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I just recieved my bottle  of  Ora-Plus and Flavor Plus, I had to order from Amazon, USA. We don't have Mirtazapine in liquid form like you do in the UK.

How do I convert mg's to ml's? For example 7.5 mgs to ____ ml? and 3.75 mg to ____ ml?   Thank you in advance.


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    Are you using Sol Tabs or are you going to use a pill crusher for tablets Karin?

    Either way:


    Here is the pill to liquid instruction for anyone who might want to taper slowly.

    You will need a 15 ml syringe and also a 1ml syringe with markings on at 0.1ml intervals

    A pill crusher (available from Amazon)

    A clean medicine bottle or small jar

    A small accurate measuring jug or medicine cup with measure on. 


    • Crush up 2 x 15mg (or 1 x 30mg) Mirtazapine pills until they are a fine powder (although the outer coating does not grind up as fine as the white Mirt’ powder that is inside, but that's fine. So long as the white Mirt’ is a fine powder.

    • Then measure 30ml of half water and half maple syrup (or something else to your taste) and pour into the medicine bottle.

    • Then pour in the powder and shake it vigorously. So 1ml of the liquid equals 1mg of Mirtazapine. N.B. Mirtazapine is not soluble in water and so you must shake it vigorously every time you take out a dose to ensure you are getting an accurate measure of Mirtazapine.

    • Also you should store it in the fridge. It is recommended to keep it no longer than four days, but a reliable source kept (her) each batch for two weeks without a problem.

    So from the 30 mg / 30 ml draw up the syringe what you require. 

    1 ml of the liquid = 1 mg.

    This has been tried and tested and works very well. Just make sure yu shake it very well before drawing up the syringe.

    Credit to Evergreen

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Using SOL TABS, similar to the above:

    Sol Tabs can be very useful if you are withdrawing, or maybe even if you are changing doses. SolTabs dissolve very readily in water but they settle due to the fact that Mirt' is not soluble. Ora-Plus suspension liquid, available from Amazon (around £19) will help with this, it does keep the Mirt suspended long enough to dose accurately. 

    For every milligram of Mirt, add the same amount of liquid

    I would suggest half water and half Ora-Plus

    So if you want to taper from 15 mg less 10% = 13.5 mg 

    Mix 3 x 15 mg (45 mg in total) Sol Tabs of Mirt with 45 ml of water

    Each nightly dose is 13.5 ml - using a 20 ml syringe draw up the 13.5 ml

    The method above is enough for 3 nights, throw away the remainder, and on day 4 start again. Of course you can adjust how many Sol Tabs you use as and when necessary.

    *You will need a 20 ml syringe and also a 1ml syringe with markings on at 0.1ml intervals

    *A small accurate measuring jug or medicine cup with measure on.

    Good luck.


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    Thank you Calmer and Everygreen.

    I think that I'm set with you excellent directions for Mirtazapine Mg to Ml. I'm using a small motar and pestle for crushing the Sol Tab. Up until now I have been  cutting the coated table with an x-acto knife - the cuts aren't perfect but that doesn't seem to make a difference, they are close enough. Your directions are excellent - I will make my first cut from 15 mg next week.  Again many thanks

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      Karin hi,

      Above you mentioned "crushing the Sol Tab" - so are you using "Sol Tabs" or "tablets", I'm confused as there is no need to crush the Sol Tabs??  

      Yes Catherine, you are right to point out that Mirt' may lose its potency once mixed with liquid, thank you.  In the instructions it does say to discard after 4 days ~ this has been tested by Evergreen and it worked very well.  But I do understand your concern about displacement, all we can do is shake extremely well.  


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      Hi Calmer,

      Thank you for your email. I don't know what the Sol Tab is, I don't think we have it in Canada. I asked the Dr. for Remeron which is a chewable tablet, rather soft as I remember. I think it can be cut easily, I've never used less than a whole tablet. The Mirtazapine I have been taking can be crushed but doesn't mix well. I'm on my way to the pharmacy to get the Remeron. Maybe I won't have to crush it. I have taken note of the potency and assumed that I would refrigerate things for 3-4 days.

      Again thank you

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    It should say how many mg in 5mls or although if it's American the unit measure may be different eg fluid oz or something. This info should be on the bottle.

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    Dear Karen,

    I'm sorry but I would be very careful if you are going to start crushing and mixing with water and syrups as suggested on one of the replies.

    Mixing and storing the mixture could alter it's potency, even if stored in a fridge. Drugs are prepared in certain ways depending on if they are going to be used in liquid or tablet form.

    Unless you use sterile containers and sterile ingredients again this could change its potency and it could be harmful.

    When you mix it you have to account, when estimating the volume, for displacement. I mean that when you add powder to a liquid the overall volume increases, also the grains may not be crushed equally the dose you take may vary.

    I would stick to the liquid you've got but be careful that it's safe to use. Check expiry dates etc. It may be worth talking to your pharmacy to see if they can get you liquid or can suggest safe ways to divide your doses.

    Please be careful.

    I hope this is taken in the spirit of concern it is intended

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      Thanks Catherine,

      I live in a tiny village (1,200 people) we have a pharmacy but only technicans, no pharmasist. I've talked to them before when I was titrating off of a benzodyazipine and they we less that helpful.

      I was trying  to be thrifty with the Remeron and push the number of days I could get from a tablet. It may make the most sense to cut the tablet and toss the excess.

      Since I managed to withdraw from Clonazapam on my own I assumed that Mirtazapine wouldn't be much difference. I will think on what you said, of course I assumed working under sterile conditions. Thank you for your good thinking.

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