This anxiety is too much!

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Every day is bad but since 6am yesterday morning i have been off the scale anxious with frequent actual panic attacks.

It will not come down at all, i am having both psychological and physical symptoms, it's happening at home as well as when i go out and it's driving me crazy living in this consant state of fear.

The doctor said increase the diazepam by 2mg in the morning but i don't see 2mg doing much, the 22mg i take now isn't doing a thing, i am not ready to try a new med either, the experience i had with mirtazapine was dreadful and i only took one tablet, i just can't cope with trying something else again yet.

I go to CBT once a week but so far it's not helping, i do understand these things take time.

Thing is though it is so bad i just can't cope anymore, it is non stop panic, the mental health team said there is nothing they can do, they said the CBT will help and i know that but it's not helping me in terms of coping right now.

I have no idea how to cope, i can barely function, have to force myself to get dressed, force myself to eat, can't get out of my chair at times because i am so crippled by anxiety and i cry so much.

I just need it to come down a little bit and it wont, i try to just rest but it wakes me up in a panic, there is no respite and i am just desperately lost sad

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    Ask the CPN if Relaxation Techniqes may work for you, it will just allow you to enter a new calm place

    The medication in your case may be as far as your GP will go, so they will need to look for more different approaches, hence above

    We are here if needed

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    Oh, bella, I really am sorry to read this.

    Well done to the mental health team who have finally revealed that they can nothing to help you........we all knew that anyway but it's nice that they're admitting it. (I am such a cynic.)

    I can only say that you know we're all here for you. Have you any idea what's set this off? or is it just random?

    You're having such an awful time. I wish there was something I could do.

    Maybe just don't go out for a few days - that does seem to increase your anxiety and of  course, the agoraphobia.

    I would carry on increasing the valium, since your doctor has suggested it. I don't usually say that because of the addictive nature of valium, but you are not on a high dose. you've been very slow to increase it and that's a good sign, from the point of view of addiction.

    hey, I'm down to 8mg now!

    lots of love,

    Tess xxxxx

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    Can you pinpoint a possible reason your anxiety is heightened, like is something bothering you?  You said it started at 6 a.m yesterday morning, since you've had it, have you noticed it gets worse or that its scaring you, i ask this because I have a vertigo disorder and when the dizziness became an everyday thing, it would send my panic and anxiety into overdrive, because I was or and still am afraid of the dizziness.  Does this make sense?  is it possible when you had it at 6, its staying with you and worrying you so its actually making it worse, also you don't want to take new meds for it and your worried you may need meds and this is scaring you.  Anxiety can do some crazy things to the mind.  Also you said the diazapam doesn't seem to be working, its probably because your body is in such panic that it overriding the med.  

    Maybe you can call your doc and ask if you can take even a 1/2 of a pill more, soemthing to get you calmed down some.  

    I know how hard it is to calm down, sounds silly but take a breath into the count of 4 through your nose and into your belly hold for 2 seconds and release throught the mouth to the count of 6, do this a few times and breath normally then go back to the breathing for a few more times, lay down when you do this so you body can try to relax.  It may not seem to work if you've never done it before but it does help.  I know it sounds silly when your feeling so badly, but it helps.  I do it everyday, so that when I get panicy i can remember it and do it to help.  Go on yourtube and find some relaxation anxiety video's and they will hlep you to meditate to relax.  

    Do check with your doc about adding 1/2 a pill of you diazipam.  

    I hope you feel better

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    Anxiety can be very debilitating. It takes all the energy I have to get out of bed and get ready for the day. The bad part is that it affects my sleep so sometimes I am just layng there in complete panic. Therepy takes time and it takes time to settle down your nerves once again. I have had two severe battles with anxiety and am going through one now. I develop fears of evrything and can't cope wither. My doc says there is nothing they can do and wil not prescribe me a benzo so I have been dealing unsuccesfully. I have ok days but every morning starts with panic. Hang in there and know that you are not alone. 

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