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Hi Matron,

Just to update on last couple of week's concerns. I am now 25 weeks post-op for A&P repair of pelvic floor.

I was concerned about nippy/jagged feeling at front left just inside vag... passage; was worried of possibility of a stitch still being there. Also felt really irritated and had slight discharge pinky/grey and yellow.

You mentioned of possible but unlikely that may still be inbeded stitch causing infection and most likely just overdone things.

Anyway saw my GP today, could not find any sign of lingering stitch, she said that I do have some scar tissue at that side and agrees that I have probably overdone things and stretched the scar tissue. As I am already using tablet form of vagifem she has changed if too the cream form and advised to target that area.

I know that that particular week around a fortnight ago was particularly busy: school shopping, returned to gym after a few weeks off, shifts at work were heavier than usual, had lifted heavy pasta pot (too impatient to ask for help) and because I had been particularly feeling just about fully back to normal had been busier in the house too.

But I suppose you can't become to complacent after pelvic flood surgery and even after 6 months still have to be careful not to overdo things and to stay within limits of what you know you can cope with.

So unexpected as even in early weeks post surgery I never had any suggestion of discomfort at the front end it was always the posterior end that was a bit nippy, thought that would never end yet that is all healed now

Anyway hope the cream works, been resting and it's not been so bad, but is definitely a thin bit of tight tissue to the left side at front end just about a centimeter in (feels similar to the thin skin at bottom of thumb where joins next finger except very tight). May have overstretched it when doing low impact indoor walking/exercise.

Anyway will be more careful as it takes so long to recover. Desperate too get back on my bike before winter starts, but definitely will have to wait a little while yet.

Hope everyone else is doing well and continuing to be careful.

Always grateful for your advice matron, Hope you are enjoying your new home and settling into your new community!

Phyk x?💖

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    Hello phyl. Well you have been busy! It's very easy to forget to take things a little easier and I also used to get impatient wanting to get things done and not waiting until someone is available. I'm pleased you've seen your GP and I agree with her 100% and I'm sure the Vagifem will help because it is very good. 

    Your post will help other ladies who have recently had surgery and remind them that it's still important even after 25 weeks to be careful and think before you do any lifting or exercise. 

    I could tell from your post last week that you weren't your usual self phyl so fingers crossed things will get better very soon.

    Thank you for your kind words about our new home.......we absolutely love it and not regretted the move for 1 minute. 

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      Hi Phyl

      I had my a & p repair at the end of Jan this year which I quess makes me about 25 weeks post op and some days I feel as if something is down there or a slight pressure again. Have tried sex afew times god it's not easy though even with lubricant I think he has made me too tight at the entrance and I am quite tense as you feel you will tear but don't want to give up on it. It's nice us ladies can swop stories and have matron too as you can feel quite alone with it all a as most people don't fully understand

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      Hi Diane,

      My op was done at beginning of March. I am pretty sure the repairs themselves are still in place, but every week that I complete my shifts I am finding in harder to recover.

      My work has got busier and therefore heavier, can feel the muscles in the pelvic floor straining (our seats are not very supportive) but not sure if it is a good or bad thing as I suppose that muscles not being used for some time will feel a bit strained.

      It's the same feeling you get when you first restart pelvic floor exercises and you can feel the muscles across front lower pelvic floor pull in .

      It's only over past couple of weeks that I have had slight lower back pain ( for day or two after shifts) but have no heavy feeling so not sure what is going on.

      Think that the nippy/jaggy stitch feeling has been the scar tissue that the doc says is there and probably overstretched it while doing feet/leg stretching; ligament on my foot arch has been going tight causing pain under foot arch and ankle, the joy of becoming unfit while recovering from surgery, so have to do exercises for that.

      Also probably has been irritated during sex, uptill recently sex had been fine using plenty lub... and limiting actual penetrative time. Anyway all that is another story, hubby drinks too much too often so has his own problems in that department!

      At first I did not think I was sewed up as tight this time, but as the weeks passed it felt really tight at posterior end around vag... but has sorted itself. Read somewhere about using lubricant and 'sex toys' to help reintroduction of sex.

      I did feel at first that my passage seemed shorter, but looking back think it was just more compact because of swelling from surgery. Still find some days that the front wall can be a little more swollen and other days it is down again.

      I am sure that the last time I had hysterectomy and front repair it took quite a while to be able to have comfortable sex. Deeper tissues for take a while to heal.

      I find that by the time we get to 6 month mark family/work start to feel that we should be back to normal and while we may have come a long way what will be our new normal is far from what we were before prolapse and we have to learn where our own new limitations are and it's not easy trying to protect our repairs.

      At my consultant appointment was told my repair will last as long as I don't put pressure on it. If I am realistic I should be looking to change employment and try find something that does not involve the weight bearing issues. My sister suggested call centre, I hate sales calls and not my favorite people.

      Take the sex thing slowly and their are lots of alternative ways to satisfy each other, maybe just limit the actual penetration time, I'm sure it will gradually slacken off a bit over time.

      Hope all gets better soon for you,

      Phyl x💖

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      phyl once again your post highlights just how long it can take to recover from prolapse surgery. I've bumped into ex patients who have told me that it's about a year before they feel "normal" again and I would agree with them. I know I've said this so many times before but this is major surgery and because we are discharged from hospital very quickly some patients and others minimise how it affects us. In fact ladies are shocked when I describe it as major surgery and some disagree. This is why this forum is so important because it tells ladies how it is.

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      Hi Matron,

      Felt much better this morning after resting for a few days and only doing what was necessary!

      Out shopping looking for Jacket, gradually replacing my clothes with bigger size, have went up one size since surgery and although initially lost weight when started back at work have put it all plus more back on.

      Got my vagifem cream today had to wait a couple of days no-one stocks it.

      Hot flushing all day and all night these days, hoping that this is the menopause peaking, and start to flush less often soon!

      I think having the two repairs this time is slowing the whole recovery process. Still a bit worried though as I remember first few days in hospital this time having a sensation of the internal walls trying to pull down, it made me feel as if the repair was pulled really tight. However it all slackened off quite quickly, then I strained things in early days looking after grandson Johnathan. Was trying to avoid lifting him while helping him to change for bed and somehow ended up bearing his weight. Just hope I have not caused a weekness there somewhere.

      Anyhow lower backache now gone, so that's a step forward. Will go for seat early on Sunday at work, so by time it gets busy will be more able to deal with being on my feet.

      Phyl x ?💖

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      Thanks Phyl for your reply my hubby likes a drink and at 57 has his own department problems it's a wonder we manange sex at all the joys of getting older could do with a forum on hubbys too x

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      Hi Diane,

      Like the idea of a "forum on hubbys", 😅😅😅.

      Sometimes I think that just being close and having a cuddle is just as important, and food and wine can be just as exciting. Quite sad really!

      At least unlikely that any of us will run of to have an affair!

      Phyl x?💖

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      Yes I Googled it and it took me in to erectile dysfunction! Have led quite a sheltered life 😅😅😅!

      Aware of the problem being linked to excessive alcohol, just never heard the term 'brewers droop' before!



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