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Underactive Thyroid and Warts

Hi everyone

I'm 39 and was diagnosed with underactive thyroid nearly 3 months ago and am just waiting for the out come of my latest blood tests. The diagnosis explained so many seemingly disconnected symptoms that I had learned to live with.

However when I was diagnosed I had a wart on my hand that had been there for years and would not respond to any treatment I'd tried. Within the first two or three weeks of taking Levothyroxine it cleared up and all that's left is a tiny scar. I had a few other relatively recently developed warts that had also failed to respond to treatment but they also disappeared in the first few weeks. Has anyone else experienced warts disappearing after taking Levothyroxine?

I have been taking 25 microgrammes of Levothyroxine and for the first six weeks or so I felt significantly better but over the last two or three weeks some of the symptoms returned and I'm hoping that the blood test will give good reason to increase my dose a step.

Like others here I have not lost any weight instead gaining a few pounds over the last few weeks sad . I've battled with my weight all my adult life and have spells when I try to lose weight but always get disheartened when I plateau after I've lost just a stone or so - I could do with losing around 6 stone to get somewhere near a healthy weight.

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  • jack55159 coxvpa

    Wow! I was wondering this exact thing. Have had plantars warts on my feet for over 10 years. No treatment other than surgical ever worked -- and the warts always returned.

    Started levothyroxine 4 months ago, and stuck at 25mg. About a month ago I noticed that all of my warts were gone and just looked like scars.

    I'm really glad to hear a similar story and know that I'm not crazy & imagining it!

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