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Hello to all;  I would like to hear from guys that have had one of these surgerys and what to expect afterwards.  How long is the recovery time and are you satisfied???  How often are you getting up at night to the bathroom and how is your flow???   Lastly do you have a sex life or is it gone???  I have already had a "PAE" and a "UROLIFT" with no success so now thinking about the next thing down the line.

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    Waiting for a date for TURP, so my answer is similar to ChuckP's I've looked up NICE guidelines for TURis and it does appear to be a good development.
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    Hi Chuck-

    I had Green Light Laser surgery in the beginning of Nov. My Dr. said I was an excellent candidate. I went home that day (general anesthsia) with a catheter which was removed the next day. I recovered pretty fast: bleeding for 3-4 weeks. I am  62yo but in exceptionally good shape (marathon runner). So that might have helped in rthe recovery process. I haven't seen much result (sleeping) yet  (except it isn't every hour as before the surgery).  At my 6 week follow-up, my Dr. said I was on course and it takes time. I see him again in March. I now get up about 2-3 times a night. My GP once gave me a prescription for Ambien. When I take it I get up only once. But I don't want to mask the issue (so only take it once in a while). So- I am disappointed so far. My Dr. reassures me it will get better. HE DIDN"T TELL ME some of the negativessuch as retractible ejaculation (no semen when you ejaculate), the sucess rate or the discomfort when I urinate (only for a second when the flow begins). I do have to say my stream is much stronger and I seem to control the urge better during the day. I am trying to be optomistic. As far as sex- the ejaculation issue really gets me down (big part of my sexual pleasure). I have no problems with erections. My orgasims are not as intense as before the surgery (hoping that improves).

    I'm trying to stay optomistic but can't help thinking if it will improve or not at this point. I go back for another follow up beginning of March.

    Acording to the Green Light Website the success rate is very high. It seems that patients on this site have more of the negative results.

    Good luck

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    Hi Chuck,

    i can reply to the TURP aspect of your question. I had a Turp done on 10/13/15. Overnight stay in hospital. Urinating blood for about 7-10 days afterward. Painful urination the first 30 days. On a pain scale of 1-10, I'd say the painful urination was about an 8. Also, the urgency in the first 60 days is pretty immediate. Once your bladder decides it's time, it's time right away.

    Regarding nightime bathroom breaks, I'm down to one, from probably four per evening. Before surgery, my prostate was so enlarged that many evenings when I attempted to urinate, I simply could not. I'd walk the room for 15 minutes until I finally could.

    Sex life. Before my Turp, I had very painful burning at ejaculation. Now, the burning is gone, a nice change. The dry ejacuation, which some guys are troubled by, is no big deal, the climax sensation is the same. (I'm 62 years old).

    My only issue to date (it's been 90 days), is that I still have some urgency issues, especially if I've had cold liquids. My urologist insists that the urgency issues will get better. He explained that my prostate was so enlarged that in a normal Turp he would remove about 12cm of tissue, mine, he said, he removed 47cm. (I asked if I had set a world record? ) Nope.  Full recovery, barring unforseen issues, can be up to a year I'm told.

    My previous surgey was the green laser, which was a waste of time in my case. I never got any symptom relief. That surgery was done 10 years ago.

    I'm happy so far with my results, my flow is like a teen again, the painful sex is gone, and once I get the urgency thing behind me, I'm good to go. 

    Lastly. Ask the hard questions. How many Turps has your surgeon done? What type of recovery can you expect? Will there be any scar tissue he may need to contend with should you go the Turp route from your previous procedures?  Have him spell out any bad side effects, no matter how small the possibilities, so you have all the info to make an informed decision. I'm no doctor, but it seems like you've tried the two contenders with little sucess (PAE and Urolift). Hope I was of some help.

    Good luck.

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      Tim;  Thank You very much for your insight and honesty.  Atleast it puts it right up front there for me to decide upon.  I appreciate everything.  I wish there was an easier answer.  There are 2 companies working on an "injectible" that I have called but they are not even approved yet so we are probably talking at a minimum of 2 years down the road or even farther.
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    YES! YES! YES: Tim gave great advise: Have him spell out any bad side effects, no matter how small the possibilities, so you have all the info to make an informed decision.

    (I hope my Laser surgery wasn't a waste of time.)

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    Happy to help you, if I did. Like I mentioned earlier, the only "surprize" at my end was how long the urgency issue may last. I was honestly hoping that it would be behind me by this point. But then again, with the amount of tissue the surgeon removed, he told me afterword it would be a longer recovery. I did ask him is the green laser procedure complicated matters when it came to the surgery? He said it did not, only that my very enlarged prostate kept me on the table and hour or so longer than anticipated.   Again, weigh the pros and cons for you specifically. In my case, I grew weary of using the bathroom dozens of times per day, never being able to entireley empty my bladder, and travel was another issue. I do not regret my decision at all. Best of luck.
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    I had turp on 20th of January this year.  I have been home for two days now and am feeling pretty good, still passing some blood, and some pain when urianating only got up one time last night.  stayed in the hospital for two days.  I think that my constant drinking of water is helping my recovery I  try to drink at least four pints of water a day.  I have a great stream no regrets on having the surgery.  


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      Barry;  WOW, that is really great news.  I hope you will keep in contact thru out the next few weeks and months.  Iam very interested in how you feel about it "down the road".  Thank You for letting us know how it went.  May the Good Lord Bless You.  ChuckP
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    Hi All-

    Just a recap:

    Had the laser surgery Nov 5,2015

    Went home that day with catheter. (feeling ok but uncomfortable with catheter)

    Went back to remove catheter next day.(thank goodness!)

    Up and about pretty quickly.

    Blood for about 4 weeks (lots of water and gatorade per Dr.)

    Flow improved considerably.

    Went back to my full activities (running) once blood stopped (also per Dr).

    I still had urges up to the Dr. 5 week follow up.

    My flow is definitely stronger.but still getting up atleast 3 times during the night.

    My day time urges are manageable.

    Still disappointed with the night but I am always able to fall back to sleep (as before surgery)

    My GP gave me a sleeping aid a while back before surgery that I never used.

    When I take it now I only get up once a night but that is probably masking the issue.

    I still have a second of pain(more of a discomfort) when a flow starts.

    No semen discharge. I don't know if that will ever come back (I should have been told this prior by Dr.)

    My next follow up is beginning of March.

    I hope this is just a slow process and things will still change for the better.

    That's where I stand right now.

    Hope to hear from others on their status whether sucessful (would love to hear these to see if I'm on the right track).

    Good luck to all!


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      David;  THANK YOU for replying to us.  I truly hope and pray things get better for you soon.  If you don't mind me saying, it seems that alot of guys that have had a turp or a turis don't seem to be overly happy with the results.  Three times a night is about where Iam at.  If thats not going to get any better then I say "why bother"???
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    Hi Chuck... I'm possible facing a TURIP, literally loosing sleep over it. I'll find out this April 11th if this is the recommendation of my urologist after having a Cystoscopyist (looking at my bladder with a camera through my penis.) In the meantime I'm doing my research. My symptoms are urine retention, bladder infections, unable to void... having a catheter inserted and up at least 5x a night. I had a Green Light, that was an absolute waist of time and money. Thanks everyone, Denis
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