these feelings not going away :-(

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Afternoon every 1

well my aniexty n panic attacks dont 2 be go anywhere :-( i just wish they wud do 1 :-( how do u all get through urs, feels like i gonna die. i totally hd enough & had these since august.

Im scared about christmas dont want to spoil it for my boys im dreading it :-(

im ok few days but always blackout just go in world on my own, my mum filmed me n i showed doc n she ok with it, doc just says its worrying over worry etc but it wont go away, i just want my life back :-(

I was going out friday but felt poo so i didnt go so i let my mate down, she was ok about it but i just hate letting people down, i have never been like this :-( x

what do you all do ? how do u cope please xx

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    I feel like this all the time too! Especially when it's just me and the kids I feel like my heart will give up and I will collapse and die! But what I do is just do what I need to do & try and ignore the thoughts! Then they will pass! It's horrible tho feeling like this every ache or pain I think this is it! Just try and remember (know it's hard) that they r only thoughts xx

    Take care hunni ur not alone xx

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    I know how you feel, I have awful anxiety and panic disorder and the past 3-4 weeks have been the worst I have ever known.

    Currently I am trying the technique of embracing my symptoms and actually encouraging them which sounds crazy but it does help a lot, so when my heart beats fast I tell it to beat faster for example and I do it with every single feeling and sensation I get,  I will it to worsen, I invite it to do it's worst and although it returns I have to say I have noticed a huge improvement overall in the last few days.

    Anxiety thrives on fear so the idea is that by embracing the fear and allowing the horrible feelings you get used to them, you see that yes they are horrible but they cannot harm you, as the fear subsides the symptoms do too because they have less to feed on.

    It's natural to fight anxiety, we all do it but in reality we just prolong our own suffering by doing that, try it say at home initially, somewhere you feel safest.

    When you get even the slightest feeling sit down, focus on what you are feeling and say 'come on then, do your worst', it will at first and thenit will subside, I shut down 3 full blown attacks in one day doing that, attacks that had been previously going on for hours but I shut them down in 10 minutes.

    Use positive words as you do it, for me I freak out hugely in a particular supermarket, I still hate even the idea of the place but I make myself go there and am starting to get a bit braver and use the technique there now, as I stand still the panic comes and I let it,whilst I do that I think of words like 'stay' and 'safe' but you will have your own self comfort words to use.

    Don't feel bad for not going on Friday, if you had flu you would be dissapointed but wouldn't beat yourself up this much, it's no different, you are not well at the moment and need to find your way through it and get better before you are ready to do everything again.

    I have young children too and am so upset that my stupid anxiety has flared up so close to Christmas but the more we pressure ourselves to feel better my a certain date the worse we are going to feel.

    I call it 'the witch' but it wont win, it has taken things away but I will get them back and you will too, teach it a lesson, take one small task that you feel is impossible and do it anyway no matter how bad you feel, it proves that witch wrong and it weakens the grip it has on you.

    I'm off to the supermarket from hell again tomorrow and am terrified but if I don't go it tightens the grip so I am going, I might shake, hyperventilate and have various other symptoms but if I do then I'll just try again another day.

    Take care and know that you will beat this x


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    What meds do you take Gemmalemma for this?

    I am finally getting over mine. Had anxiety since July 2013. I am beating it with my own mind. I don't let it beat me anymore. If you start to worry about anything or in your example Christmas, just say out loud "forget about worrying and move on" and get up and do something. That is the phrase I use on all my anxiety issues. At first, I had to say it hundreds of times a day. Now, I am beating this anxiety demon. I control doesn't control me. Not only does it work, but I feel power over controlling it.

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      "Forget about it, and move on". If I am walking around at the time, I speed up my walk. If I am sitting at the time I get up and do something. If I am doing something with my hands at the time, I do it faster or more exaggerated. Basically, I used to freeze, wiry and dwell on what I was feeling, now I do the opposite. I worked on this with my counselor. It is an advanced form of CBT, called EMDR. Let me know if you have questions
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    Disconnect yourself from all these things. Getting off this website was one of the best things I did for my recovery. Reading horror stories and obsessing over everything that happened to me and telling everyone my egotistical story of how my anxiety was so bad. It just kept the whole cycle of panicking going. I honestly just got tired of feeling the way I did and just stopped doing all these things (like checking my heart rate googling my symptoms reading on anxiety forums) I just stopped doing everything. Best thing I did.
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