Totally falling off the wagon, im just doomed to fail!

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right got prescribed orlistat about 6 weeks ago, in those 6 weeks had only used 2 weeks worth of tablets, went docs and lost 3lbs since like 6 weeks ago.

decided to myself sunday that i was totally gonna go 4 it and get my arse into gear ..and shape!

sunday was brill, bfast lunch dinner, they were all gd,

monday bfast was gd lunch was crap (buger king), dinner was gd

tuesday, all day was rubbish and included a whole packet of 5 of those scrummy huge chocolate cookies all to myself!

weds (2day) bfast was crap(lots of toast) , had some of this really fatty pork n bacon meatloaf from the hot counter and ate a gd half of it,

then for dinner it was pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! slipping back and i cant stop it! i have reasons why im doing this, my wedding day in under 2 yrs, to be healthy, to fit in2 clothes, to own a dress and skirt! surely these reasons should be strong enough to keep me on track, so why arnt they!!!

i just cant do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Nora, Nora, Nora....gosh I'm sorry things have gone awry for you....dear have to stop in your tracks right now....why have you all those tablets left....why are you not taking them?

    Please, you have a great incentive to get slimmer....just stop eating rubbish!!

    Forgive my forthright speak....please. I mean it for the best of reasons. C'mon....we will get you through this blip.

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    i know i know i know

    dont worry its probably what i need..a good telling off! lol

    im just being a typical yo-yoer!

    RIGHT 'stamps feet' here i go again! i am starting my new weight loss as of 2moro! i have arranged for my weigh in to be in 2 weeks, (24th)!!!!

    any other people who wanna tell me off, please DO IT!


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    nora, like you my goal is to slim for my wedding and obviously my health, everytime something like burger king, pizza (unless lower fat), meatloaf, buttery toast and any other naughty presents itself you need to tell yourself that its not an option, if you want to get into a nice dress and not worry about lumps, bumps and tyres then you need to get off these fatty junk foods! if you havent done so already clear your cupboards, fridge and freezer of things which you will not be able to eat with the tablets and only buy things you can, reducing temptation. for many things there are lower fat substitutes so its not like you need to go completely cold turkey!

    do you have a goal size/weight to get down to? personally i would love to get to a size 12-14 for my wedding dress, i dont think i am built to be skinny and like my curves so i think thats a reasonable target, get something to inspire you to work towards your goal smile

    good luck !

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    OK sit yourself down, stop telling yourself you are crap and ask yourself a question or twp.

    Do you believe that you deserve to be fat? Do you think you have no right to be slim?

    dig deep and think about this. I've said before on here that I've been having counselling and it brought up a couple (well dozens) of issues.

    OK you had a couple of bad meals, but you also had some healthy ones. On several occasions you chose healthy options, so you are a person who makes healthy choices about food, yu just don't do it all the time. But you can do it.

    One thing I did was clear out my fridge and freezer. All the fatty stuff went to friends.

    Do you live with anyone? My housemate has been brilliant. He makes the most fantastic toad in the hole on a regular basis but sine I've been on the blue pills he only cooks it after I've gone to bed. If you live with family or friends talk to them and ask for support. If you live on your own throw out (or donate to others) all pastry, high fat ready meals, lard, butter etc.

    Take a photo of yourself and put it on the fridge. Put a second coy n your purse so if you intend to buy a burger you will see a pic of yourself.

    Last thing - if you have been good for 6 days then on day 7 you can eat what you want. I have Friday afternoon and evening off. The diet stops at 12.00pm Friday. I have anything I want on Friday. Sometimes it is a pub lunch, others it is pizza and occasionally I don't take the afternoon off (but that is rare).

    good luck, you can do this, we are all here to support you.

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    I'm in the same boat Nora! Some days I can be incredibly good with breakfast and lunch, even make the right choice for evening meal, but something then goes horribly wrong and I raid the cupboards and fridge later (not having stuff in doesn't work for me, I'd just go to a 24 hour supermarket and buy it!).

    What I have to do is realise I probably can't be \"good\" all the time. I maybe only manage to be good one or two days in a month! I've realised I have to celebrate and build on that, rather than dwell on the \"failure\" days.

    I honestly don't know if I can do this. I've tried and \"failed\" so many times with diet and exercise. One thing I will do though is try to stay positive, minimise the damage and build on the success. We can do it!

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    We all know exactly how difficult it is - try to stay positive...switch it around so that you have 1 or 2 bad days in a month and all the other days are good.

    Easy to write here - I could have gone mad last night but went out for a walk instead. In the mizzle. I knew if I stayed in I would succumb to something I shouldn't. I have WW ice cream cones in the freezer and promised myself one on Sunday so I'm looking forward to that.

    Try your best....your very best. We are all behind you here.

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    Hi Nora,

    We have all been there and still are sometimes.

    I find it easier to say to myself I am choosing not to eat that yummy something right now, and i think of what my weekly treat will be on the friday night instead or think of how the last weeks treat was.

    Come on keep going, we all have blips, just get back on the 'blue' straight and narrow next day.


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    I always remind myself of some advice i read on this forum.

    You can say no because you are not saying no forever, just no for now. When you're slim you will be able to eat it then.

    I just take it one day / one meal at a time.

    Good luck all - i have 6 week weigh in on wed and i cant wait as my clothes are dropping off me and friends are saying that i have lost weight. I feel great - still treat myself to a fancy skinny coffee a day and i eat ice-cream everyday (walls mini-milks or mini-twisters).

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