Thyroid test results are they ok?

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What do my lab results mean?

TSH .71 (ref range .4-4.2)

FreeT3 5.9 (ref range 3.- 6.2)

Free T4 27.2 (ref range 11. - 22)

Dr put me on beta blockers and then took me off saying they werent helping my symptoms.

Burning tongue




Help please.

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    Your T4 is too high. That is why you are getting your symptoms. Is your doctor not treating your thyroid? He should have started you on carbimazole to bring down your T4 or referred you to an endocrinologist. In answer to your question, no, your blood test results are not okay.
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    Your TSH is normal, your Free T3 is normal but your Free T4 is in the hyperthyroid range.  My results were like this before my Graves was in full bloom and then they changed.  Did your doctor put you on Methimazole (Tapazole) or Carbimazole? 
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    Hi again and thanks for your responses. So because my anxiety was so bad he decided that it was better to treat me with AD as my T4 was only slightly high. This is despite never having anxiety prior and only Post natal depression mildly that went away without intervention over 10 years ago.

    I did have a swollen sore Thyroid back in September not long after a virus and sinus infection which was treated with anti immflammotory drugs. My thyroid test then showed similar results although my T4 was 21.9.

    Ive since changed drs and despite numerous requests for Free t4 testing the labs have only returned TSH results.

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      I think you need to be very insistent. I too was diagnosed with depression and put on mirtazapine which completely masked my hyperthyroidism until it became so bad that it couldn't do it any more and by then I was very ill. That is because doctors rely too much on TSH tests because it's cheaper. However, you can have a normal TSH and still be hyperthyroid and have symptoms. Your thyroid could be producing too much thyroxin even though your pituitary is sending out the right amount of TSH, or your pituitary could be continuing to send out TSH when it shouldn't be, so the fault can be in the pituitary or the thyroid. Either way, you feel ill and it needs addressing. Anti depressants cause their own set of problems and can be very difficult to withdraw from. I came off the mirtazapine against my doctor's wishes after 4 years on it and it took me many months to taper down. It was only when a new GP arrived at the surgery that I was correctly diagnosed and treated for hyperthyroidism. My mental symptoms are improving because of this, but it's a long journey to wellness. I hope someone starts to listen to you. If not, I would actually ask at reception if they have a form for you to make a formal complaint. Don't feel bad about it. It's your health and hyperthyroidism can be dangerous if left untreated.
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    Thanks everyone. My mum has hyperthyroid although was diagnosed much later in life. I dont understand why they just keep palming me off as an anxious depressed person when the results are in black and white. I am so frustrated and feel like im going crazy! I also had hormone tests that showed that i had no estrogen. Im 35! But all they say is that the test was probably wrong. OMG I have really had enough!
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    Hi Brooke 54419

    Your results indicate that you are hyperthyroid and this would also account for your symptoms.  You have too much thyroxine in your system and it can cause lots of problems if not treated.  There are several causes including thyroid nodules to Graves Disease, which is what I have.  All of the causes are treatable but you must get treated or you will be very ill.  There are a number of options but most commonly your GP will refer you to a specialist and prescribe an antithyroid drug such as Carbimazole which you take daily and which stops production of T4.  It takes a few weeks to kick in but you will feel much better once it has.  You need to go back to your doctor about this issue now as you need to be treated.  Wishing you the best of luck and sending hugs - it is horrible to feel the way you do but the symptoms will go away once you are treated.

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    Hi Everyone

    Thanks to everyone that has responded. Just thought I would give you all an update on my crazy journey to feeling better.

    As I was absolutely sure something was not right I have pushed on and pressured my new Dr to keep checking my Thyroid and on his own judgement he decided to run some other tests also.

    Amazingly my T3 & T4 levels have improved and my TSH is around 1.6, first hormonal tests indicated I had no Estrogen this has now also dramatically improved. So going over my symptoms again in the last 6-9 months (colds/flus, swollen thyroid gland, headaches, fatigue and then anxiety and depression he decided to test me for Glandular Fever which came back Actively positive much to my surprise. He believes that this virus attacked my Thyroid gland, Hormones and left me with terrible joints aches and fatigue and that with my T4 being high and being undiagnosed and being given the runaround by so many Drs this has led to my anxiety and depression symptoms. 

    I am hopeful that he is right and I can now rest my mind and work on getting well. I have been put on a strong B Complex and will be commencing B12 shots weekly to try and push my immune system back up.

    I now know that the feeling I had that something wasn't right was indeed correct. I urge anyone with this feeling not to allow Drs to brush you off with an Anti Depressant, it seems to me that this is much easier for them to do then to spend time working out what is wrong.

    Wishing everyone all the best for a healthy outcome to all the madness we often have to suffer through xx

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