound ,your mouth dry, your body sweat. You need to distract your thoughts in order to lower those chemicals. Someone told me about tapping therapy. You tap with your finger on places of your face while you repeat phrases like "I am a good person . I deserve to be well again. This panic is not real ... this panic is leaving.

    The panic is gone !... repeat all... while tapping a new location. Any ways it was a kind of meditation of positive thinking that distracted my thoughts and reduced the panic.

    Another thing I did was exercise so I would be tired and able to rest at ease after. I did 1-2 hours in a gym after work.

    Meditation ... Do you have a place that you can imagine peace , quiet and pure beauty ? Like on in a boat in a lake surrounded by cottages and trees .

    Just find a room where you can be alone and safe and think about your paradise and every thing in it ,item by item . Concentrate on every detail that you can imagine .Enjoy being there ! Even just a few minutes can greatly calm your panic.

    I also read a self help book that made me aware that I was not alone dealing with panic and that panic can be brought on by the stupidest things, things not even real and can ruin our lives if we let it.

    This monster is our imaginations, running full speed ,blindfolded. No wonder we're scared.

    Like I said you can lower your panic and maybe get rid of it but I personally had to remember ,then to rethink it and accept the thing that first brought on my panic. It was a lie from someone who I cared about ... So it wasn't even real . I just happened to find out about the lie and then everything made sense to me and my body returned to normal. I couldn't accept the lie. If I could I would have been alright.

    For me, 4 months... 24/7 of hell !

    You will beat this ! Your panic is mainly from non real thinking and you are safe.

    Good luck and better times ahead ! Never give up ! .............Stephen.

    PS ...If you can do it without heavy meds then you're better off but don't put yourself at harm to avoid them either.

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