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Exasperated at my inability to cope with my anxieties I developed a simple technique that has allowed me to gain a sense of normality in my life. I am a different person from who I was a couple of years ago.

This technique uses a simple form of visualisation where I take myself out of the equation and work only with the anxiety. This is different to most available therapies in that it isn’t about changing my outlook. I don’t have years of research and a cabinet full of case studies to support my self-developed technique but I do have a level of inner peace that a couple of years ago I would have never thought possible. As this has had a massive impact on my life I am wondering whether it can do the same for others. I am curious as to whether this is something worth developing.

I am not selling anything instead asking whether anyone could give this a try before letting me know the outcome. I hope it can help. Obviously I can’t guarantee this but there is the chance that it will.

The technique is based on the premise that anxiety is an energy echo of a previous event, which will disperse when we allow it. The problem is that we deny the anxiety the opportunity to leave us alone because we think we have to be in control and have the answers.

We don't! Only the anxiety knows what it needs to disperse so my technique is based around allowing this to happen.

This is what I did:

I looked at the anxiety as separate from me and when faced with an unpleasant level of anxiety I said to it: “I don’t know what you are saying or need so I am going to allow you to do and say whatever you want”.

I then visualised stepping away from the anxiety. In my mind I separated from my physical body leaving the anxiety behind to express in whatever way it wanted. I did nothing to interfere. I gave it the freedom to do whatever it wanted. I didn’t speak with it, debate with it or try to control it. Instead I simply stood back and observed.

At first the idea of letting the anxiety run riot was scary but instead of causing more problems the anxiety had its say then went. After an initial rush, it took seconds for the energy to disperse. After repeating this technique with every subsequent anxiety attack it didn’t take long before my life became calm enough to engage again.

I am not sure whether everyone can visualise stepping away in the same way as I can, so I am not sure how this will work for others. This is why I am looking for feedback. I have discovered an alternative way of stepping back but I want to see how well the visualisation method works first. I am also here to offer advice.

The key is stepping back and allowing the anxiety to express in whatever way it wants. DO NOT INTERFERE!

I hope this works for others in the way it has worked for me and please let me know if you require more information.

I look forward to hearing the feedback.

Take Care


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    This technique is worth serious consideration and trying for those suffering from anxiety related disorders.

    Well done, and thank you for your valuable input.

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    Tenyson I read your post with interest..

    Two things immediately came to mind..

    First, that you are clearly an intelligent person (this is not meant as a compliment or patronising statement but rather just what I believe to be a fact; whether intelligence is a good or bad thing is not the point).

    Secondly, that 'visualisation' has been around for a very long time all its different and seemingly unique and creative ways.

    My understanding of your approach is that its another visualisation method; albeit in a different wrapper. One only has to search for 'visualisation' or any of the other variant names for the same thing on say YouTube or Google and a vast wealth of examples of its different forms are they to choose from.

    Is visualisation a potential aid or solution to addressing anxiety? Yes, just as say meditation is too.

    Sometimes what we think is revolutionary or a new concept etc isn't really, but rather something that's been around for ions but which is now been presented in a different format or different way.

    Changing just 1 detail in a old story or book for example ...does it make it a new story/book? I don't think so.

    To illustrate my point one only has to walk along an aisle of their local supermarket to see what is often essentially the same product being presented as 'new' and/or the 'best'.

    All that said, IF someone is receptive to the rehashed or differently presented version of something that is already in exsistentence and it does the trick for them THEN GREAT! One can never knock or put down something ..anything that helps ellviate or banish poor mental health.

    But for me? I'm yet to come across a 100% guaranteed 'elir of life' where my poor mental health and reassurging demons (aka anxiety) are concerned. That said, the articulate and encouraging way you've described the way you put visualisation into practice for you was nice to read.

    My final thought is...If anxiety/poor mental health is to be truly banished mankind is going to need a miracle of sorts ...Extreme i know, but food for thought: maybe if Aliens from a different Universe landed on earth with technology far far in advance of our own and able to do some sort of procedure on the brain or our dna that completely fixed the problem. If not an alien super race maybe someone with a truly revolutionary scientific/medical/biological breakthrough. Like I said, extreme but food for thought given the fact we never had computers etc 50yrs ago.

    Just my humble thoughts and opinions (no offence or criticism intended).

    Best wishes and much peace to everyone!

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      Yes I will agree that visualisation is not new but what is different in what I wrote is the way to use this age old tool. Most therapies I have encountered, and I have come across many, is that they deal with our view on anxiety. I flipped it and instead work with anxiety's view of us. Take us out of the equation and see how anxiety reacts to the loss of someone to bully.

      I am able to sleep at night and hold down a job because of the way I used visualisation. I will love to claim a one size fits all solution to our problems but I am not. For reasons too deep for this forum I don't think that will be happening any time soon. if my simple technique will help at least one other person then it will be worth the post.

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    Well done Tenyson.....thank you so much for sharing this with us...I will definitely try anxiety yesterday was the worst I've ever had... certainly worth the post...I could be the 1 person you've helped today!
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    Yes thank you a good perspective and very similar to the technique I try and use of total unquestioning acceptance of all the associated thoughts, feelings and symptoms of anxiety. No questions or analysis needed.
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    Thank you for giving me an insight into coping mechanisms, I think I will give this a go and fingers crossed it will help,

    Thanks for you're post

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    Aww this is great this is basically what my cbt worker told me accept you have explained it in a amazing way ! Cbt worker I had was explaining it in a much more complicated way and I suppose that's because she had not had anxiety to the degree a lot of us have but honestly your wording is brilliant !

    I tried this and it worked with me I had no anxiety attack for a month and half still had odd symtoms but it dropped to a level where I was ok with it unfortunately I forgot how to do this as you have to teach yourself to do it in your own unique way reading this I'm sure now I will remember how thankyou .xxx

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    Trying your technique....quite difficult to do at first....but have managed it.....we will see...think it's remembering to do it before I am in full throws of it.......mind it's a horrible thing....taken over my life for the past three years or more....Will persevere.....thank wishes
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    it is the stepping back that I found releases the anxiety energy. What is do it when faced with anxiety is sit quietly then image leaving my body. In this state I can see my body watching the anxiety.

    This state may take a little practice so my advice is not to give up too soon. Sometimes it takes me a couple of goes.

    It reminds me of those magic eye picture. It took me a little while before I could see them but when I did it was worth it.

    All the best

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    Thank you....that explains it a bit more...definitely trying hard at it....!
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