TURP with Prostatitis

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I'm now 4 weeks post TURP. After having an awful recovery I've been in hospital for last week & yesterday was diagnosed with

Non bacterial prostatitis. I had never heard of this condition & only found out from researching the symptoms I've been suffering the last 5 years. My doctor & urologist were told of my symptoms which started with episodes of very painful testicles & then trouble voiding at night & only occasionally during the day. I was told I had an enlarged prostrate & put on several types of drugs non of which helped so was told only option was a TURP procedure. As per the majority of people I believed what I was being told & went along with it. After procedure I woke with a drainage catheter & was in extreme pain. I was told this is to be expected & basically suck it up. So I did & it was removed after 2 nights, I then passed the void in a bottle test & sent home. I had no sleep what's so ever & had no bowel movement. Went home & by 3am the following morning I was unable to void. Back to hospital the next day & they fitted a catheter which was oh so painful & then sent home with an instruction pack on how to care for your catheter at home & strong opiut based pain killers. 2 days later I was back in hospital in agony. All they did was put me on morthene for a couple of days removed the catheter & again I passed the peeing several times in the bottle test & they sent me home. The following day I saw my urologist whom reassured me that the pain I was in was normal & I basically need to man up & it will settle down within a few weeks. I was in bits & I was very emotional from lack of sleep & also very constipated from all the opium pain killers. Still I tried to just put up with it stopped all the opium pain killers & only took paracetamol & ibruprofin together with stool softners. 16 days post op I had a Coffee Enema. The pain relief was instant but only lasted a couple of hours so had another one 2 days later which was on the Friday morning. Again instant pain relief which this time lasted around 4hrs. Then the pain returned but even worse. It was like my prostrate was being cut & I started peeing a lot of blood. By the Saturday night I was back to hospital. They did the usual tests urine dip bloods ect. They again gave me more morphine & then sent me home. Then by Monday I was back in hospital almost ready to commit suicide as I just couldn't take the pain anymore. Felt like my testicles, penis & tops of thighs were being crushed.

I was admitted onto the urology ward & again more morphine. As my stats were all fine I believe the consultants just thought I was a woose. I then started to research my symptoms & everything suggested prostatitis. On the Tuesday night I was given sleeping tablets along with pain killers & slept for 9 hours. The longest I had slept in years. I woke with no pain & was able to void like a little boy. I told the urologist that I believe my previous symptoms led me to believe I had prostatitis & he immediately agreed & gave me an examination via the anus. I nearly hit the with pain when he pressed against the prostrate & said he would arrange an ultrasound of my testicles & didn't think due to the pain I would be able to withstand a prostrate scan. He also arranged for a pain specialist to see me that day & to have a biopsy on my prostrate chips for prostatisis. I was then put on Oxycoden every 2hrs. By this time I was actually crying with the pain. I'd had enough the Oxycoden was only lasting an hour & then I was curled up in agony almost going into shock. So yesterday morning when the consultant came to see me on his rounds I told him I'm recording the conversation & asked why he couldn't sedate me to do the scan. He said it was due to the risk of being anesthetized. I said just do it something is wrong & I need it sorted & I've had enough of you just covering up the pain. He agreed & put me on the emergency list for theatre & also put me on an intravenous pain relief that i was able to control. Fortunately the intravenous pain relief enabled me to have the scan without being anesthetized it still hurt though.

The biopsy results & scan confirmed prostatitis. I now beleive that I did not have an enlarged prostrate it was just swollen, therefore I was operated on unnecessarily & that is why I've suffered so badly. It makes me wonder how many others that this would be the case for given some of the horror stories I've read.

I thank all that have taken the time to read this long winded post & interested to hear your thoughts.

I'm currently laying in a hospital bed writing this out of my nut on Oxycoden so hopefully it all makes sense

Many thanks


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    How awful. My urologist did the same thing and is recommending a turp first thing right off the bat.

    I think the advice is really hit home I need a new urologist. Get away from this

    One last thing for pain I would suggest you get marijuana. It doesn't take away the pain but but the pain does not bother you. It's very weird but I broke my wrist and was given Vicodin. I took one Vicodin and felt like

    I took one or two hits of marijuana and I felt much less pain. the ache of the fracture was still there but it didn't hurt. It didn't bother me. That's the only way I can describe it.

    Never took another Vicodin

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      Great advice... for an easier cannabis related solution, try CBD Tincture... works great and is legal, no hassle... just order online... company is "Medterra", if the link is deleted...

      Moderator comment: I have removed the link(s) directing to site(s) unsuitable for inclusion in the forums. If users want this information please use the Private Message service to request the details.

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    Your not alone...please search this site...and find many people with prostatitis..many using alternative solutions...

    Best Wishes...and take it day by day.


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