Update on my journey and my experiences of the good old NHS.

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(If you click on my profile it will allow you to familiarise yourself with my situation by reading my past posts)

Long story short for the week

- first outpatients appointment on Tuesday.Lovely Dr who explained everything and what the time line will be. He also answered my many questions. He sent me for urgent blood tests straight away and said once they were back, then I would be having a scan.

-Thursday a call from the MRI scan clinic asking could I come in the next day. I jumped at the chance.

-Saturday (today) contemplated going to A&E as been in pain for a week and the outpatients Dr said if there was no improvement in the next couple of days then to do so. I decided not to as the thought of sitting there for 3-4 hours was far worse than any pain. Instead I've decided to give my GP a nudge on Monday.

This week I have cried thanks to the pain I've had when simply breathing never mind moving. I've had another week off work so that's another month of cutting back.

This week I've woken myself up in the night because I've been sweating that much, it looks like someone's poured a watering can over me.

This week I've felt nauseous and vomited as a side effect of the pain killers I've taken (restricted myself to only taking them at night in the hope they'll make sleeping easier )

This week I took myself to work,despite the pain,because my equal made me feel guilty being off. I lasted 10 minutes before I had to leave,crying thanks to a minuscule task aggravating the pain.

I know there is a light somewhere at the end of this tunnel and I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later.

So far the NHS has made me feel humble by their care. *note I do say so far! The only negatives so far,have been a mistake diagnosis by the nurse at my GP'surgery and the outpatients cancelling my appointment twice since my initial referral.Some may say there is no need for any negatives and on one hand I agree and I'm still contemplating making a formal complaint at my surgery, but given the bad press about waiting times etc then I'm rather impressed(so far!) with my local NHS.

My journey shall continue for many weeks and hopefully not months.

Feel free to comment and share your experiences as that's what this forum is about -sharing and caring.

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    Yep I was misdiagnosed as having a UTI in December when it was actually a gallbladder attack. If that had have been spotted I’d have had a scan in January probably. Instead I had another bad attack in April and saw my own GP a few days later who knew straight away what it was. Think the fact she knows I’m only there when I’m really not well as usually treat myself haha. 

    Got my ultrasound a few weeks later as was on holiday when I was meant to have it done. GP phoned me the day after the scan to say I had gallstones. She asked how I’d been in the weeks since I’d seen her. When I said I’d been feeling pretty rubbish she asked if I wanted to be referred to surgeon to get it out. Agreed to this as was starting to get pain more often. 

    Gets to July and I’ve still not seen surgeon. End up admitted to hospital with suspected cholecystitis. THey did another ultrasound which couldn’t see any stones on but had a very distended gallbladder. Then got an MRI which they said was clear too. Spent a week in hospital getting lots of tests and had a gastroscopy as well. Was discharged and got a HIDA scan as outpatient. Was back to see another GP 2 days later and they already had the results which showed the gallbladder wasn’t working as well as it should. Appt to see surgeon was 3 weeks after that. Was at the GP 1-3 times a week after the first admission to hospital as had severe pain and nausea. Then saw another GP 2 days after I’d seen the surgeon who had agreed to put me on waiting list for surgery. 

    Ended up admitted again to hospital with cholecystitis and had IV antibiotics. Had another ultrasound and they think there were stones on this scan but was inconclusive. Again a different surgeon said he wanted a CT scan to rule out other stuff. So was in hospital for 6 days before the surgeons changed and the one I’d seen on first admission was back on. He never even discussed the results of the CT scan but said he’d put me on the list for surgery first thing the next morning. 

    Had actually had symptoms on and off since last August without knowing what the cause was. I’m now 7 weeks post-surgery and feel so much better. Have had a few set backs with wound infections and still have one just now. But I’m so glad I got the surgery!

    I know there’s a lot of complaints with the NHS and I was extremely fed up arguing with surgeons as I know my body and how bad I felt but was like he wasn’t listening! So ended up in hospital for 2 weeks and wasted god knows how much money, then finally when they take the gallbladder out the nausea disappears straight away.

    I know I’ll never go back to see the GP who misdiagnosed me though as she’s so patronising and feels like she doesn’t listen. I’d rather wait and see my own GP who knows me, or the other one who sent me up to hospital the second time with cholecystitis as she was spot on! 

    Sorry for the long ramble on lol. I really hope the end of this journey is very soon for you ❤️❤️ Xx

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      Oh wow! You have had it tough being passed about. I'm pleasesd that you are post op and have had a good recovery.

      My mis diagnosis by the practice nurse, was on the Thursday. Despite presenting the classic symptoms of gallstones, she told me I had gastroenteritis. I asked if that was possible, seeing as I'd had no vomiting or diarrhoea.She was adamant it was and sent me on my way with some codeine to alleviate the stomach and pain in my side.

      3 days later I'm at the emergency care centre and 4 days after that I'm having a scan. Me being me,asked to scan lady to see my scan and she showed me and I couldnt be bothered to count anymore after 6 stones.

      The NHS does get knocked, but from my experience,this more recent one and another 2013-2015 (opthalmic related) I can't knock 'em but then don't get me started on dentists as that would open up a whole new can of worms.

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      Seems like quite a lot of people get misdiagnosed at some point, especially if they don’t have the classic symptoms. Didn’t think I had a very high pain threshold until my friend who’s had 2 kids with just gas and air said the pain was worse than childbirth! She’d ended up in A&E a couple of times as well. 

      The lady who scanned me first time had the screen turned towards her so wouldn’t let on what she had seen. But kept asking if I had an appt to see GP for results so kinda figured it out from that. 

      I work for the NHS and know it’s far from perfect just now! Too much work and not enough staff. Staff morale is clearly very low in certain places and it’s definitely unsafe in some areas as well. I ended up looking after some elderly patients in the ward by making sure they had eaten and either helping or getting help for them so they didn’t fall out of bed etc. Actually ended up helping a lady to the toilet and back as well when I went to visit a friend who was an inpatient on another ward.

      At the end of the day though, I didn’t have to pay for any treatment at all. And in the past year alone I’ve definitely taken more out the NHS funding than I’ve put in through my wages! 

      Nurses are overworked and underpaid and definitely undervalued as well. They do so much extra work to try and benefit their patients then end up off sick themselves with burnout!

       Then Doctors/surgeons have massive waiting lists they’re expected to see and treat within specific timescales, despite people having more complex issues with the ageing population. Something has got to give but I really hope it’s not the NHS as was one of the best things ever introduced xx

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      Yes it would be a very sad day to lose our NHS i agree.

      however I think it's pretty much gone from my experience of late.

      but I do agree with all you say regards ,cuts staff morale,and underfunding,etc.

      but I cannot help but say I feel the care has gone from the NHS !

      i just think not enough of the staff in all fields within the NHS actually care anymore and I find that very sad, for everyone of us mere mortals as we will all at some point come to depend upon it ,and I do mean all ,each and everyone of us.

      i know their are some amazing medics and staff within the NHS but I think it's very very hit and miss who you end up with on what day ,and what their level of skill is, and that's a major concern again for all of us because,this is people's lives were frequently talking about here ,and that's no joke.

      i feel so let down by the NHS through the last few years that I'm finding it hard not to hate them all and right now I do I hate them and think their all fools the lot of them. AND I AM SO SORRY TO SAY THIS !!

      but I hate them and think their a waste of time and the biggest waste of our public money .so very sad.

      to me they are nothing more than legal murderers.

      and that's the very people who are supposed to save us !!

      now you all should have a good think about that !!


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    The Public Health Service here was ok. I had very bad indigestion overnight and half way through the next day. My Dr sent me for blood tests and my liver readings were 'deranged.' Off to ED that pm and admitted. By then the symptoms had gone but an ultrasound showed my gallbladder was chocker with stones. Or  chokka? But was kept in hospital as the surgeon said the bile duct blockage would probably happen again. Waited from Tues until Saturday with daily fasting from 2 am until about 9 pm in case they could operate, but others were more urgent. Open surgery. Loose stools but that had been usual since another operation nearly 4 years ago. 

    ?So, no complaints really. Lost 4 kg from the fasting but didn't really feel hungry. 

    Best wishes. 😊

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      in which country was this ?

      are you talking about here in the U.K. ?

      if so I'm amazed .

      which hospital was that please ill be moving to yr area.

      now that's what I would have called fantastic treatment.'it must be my face !!

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      It's probably too far! I live in the south of New Zealand. People complain here about the service and underfunding, but I have no complaints. I've had 4 stays in hospital in 4 years and was very Impressed. I hope you have more success with your future dealings with the NHS! 

      ?P.S. I'm sure it's not your face! 


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    I'm not going to go through my entire story but the NHS is truly shocking it really is! And i will be sueing! People will say why take money from the NHS? Well they have money set aside for it and when managers and consultants are getting paid vast sums off money it makes me sick. It makes me sick that the front line staff who are doing a fantastic job for peanuts! I'm pretty sure i have enough proof to get my GP and the gastro i saw struck off and will be making it my mission! I'm one angry shell of a person i was and the service i've received has been nothing short of pathetic! Sorry for the rant but i've phoned and chased everything, lost eight stone in ten months, delay after delay after delay, palmed off,imajor points missing from gastro consultant letter which took 4 weeks to arrive even though it was dated 10 days after consultation, waited weeks for ct scan and 3 weeks for results. I could go on and on!

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      N= No

      H= Hope

      S= Service

      Like it😊

      Aswell as what they have done to me, they pretty much killed my mother in law. Told my 78 year old father he needed physio when he actually needed a hip replacement, he then waited six months in pain for that, then they cancelled at 5pm the night before. It was discovered after waiting three months for a test that my 76 year old mother has a leaky heart valve, then another three month wait to see a consultant who wants another scan and was told it would be within six weeks and it's now been eight and she's heard nothing. My brothers father in law had a minor stroke a few years ago and was failed to be told, the same poor guy has gone down to six stone and kept falling over, they had to fight and fight to get him into hospital and it turns out he has cancer. My brother in law had cancer two years ago and had to travel 30 miles everyday for 6 weeks for chemo abd when finished he was supposed to have had an appt within 3 months to check it had worked and guess what? He heard nothing! 

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      i expect nothing less from the NHS who pick and choose who they want help or save or not help or even kill.

      murder ! Yea that's what they do best is murder !

      i just hope I live long enough to sue so my child can use their money to have private health care !

      i hate the NHS they scare the life out of me the couldn't give a **** for me or you .

      and when you turn to them in yr darkest hour it's like oh no not another customer !

      ya know I had a panic attack when I had my first ever so called bilery colic attack / gallbladder went to a and e and they thought I was having a heart attack and was checking me for that even though I told them it's not my heart my heart fine , ya know because their so good at what they do aren't they lol.

      anyway because I was having a panic attract because I was scared as I thought I was dying,so good reason to be scared and have a panic attack I would think !

      the doc who was supposed to be checking me out started grinning he could barely contain his amusement at seeing this big 19 stone guy in front of him bricking it !

      well I clocked it , and pulled all the eck stickers and leads off me jumped of the bed in his face and said do you find my misfortune funny pal ?

      he absolutely trashed himself.

      i said not so funny now is it ya w***** 

      and walked out. As I was leavening he said sir sir you can't go we need to do a blood test to determine if your having a heart attack it's very dangerous you could have a massive one you can't drive.

      i said ide rather drop dead at the wheel than be treated by you jog on.

      the N H S ah what a joke.

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      As they say,it's a postcode lottery. Unfortunately there is always bad.

      I'm not praising the NHS 100% as I have a close friend who is currently having treatment which is on par with 3rd world countries and don't get me started on the staffs attitudes!

      I just wanted to share my personal, so far 75%positive , experience of the NHS.

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