Think I have anxiety :(

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I'm already imagining that this post will be fairly long, so if you dont stick around to read this I dont blame you, but if you do, thank you so much for taking the time to listen!

I'm a 20 year old female and all my life I have stuggled when it comes to being sociable. Before I have to attend a social event or gathering, I shake and have a real urge to start crying (sometimes I do) and I get horrendous nausea that actually causes me to phsycally gag and vomit. It seems to be very trivial things that trigger this reflex, and it often occurs more when I am socialising with people I know rather than complete strangers. i suppose it's because I care more about what they are thinking of me? 

Before any social event, I turn to alcohol. It doesn't help a ton but it definately makes me feel a little more confident about the situation. Although I have suffered with these anxious feelings for years, the alcohol has only become a problem since it's been legal for me to buy it. Sometimes I carry a small bottle of vodka or whisky around with me and take a swig when I say I'm going to the toilet, just to cope with being around people. That's disgusting I know but sometimes I feel like it's the only real solution. 

I have only 1 friend that knows about this. I only actually have two friends! 

If I have a social event planned ahead of time, there is a period beforehand where I have absolutely no appetite. It's odd for me because I'm usually always hungry, but when I feel anxious the thought and even the smell of food makes me feel sick to my stomach. If a social event doesnt go as I had hoped, I will fall into a depressive state where I cannot eat or talk to anyone, I just lay in bed for days until the phase passes. I work at a holiday park in the spring/summer time, and when I have to start a new season after 5 months of being away from these people, I can't eat and I am often physically sick when I think about it. It's so weird because I really do like the people I work with, but even before I head off to work each evening I get the awful sense of dread and fear in my stomach, it just doesn't make any sense!

This anxiety also occurs when faced with quite small and trivial situations, like having to go to a restaurant that I'm not familiar with, or attending an opticians appointment. It sometimes stems from just plain overthinking!

I have been taking Kalms for about a week now to see if they will make these symptoms less apparent, however they don't seem to be making a difference just yet. I'm guessing theyre just too mild or I have to wait it out a little. 

I feel like seeing a GP about this to see if they could prescribe me something a little stronger to take this constant struggle away. I'm a little nervous about doing so though as when I was 13/14 years old I took an overdose of painkillers when I had a bit of a breakdown, I'm worried this will cause them to think I am unstable in some way?

What are your experiences with social anxiety? Any advice when it comes to getting help? I'm running out of ideas on how to make this go away sad

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    Well, I don't have a long history of social anxiety, or depression /anxiety etc.. but I've had an intense 4 year sampler of it so far

     its been such a ride, I'm ready to get off.

    I have only had social anxeity the past year or so..

    first thing, don't try so hard, I know you're trying hard in your mind.. what to say, when to say it.. how does my voice sound, how should i stand..etc.. but try to notice what's going on around you..the music in the background, what people are wearing.. what they're talking about (I find it incredibly hard to focus in conversation) try to focus externally rather than internally.. if you feel real bad, its okay..don't fight it, because those feelings will leave, they cant hurt you on threaten.. so take a break to the ladies room, and ''use the bathroom'' for a bit, then come back, cell phones are great escapes nowadays,  you can be texting someone, about something important, you can bring up icebreaker conversations.. just something we all have in common, weather.. most embarassing moments, how doctors visits are.. etc.. but!! these are not cures, these are emergency tips wink

    for more optimal care, talk with a counselor about these problems,  get one that when you're setting there with them, your gut and instict says 'they genuinely care' .. and you guys can work on uprooting that underlying problem one step at a time smile


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    Thanks for the advice smile
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    im a 22 year old female and have suffered with anixety for years more recently it being extreme. I have a phobia of vomitting so now every day everywhere i go i think about it. I lost my apetite, i cry alot and im now anxious about everything.

    Please stop drinking, you dont want that problem on top of anixety and also drink is known to cause anxiety. so your making it worse. You have the world ahead of you, i tell myself being silly and i can do this. Also stay away from medication as that can make things worse in the long run and doctors tend to dish it out. 

    Keep your mind occupied and take deep breaths. Everyone around you at some point is experincing or has suffered from anxiety. Especially soical anxiety. 

    I have recently gone of my food due to anxiety and only when i am relaxed i can enjoy food. I am currently in work after eating my lunch feeling very anxious for no reason in case i am sick then i end up making myself feel sick and my stomach churn. you are not alone. 

    I have recently been recommended a book called feel the fear and do it anyway. i dont read but i am willing to try anything to make myself better. Give it a try!

    Many people suffer with some sort of anxiety so just think when your out and about everyone else feels the same as you. Tell people how you are feeling that always helps me!

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    bump smile
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    "Many people suffer with some sort of anxiety so just think when your out and about everyone else feels the same as you".

    Thanks Beth for this simple truth.

    What a great reminder, that could be worth a thousand pills and potions. I'll certainly remember that the next time I start getting all stressed out with zero confidence at the thought of attending some social event

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