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Yay , I got to go see the thyroid doctor. I was so excited as I was taking my handfull of medicine Sunday night (thining ) well not for too much longer. I met the wonder doctor to be told that my referral said I was their for weight gain ( UM hello I gained the weight about 5 months agao 60 pounds), I was there for answers . I began to explain to him that I was diagnosised with Fibro and how I saw that it could be related to thyroid, he told me no, explained that I shouldn;t get inforation from the internrt all though this is research base articles/books. It was as if he got insulted that I would even read and research . He explained that the three test were done and all show ok I can't say which three because no one has yet told me. I made the comment about the progesterone, and he said that the femail body goes low with this twice a month and it is no big deal ( I go low constantly as I have one ovary) . He didn't do any adrenal or pituitary gland testing, which just makes me up set. Insetead of being rude, brash and helping for what I went there for he tells me that he is going to order a glucose test as my A1C levels were high  4 months agao that my primary doctor said he would watch and now this doctor is making a fuss over it. He did order 3 other hormone test as well, they were written in ( medical lingo ) so who really knows if it would do any good. He was like you have FIBRO live with it. This is the doctor who fixed my friend and all I can see is it was maybe that I took a I am aware and learning this stuff.

Now on another hand I am still suppose to see an infectous disease doctor, as there has been incidents that certeib toxins will get caught in your sinus and can have reaction of Fibro. Currently one side of my (rental ) has water sitting , it's about 5 incehes , the owner had these plants there last year when I moved in , they were covered with rain water and I had about 8 ducks take the outside of my home as there new food spot, swimming hole and place to chill. The ducks now come and go as the ate every last plant , the other side of the front foor has white rocks but floods too . You can see a black line of mold on the outside wall. Then in the garage the hotwater heater keeps leaking. This house is going in foreclosure as we jusr signed for the paper for the landlord. The only thng is that we are her only means of income and she hasn't paid a dime in 5 years fighting the forclosure. It takes money to move and when you have big cages (from the birds) big houses are costly . I just want to be healthy.

I have 14 days then I am suppose to be finindhing my Bachelors in Special Education , I have been going to school for 10 years, I hurt when I stand for more thana few. I have head aches and ,my neck . The rest I am fine, hubby thinks I should take Lyrica during the day , but I would be sleeping. I need to be on my feet 6 hours 5 days a week any ideas. I refuse to take the tramadol anymore.

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    Oh poor you, I'm so sorry, I can't tell u the amount of money I've wasted on specialists, couldn't sleep the night before any tests or new Dr appointments through excitement that they would find the route cause only to leave wanting to cry due to some jack ass Dr that couldn't be bothered to listen or was offended that I dare do my own research. Yes there is a lot of mumbo jumbo and theories on the internet but if you make sure you are getting the info from good sources and reliable info then Drs Should listen and try learning something from us as we are the people who sit researching non stop which they don't have time to do. Some of them especially the touted good ones are so arrogant they can't accept info from anyone else.

    You can get your own thyroid labs done from online tests. Thyroid UK tells you which lab tests and gives discount codes. There is a lot of info out there regarding test results and you could probably work out for yourself with some reading whether you are low or normal. The only issue then is finding a Dr to treat borderline results.

    Don't give up, keep on researching and out of the 20ish Drs I've seen I've met 2 nice ones, 1 only who was able to think outside a box and also asked me about info I'd seen that he didn't know about. He also told me when he didn't know the answer to something.

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      Most test come back fine when speaking of the thyroid. I find it interesting that you can do your own online testing. My current plan is to see an infectious disease doctor as there is also indication that there is some ties to this as well. I also requested a head to toe MRI , I am hoping that the Primrary physician gets the point that I will NOT sit and accept the pain and label. My medicines are starting to make me sick to my stomach. I thought Lyrica was working, but I can only take it at night , so many of the medicines put me out. I am not a medicine person, always believed mind over matter and in the faith of "God" and breathing. This is just becoming absurd at this point . Hubby wants me to switch my primrary doctor to one on the other coast . Medical is so much better there. But I would have a 3 hour drive and gas and my hubby's time off of work. Oh and the appointments months away and the insurance games would start all over.
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    Nothing you have said about your thyroid appointment surprises me !! I have been disappointed time and time again after visits to doctors GP s endocrinologists tropical disease specialists over so many many years. I saw an endo in 1996 with a multitude of symptomse , he was rude , intimidating and completely disinterested in my sorry tale . I showed him articles and research from other endos the book I showed him written by a clinician and researcher which described to a tee  my same story , he told me to throw it all in the garbage bin as it was rubbish . I argued that the author was an endocrinologist had studied thyroid diseases for 30 years and this was his findings , his reply, 'well I'm an endocrinologist read my book' and I was shown the door after being told there is nothing wrong connected to my thyroid. I spent years trying to get doctors to treat my symptoms ( which were hypothyroidism) but always got the same answer ' blood tests are normal and prove you have not got a thyroid illness so no treatment I was refused thyroid scans , fine needle aspirations and thyroid hormone replacement . I eventually found a doctor who agreed my symptoms were hypo gave me a trial of thyroxine , amazing! I became pain free and most symptoms disappeared or eased I was not 100% but I had my life back . I was never actually diagnosed with hypo as repeated tests were always normal which. Led the tropical disease specialist to " diagnose" chronic fatigue syndrome and fibro this was before I was given thyroxine . I made my mind up last year to try and get the 20/30% symptoms I was left with I had a thyroid ultrasound and antibodies blood tests results shriveled and inflamed thyroid gland , and antithyroglobulin antibodies , diagnosis , autoimmune thyroiditis ( hashimoto disease ) I saw the same endo last year whom I had in 1996 and found he had not moved one step forward . He agreed I had hashi but would not add T3 (triothyronine) which is the active hormone nor trial me on NDT ( natural dessicated thyroid) . The only med you can get in the UK is thyroxine( T4) because the GMC dictates this is the best med to treat hypothyroidism .  thyroid blood tests are notorious for being unreliable  !!  Until your gland is destroyed by antibodies attacking it your blood tests will almost always come back from the lab as normal . I am not saying yes  you have thyroid disease I am not saying you have not got CFS/ fibro I am just saying I think you may have thyroid disease I was wrongly diagnosed for years and my life for a long time was a nightmare , if it happened to me it could happen to anyone !! Best wishes sy 
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    Your hubby might have a point I take small doses of Lyrica Morning and night and I seem to get through the day okay, without excessive drowsiness, have you consulted your doctor?
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